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As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing our thoughts openly and candidly in support.

I’m looking forward to following each other’s journey. Many Blessings, Cindy
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Fri-Yayyyy Fun Day Sking into Sabbath Saturday & F.A.S.T.

I would be the one in the lodge… not the slopes. Thanks to my daughter “Blhat” for the outfit! Apres ski imposter
looks the

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rear view of woman with arms raised at beach during sunset

Grateful Spirits Open Hearts: Book Review

Be Grateful for surprises big or small surprises that open our hearts, lift our spirits and inspire us to share our words with others. Grateful

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woman dancing on terrace with lights turned on

Shine Your Light

Fire Stokes embers long after we are gone from this earth.We are celestial stars particles that continue to ignite light. Illusion create

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Friend or Foe hay(na)kuon Poem on Fun Fri-Yay

Happy Fun hay(na)kuon Friday! Ok so what’s a hay(na)kuon? That’s what I said but nothing surprises me anymore! Most of you know I

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seagulls flying over beach

The Wings of Hope

Lucky are we that love whoshare our hearts spreadingdivinity in the hands of equanimity. Grab the light whereveryou are… holding tightto the

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Gratitude or burn out: Or a little of both?

The grace of giving thanks creates more abundance and light.Family coming together to celebrate, doing the best for the whole of each one. 

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silhouette of mountain

Just for Today… Just Be!

One battle,one mind;prisoners of mankind. When freedom is a choice we can exercise our rights.When it’s taken away we are at the mercy of others

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Fun Fri-Yay Family Time has begun: Lucky Me

Happy Fun-Family Fri-Yay My Friends! I was going to share the babies and the Fun Fri-Yay last week visiting the Monarch Butterflies but my baby flew

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Blessed with A Star on the Forehead

I was so grateful to wake up to this wonderful review from Ana at A Star on the Forehead. I call her Ana Star because she blesses us with so many

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Lest I Say More Published on MasticadoresUsa

It is with a heavy and grateful heart that I share my poem with you today, “Lest I Say More”, published on MasticadoresUsa, thanks to

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Fun Fri-Yay at Kepler’s Bookstore

KEPLER’S BOOKSTORE IN MENLO PARK! Happy Fun Fri-Yay My Friends! I finally got word that my book RE-CREATE & CELEBRATE 7 Steps To Live The

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autumn colors

Messages from the leaves

One leaf fallssailing to landing. Two leaves fall,touching troubled waters. Three leaves fallwashed out to sea. We leave our heavy branchesflashing

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