Winds Blow Uncertainty

Winds blow Uncertainty Cleansing aching heartsThe sun hides behind the fogWaiting patiently to burn off In the distant horizon ships pass byPlanes fly high Birds sing while vultures circleWaiting to be fed   Life is fragile Struggling to find wordsDialing the phone Nobody’s home I just called to say goodbye The whistle blowsTears flow back to the ocean The fog burns off And… More

Lost and Found

So if any of you were worried about me after my last Friday post and thought I went off the deep end, I wanted to reassure you I was lost, but I’ve been found. No, we didn’t drink all of the wine out of these bottles, maybe a little, but they did come in handy… More

It’s a New Day, A New Dawn

It’s A New Day, a New Dawn,Time to come together in peace and harmony It’s A New Day, A New Dawn,Let bygones, be bygones and move on It’s A New Day, A New Dawn, Onward and Forward with hope and faith It’s A New Day, A New Dawn,It won’t be perfect but nothing ever is… More

Moody Monday

Hi Guys, I know I’m usually the one that is smiling, happy and upbeat with a positive outlook (didn’t I just write that 🤣). I generally write soothing poetry, post exercise and health tips with a touch of humor and there’s always Fun on Friday. If you haven’t seen it, (which I expect lots of… More

Heaven Meets Hell on Fri-Yay Funday

Hi All, Welcome to Fri-Yay Funday Collab post When Heaven Meets Hell! Once every so often your path crosses with someone that you might never be friends with. You are from complete opposite sides of the coin, or are you? You can’t explain it but there is sheer delight in the irreverent, and light heartness… More

Hump Day Wednesday and Recaps:

Hi Crazy Peeps, Ok, I just had to say that once, because when I hear y’all say it, I love it and I feel young and hip. I always think “oh YAY, I may not be that young but I’m a leap year baby, which means I only have a birthday every 4 years, which… More