The Scientific Immunologic Metophysical Sandwich

Hold hands 🤜❤️🤛 (at a distance) with Science and Spirit together while we find the proper condimentsbefore taking a bite and drinking the koolaid.”

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Tonight I was with My friend who’s a Scientist and married to a immunologist so you can imagine their daily download at night sitting on their deck. 

We were of course at least 6 feet back with masks on because if you’re a scientist, you don’t take any chances.

I am a health and wellness professional which requires me to be up close and personal and don’t turn people away if they are sick. 

I have always attributed not getting sick very often to that.

My frequency is high, meaning I attune myself daily with universal wisdom as protection with Reiki, meditation, Qigong, yoga, music and affirmations etc.

My theory has always been I’m strong because I have built my immune system up and I do not buy into fear and turn things over to a higher power.  Growing up I went to Sunday school at a Christian Science Church and the one thing I took from the teaching was that the body had the power to heal itself through the mind and spirit. 

I witnessed some amazing miracles that science can’t explain.  

We did and I do see doctors and I’m not a purist by any means of the stretch but those early days left an imprint in my mind and the impact is wide spread in my DNA.

There is a lot of research about how the mind can control the body.  Now we are finding the same neuropaths in our heart and belly as in our brain which has only been found more recently. 

We can create more telomeres and new neuropathways in these centers boosting our immune function.


I don’t get the flu shot or immunizations unless  I might be traveling to a foreign country in which case I absolutely do.  I generally don’t take allopathic medication;  only alternative approaches such as accupuncture, body work, homeopathic, chiropractic and Craniosacral therapy, unless I need it.  It’s not to say that I never get sick because every once in awhile I get slammed and am down for the count for a short stint.  I don’t worry because I trust my body knows how to heal itself. You see, we grew up with the 30 sec rule where if something dropped on the floor, it was still good to pop in our mouth.  The pacifier went from the floor to our babies mouths several times a day which I attribute to developing immunities.

When I do get seriously injured, I don’t mess around and double dose on my ibuprofen (up to 800 ml… but don’t listen to me on this, I’m not a doctor) to knock the inflammation out quickly.

One dose usually does the trick and since I take it so infrequent, I don’t have to worry about the side effects of kidney, or liver issues.

My friend on the other hand, looks at statistics and shutters over my approach but admits that I have a strong immune system and it works for me.  She acknowledges everyone’s constitution is different.

She uses allopathic medicine and gets the flu shot every year and she hasn’t gotten the flu since she’s been getting it.  

We have great lively discussions which always ends with each of us shaking our head with data that neither of us agree with (scientists always win out but sometimes even the scientists don’t understand instantaneous healings when data points in a deathly trajectory). While studies often observe positive correlations, we must remember that correlation does not equal causation (as seen by diagram below)… Just like eating ice cream doesn’t cause a sunburn. Although, you may be more likely to eat ice cream in the sun. Does that make sense?

But we respect each other, so it always ends with a hug and now for the last 5 months, a bow.  

She studies mutations and ​connective chains in the body and how ​pathogens enter the body, multiply and spread in the community and are transferred like lightening. ​ 


I study, energy and peripersonal space and metaphysical affects on the body and how mind body and spirit are the medicine that heals the body.

Peripersonal Space

She came to see my for body work regularly until Covid-19 and now we both agree;  I’m not touching her right now with a 10 foot pole or anyone else for that matter.

Like all of us we are texting and emailing or at least 6 ft back on zoom in lively discussions and exercise.  It’s amazing how many clients I have trained to give their own massages online with a foam roller.  

Our scientific, Immunologic, Metaphysical Sandwich has finally blended into a mix we both agree on:

  • Keep your mask on
  • Stay Home unless necessary 
  • Stay Strong 
  • Use Sanitizers
  • Wash your Hands Often

I used to move forward when I saw people for a hug and now I back up if someone even comes close to being within 6 foot of me.  

Everyone I see gets their temperature taken, answers a questionnaire and is sprayed down with Clorox upon leaving.  NOT!

But all sanitation is taken seriously and wiped down thoroughly after sitting out for several days first.

This is an animal we don’t know or understand and this invisible robber of our lungs and bodies is not something we care to find out about in the least.  

She will act as a guinea pig and take the vaccine when it is released sometime next year and I’ll wait for 6 months to a year after all of the fall out happens.

I still trust my body over putting something foreign in it before I know the facts and the side effects of the drug.  With so many companies fighting to make a buck I will wait until I feel safe and comfortable taking that chance. 

Besides, I don’t know the drug companies however, she does, and she trusts science and knows the chemical interaction and effects on the body cellularly.

A COVID-19 Vaccine Reality Check - The Atlantic

So, it seems we are finally on the same page of wanting the same thing, with healthy skepticism respecting each other’s Sandwich of a different flavor.  I’ll wait until I add any condiments on mine until she has tested the water but remember we both have different immune systems and each will react differently.   

We need each other now more than other.

Listening to the science, being smart and safe with no political addenda or mumbo jumbo witchcraft is prudent and necessary to combat this beast.  

It’s this kind of respect that keeps us growing individually and as a people.  We need each other and if Covid is teaching us anything, it is to be respectful of each other and wear a mask and honor each other’s personal space.

I truly understand people not wanting to wear them.

I don’t love them either but it’s necessary.

 You can exercise your freedom if you don’t want to wear them in the confines of your own home.

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Fun is our Birth-rite so better not let it slip away

Touch the sky and get out and play 

Let it shower you with light and love

And bless the Gods for all above.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

All Work and no Play makes for a Grumpy “Cinday” !!!!

Hi Word Press Friends,

In this new Covid world and redefining myself in new and exciting ways, I have gotten much too disciplined and engrained in my practice of work that fun is not something I give myself much of these days.  Oh, I go out in nature everyday, hug my animals, family and trees but I mean good silly fun.  I meditate, do yoga and tai chi, hike, take pictures, play music etc but that too has gotten to be a discipline where the joy can evaporate.  

My highlight is talking to all of you and sharing our hearts while building relationships.  Of course my family all think I’m crazy, (whatelse is new) that I would be communicating with complete strangers.  I can’t easily explain it but it is something that I have grown to appreciate and love about this forum.  I truly feel grateful to meet each of you and I am NOT a social media girl!  

I only started when 3 of my assistants bugged me for years saying I needed to be on FB and Instagram for my business.  I still scratch my head and wonder why.

You know I’ve functioned quite fine without it thank you very much and honestly, I’m no better for it since using it.  I am an extrovert by appearances and an introvert if I tell the truth and not be the camelion that I was raised to be.  

My Daughter, Bryana who is living in New York came in late last night and it is the first time all 6 of us have been together for 8 months so my heart is singing Hallelujah!!!

Renee my oldest, Lewis and Bryana “the baby”

Photo by Daria Shevtson

She is on east coast time and was up at the crack of dawn working but now they are on a break at the pool and here I sit and write.

Sooooo, Guess what?  I am going to abandon all of my writing, videoing and working and going to make a splash!

Now this is FUN!

I also decided to post 3 days instead of 2.

Mondays for longer posts that are near and dear to my heart.

Wednesdays for a poem or affirmations etc or fun signs.

And Fridays for Friday Fundays!!!

Have the best weekend and have a Fun weekend.

With Love,



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What Would You Change?

CORRECTION: I was asked on My Outstanding Blogger Award:

What ONE thing would you change in the world if you could?

I think this sign would take care of a lot of problems!!!!

What do you think?

My husband and I were walking and I asked him what one thing he would change if he could and he pointed at this sign as we walked by.

I welcome any thoughts, commentary etc. Healthy Banter is always a good thing; Just ask Gottfried which does it better than anyone I know thus far. This is not my usual blog material but I couldn’t pass up a moment like this.

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Get Your Mojo On And…


Are you having a hard time doing workouts, feeling energetic, peeling yourself from the couch or chair for one reason or another?

You need to know my usual days are a perfect blend of working out either in my own practice, with clients or friends, doing massage, life coaching or teaching and now I would consider myself a Zooming Blogger.  Simply put, I’m sitting on my arse a lot longer than I like doing livestream sessions and writing.  Thank God I teach to get my bootie in gear. 

I love that name Zooming Blogger because it pretty much sums up my life these days and I must give credit to The Blogging ‘Zoomer’ (a great site)  where I borrowed the name from for the purpose of this post. I reversed the name because I might be zooming more than I’m blogging but that’s a toss up.  Thanks Brandon!

With so much writing and technology I’ve been trying to figure out on Zoom and Word Press  I can now relate to all of you executives, CEOS, writers and anyone for that matter that is married to their desks.

Also, a huge shout of to companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intuit to name a few,  for providing gyms and massage to your employees.

You are so smart knowing the increase in production when people get out and move. Serotonin is released increasing mood and productivity with happier employees!

Thank you and they thank you as well!

Alright, back on point.

I tried 5 different headphones to teach with and it turns out the 5th ones the charm. Yep, it took 5 different ones to finally settle on the Power Beats Pro by Apple.  For one reason or another, something wasn’t working optimally for me;  either because the music was too loud or not loud enough to hear both me and the music or visa versa,  they slipped out or I was in pain after an hour of wearing them. 

I’ll keep my day job!!! 🤣

 I gotta tell you I am totally jacked.


First off, they don’t fall out when I teach and I can hear both clients and the music and they can hear me!  

I just went out for a walk and had them in and as I was going to make some phone calls and the music came on accidentally.  Out of nowhere, I just started running. 

I was comfortable in my body and moving faster than I have in a long time!

It wasn’t a mediocre jog that I can pull out but a full on run.  I wish I had a video to prove it. 

It was so awesome.  I felt energized, happy and finally got what my kids and clients experience when they are pounding the pavement (please try to stick to dirt or the treadmill though because it’s so much easier on your body).

Where have you been all of my life power beats pro?!!!  (No, I don’t work for them but a kick back wouldn’t be bad.. hint hint.. lol)

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THESE ARE FIRE 💃💃💃💃💃💃

I got a great sweat, workout and the time flew by.  I had them in for 2 hours without any notice of them in my ear at all where most of them are killing me after an hour.

So make your favorite playlist, get up, get out and get yourself a headset.  

I would share my favorite playlist but Youtube just blocked one of my videos for using unauthorized music so I best not get you in trouble.  Sorry about that but I know enough to be dangerous.

Here is a quick home garden workout video with a peek into my daily workout with distractions and all.

I’d love to know your favorite playlists too if they are legal as I’m always looking for new music to teach too.  

Make it a fun active day while you work of course as well in whatever

You are doing-:)!

Thanks so much for reading and remember to like, comment and share to keep our Mojo going if you are so inclined. I appreciate your support more than I say❣️

Have a Great Day!


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Award Nomination

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers,

I am so honored to be nominated for this award from Ingrid at Experiments with Fiction, an incrdible poet and writer. She inspires with her gift of well strung poetry, pictures, uplifing posts and her love of writing. I am very appreciative to all of you for supporting me in this journey. Your comments and sharing of my writing is most appreciated and infuses my day with motivation, whether it be writing or my daily activities. You are all so gifted and I feel lucky to share this platform in honest communtication from our hearts. May we continue to grow in love and light together and individually. I am humbley honored.

The Rules:

  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post.
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

This award was created by Colton Beckwith.

My Questions:

What is your ideal holiday destination?

Anywhere where it is warm! Hidden beaches, hiking the mountains, exploring new archiological sights, visiting temples and just chilling.

How long have you been writing?

Ever since I’ve been young I’ve written in my journals. In the last 15 years, I write a monthly newsletter for my business where I share tips on health and wellness for the body and mind. And I write cards and letters I send snail mail. Imagaine that! It is a lost art and I truly like to express gratitude and words of love and hope to those I love.

Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

My mother for being my biggest cheerleader in everything I do. I have adopted her big heart, compassion, spiritual gifts and learned from shortcomings to protect and enhance my world. To my husband who has stood by me no matter what, while I change and he stays the same (familiar ring, right~lol) Also, to divine source, my many mentors, kids (both human and furry) and friends for whom, I am nothing without all of you ❤️.

What would you eat for your last meal?

New York Steak and Lobster (I’ll bless them of course) oozing with butter, pesto pasta, ceasar salad and CHOCOLATE duh…ha!

Are you a cat person, a dog person, or neither?

Dogs are my BFF’s for cuddling and hiking and my meow meow’s are great entertianment and snugglers. I hate to admit it but I’m obsessed with them; (NEVER did I think I would love cats so much)! They came as “career cats”~ Long story there… I’ll save it for a rainy day.

If you could fix one thing about the world, what would it be?

Brutality of any kind. If we could just be kind~ The world would be a different place.

(Eliminating predudice of any kind, racism, killing, fighting, rape, war and mental illness)!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Have you ever/do you plan to publish a book? If so, give details.

Someday Maybe which could be a great title of a book but it would be a fiction teaching memoir. I’ll leave you with the title BUT DON’T STEAL IT or I’ll have to report you. I’m not Crazy but They Sure Are!!! There’s a story there for sure.

Thank you again Ingrid for nominating me for this award!!!

My nominees:

Invisibly Me

Dr. Martha Castro Noriega

Monika Bharti

Murilikrih of Vivid Expressions


Deepakdheer Singh



Kumar Harsh


My Questions To You

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

If you had one day left on earth what would you do and who would you spend it with?

Who or what is your biggest Inspiration?

Why did you start writing?

What are you most proud of yourself for?

What is your most vivid memory?

If you had to be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?

Can’t wait to hear your answers and once again Thank you Ingrid!!!

Are you Happy?

This sign is hung in the guest room of our lake house beckoning people to look within. I mean if you can’t be happy at the lake, where can you be happy? Alright, well it is Clearlake, California where the water is green on hot summer days because it is a natural lake which comes with the territory. Yes, there are bugs and bats and everything else that comes with outdoor life right?! Can I get an Amen?!

Thank You!

So, don’t bring your favorite suit unless you love chartreuse. Wear sun screen and a hat. Use insect spray if you must but the bats control the bugs and mostly they want nothing to do with you either, so relax.

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Albert Einstein got that right and yet all of these years later we continue on this merry ground.

So in the case of the sign:

  1. Are you happy? If yes,
    A) Go jump in the lake, enjoy the algea bath or Kayak. You can either tie up and Jump in where the water is clear …well almost, Or just Kayak.
    B) Take a hike: There are so many beautiful mountains and trails.
    C) Go fishing off the pier.
    D) Go to Green Lake which is about 40 minutes from there and the water is actually clear. Who named these lakes anyway? Strange!
    E) Play bags outside Or bocce ball.
    F) Go skiing or wake surfing or boarding.
    G) Go wine tasting; outdoor distance tasting is open.
    H) Read a book or watch a movie.

If this isn’t a full line up of activities, I don’t know what Is!

2) Or as in the case of the sign, If you’re not happy, change something. LEAVE. You don’t do us any favors by sticking around and we’d rather not hear your commentary or complaints at a place we love. Green blood courses through our veins. HA HA! Look, there are plenty of beautiful freezing lakes so pack it up and go elsewhere. You won’t offend us, PROMISE!

In general in life, we are about as happy as we make our mind up to be. I actually like to change the word from happy to satisfied since the word happy conjures up an image in our minds of something outside of ourselves. No guys, everyday isn’t Disneyland damn it and seeing through rose colored glasses. Let’s face it, these days, it’s looking at the same 4 walls and making the most of each day to find moments that fill our souls. Being satisfied is where true happiness stems from and creates internal gratification.

We often look to others to make us happy and fill a void inside and when we don’t find that is working we either get angry, sad or lonely. Then we blame the outside world for our unhappiness. So, it’s our job everyday to look inside and follow our intuition and messages to create internal satisfaction. Yep, that’s right happiness is an inside job. Imagine that. Well you can blame others and get into entanglements and fuss and fight but it’s so much energy and high drama, why bother, unless you love soap opera’s. I’ve always said, I didn’t need to watch any since growing up was a constant drama. Try not to let everyday triggers get to you when a loved one spouts off. That’s their problem; really it is, so don’t take everything so personally. Easier said than done, do I ever know.

So what would make you truly happy?

For me it’s generally:

  1. Starting my day in meditation
  2. Stretching, Yoga and Qigong or Tai Chi (or all if I have time).
  3. A hug from my humans and furry friends
  4. Seeing all of you on our blogs with my cup of coffee in hand.
  5. Checking emails
  6. Seeing clients/friends
  7. Writing
  8. Hiking with my dogs
  9. Gardening
  10. Strength training or dancing
  11. Drumming or strumming a few songs
  12. Swimming
  13. Having dinner and catching up with my family at the end of the day
  14. Maybe a movie or reading a book

Just remember everyday is a new opportunity and you have the right to change your mind and attitude. Jump off the insanity wheel, change things up if you need to but don’t expect a different result if you do the same thing.

Be well and have a great rest of the week and weekend and see you next week.

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Your support is greatly appreciated so thank you for taking time to read my writings.






In and out you go
With no end to your whim

Bringing me surprises
That keep me entertained

On the prowl all day and night
And yet still I take you back, no questions asked

Are you in?
Or are you out?

You show me you love me
And yet you leave, fickle as can be

Have I no self esteem or confidence, you ask
Yet I know I can’t control you or you’ll be gone in a flash

I treasure the moments cradled in my arms
Where everything is peaceful and calm

Are you in?
Or are you out?

Some say I should put my foot down and see a shrink
But do we really own anyone and is that even right?

It all comes down to loving and good food
And hey, I’m good at both, a real catch

I am a smart woman and know the way to your heart
Could you infect me? God only knows where you’ve been.

But you always come back to me and I squeal with un-delight
When you jump in bed with a rat, gopher or mole.

Are you in?
Or are you out?

Oh the life with a Prowler.
I highly recommend a cat during Covid time!

Star ⭐️

The Liebster Award

Thank you so much Rishika for this nomination.
I am truly honored and very grateful that you have nominated me.
Rishika Kakar’s blog has wonderful musings and offers inspiration throught her words and poetry. Check out her blog below.


I am also very appreciative of all of you talented bloggers who have taken the time to read my blog and for your support. I am humbled by the incredible writers and learn something everyday from you. This is such a supportive environment and I truly feel that I have made some incredible Word Press friends. On a side note, the hardest part of receiveing an award is choosing someone that hasn’t already been given a lot of awards and wading through the so many that are all so deserving!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers
  4. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post

Here are the answers to the questions I was asked:

  • What is your favourite book? I LOVE The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Milman. It is very old but the insights are timeless with a great story.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Traveling again to my bucket list places… and annual trip to Hawaii. I imagaine having more time for gardening, hiking, yoga and music.
  • What did you want to be as a child and what did you end up becoming/want to be now?
    I wanted to be a dancer and I did dance in S.F. in a dance comedy show for 2 years. Since the pandemic I’m a Zooming Blogger more than anything. 🤣 I’m a Life Coach, Personal Trainer, teach Yoga, Qigong, and boot camp, CraniaoSacral Therapist and body worker. I love my career and I love writing which I see doing more of.
  • Do you believe in fate and the Universe?
    Absoluely! Fate, stars and the Unniverse are our guiding light!
  • What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
    Snuggling my cats and dogs as long as I can before I hit the ground running.
  • What drives you to push through everyday?
    Knowing at the end of the day, I can relax with my husband, kids and dogs and cats.
  • What does success mean to you?
    Making a diffence in the lives of those I’m in connetion with: my family, work and friendship. Having time to commune in nature and feeling satisfied.
  • Your greatest regret?
    Regrets; I’ve had a few but I only look back to see how far I’ve come. I think Steve Job’s said that. I used to think if I had specialized in one area of my career it would have been better but since the Pandemic, I’m so grateful I have so many arenas I can move into.
  • What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
    Always chocolate or vanilla ice cream in a Hot Fudge Sunday.
  • Are you happy?
    I’m as happy as I make my mind up to be, which is prertty much a daily occurrance. And there are days I just weep.
  • What is your favourite TV show?
    The Good Doctor

Once again, thank you so much, Rishika!

A huge shoutout to all of you for supporting me throughout!

I Nominate: Rishika Rain Janani As a Girl Thinkith Lance Sheridan Lady G Emotional Musings Shruti Amarela Space Ray Davis The Affirmation Spot Undressed Thoughts Gulf Coast Poet Cheyrl Batavia Danatheactress Kinge

Your Questions:

  1. If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?
  2. Who do you admire most and why?
  3. Who has been the biggest influencer in your work?
  4. What are you working on in your life?
  5. What is your favorite saying or affirmation?
  6. Where is your happy place?
  7. What do you Yearn for?
  8. What is your favorite thing to do?
  9. If you could be anyone in the world who would it be?
  10. You’ll be happy when?


A Tribute to John Lewis

John Lewis Speaking at Sojourn To The Past

Upon hearing of John Lewis’s death, I had vivid memories of 2 of my children who went on a trip called Soujour To The Past, in Little Rock Arkansas.

Meeting these icons of the past was an awakening of their soul and spirit and opened their eyes to the injustices that occurred, igniting a thirst of learning in them.

My son Garrett on the left & Minniejean Brown Trixey (middle) member of the Little Rock Nine

My son wasn’t much of a student and although smart, school did not fit his unique and creative learning style until he went on this trip. It was truly a journey of the past and into his own soul as well. I can still remember the excitement when he came home with a twinkle in his eyes.

He had never worked this hard in his life writing, listening to the talks and learning about the history and devouring books. He took so many notes and he was over spilling with this new found knowledge. He was so proud of himself for doing all of the work and it showed him that when he is passionate about something, he has the capacity to immerse himself head first. It was such a joy to witness. I remember listening intently to his blow by blow accounts of the week. He was so inspired and mesmerized hearing John Lewis’s words first hand shared in a talk he gave to the classroom. He captured their hearts and their minds; they were riveted to his every word.

Jeff Steinberg and my son Garret 2004

My daughter on the other hand, found joy in learning in the classroom. She embraced the message of John Lewis and his colleagues and took his message to heart to stand up and speak out for equality and justice no matter what and not back down. Although quiet and a deep thinker, her actions and strength of character do not go unnoticed. The memory ingrained in her heart from the experience is loud and clear by her equality and caring of all people everywhere that she exhibits daily.

My daughter Blair is in there somewhere

Here is a link on Sojourn To the Past

I am forever grateful to this Legend of Love John Lewis and his commitment to his mission.

John Lewis

He continued in his last days to speak truth and stand up to bigotry and hatred and be the voice of equality for everyone everywhere.

His message is simple “We will make bridges to bring us together, not walls that separate and divide.”

Thank you John Lewis our Legend and Hero! We are indebted to you and will keep your voice in our hearts and speak the truth without fear because of your courage and bravery.

We are forever chaged and Blessed for walking the earth with us and helping us on our journey.

Click here and Enjoy the video every time I watch it I am so moved and inspired.

In Love and Light,


Little Rock Central High School where Minnijean Brown Trixey attended

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Mornight Light

reflections on my window

Morning light, shine so bright, takes my breath away
Your rays cast prisms, reflecting color of hope
I covet this moment I have captured in my heart because of you

Too powerful for words, too scared to share
for soon you will disappear ~ your light has enveloped me
I empty myself in silence and will give them words when I can finally speak

No matter how dark the night, you rise and ignite our spirit
infusing us with vision and light
Where we can begin anew and start over each and every day.

No matter what your evening sky has held of rumble and thunder
You wake up fresh and cleanse us of our pain and sorrow
So we can pass on your lessons, to Let Go and Let God

You take my breath away, as I witness this moment to moment shift
Blossoming, becoming, opening cracks in the sky
Joy and beauty with in me and I am grateful

Thank you for reminding us to Be Bright, Be Bold and Stay Strong
To illuminate our souls greatest longing to love and be loved and forgive
We all come from the same seed of light, so let your heart shine in this truth

In light and Love,