Congratulations; Fail Until You Succeed!

Do you ever feel discouraged by the amount of attempts you make at trying to get something right? I do!!!!!! Just after I wrote the quote below and added it to a picture I took on Canva with my print over lay, I couldn’t remember how to upload it and I had to ask my… More

Follow Your Bliss

The wind blows, follow itThe sun shines, seek itThe snow melts, become liquid Follow your bliss You can move mountains with a single stepFeel the earth move under your feet Explore life’s beauty of which you are! Follow your bliss Move it,  spin it, twirl, dance, Go with the flow, ride the waves, be the tide, let… More

Fri-Yay Funday: All my bags are Packed

All my bags are packedI’m ready to goleaving all my baggage behindGood where I been, good where I’m going toI’m taking it in strideEntering the golden years, I’m not gonna lieLife has good to me or I to it and in the next chapter, I’ll take what I findGood bad or indifferent, through the ups… More

Awestruck and Awards

Magical flowers home grown in Hawaiian prehistoric roots, come in clusters.  Out of this world, Star War flowers with tiny spikes that pierce your heart and take your breath away.  Awestruck, mesmerizing…… Pink ice and red pincushion protea, giver of life with radio active antennas, infuses our cells multiplying and restoring eternal life.Let the beauty recharge your… More

Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

Don’t go chasin coyotes cuz you definitely won’t winIn my mind and leap years I’m 16, but if I do the math I grinNarly teeth and snarls, you might shoo them awayBut get an achy back with scrapes and scratches so I best not playIn the end you’ll only end up with a few bruises… More

Fun Fri-Yay: I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar my Dog Haikus

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Ya’ll! I seriously thought I would bring you some amazing history from Filoi House and Garden’s where I entered my Haiku contest today but as I was posting my Wednesday Cat Haiku post, I almost had a heart attack. I was just sitting down to post and my husband ran into the… More