Nirvana Found

The lake glistens reflecting gray and white shadows while the birds drift with the tide.
The Great Blue heron
Sits patiently waiting to score a fish.
There is no trying to be patient, trying to be present, trying to be still without his mind racing, he just is.

I am jealous of his ability while I sit cross legged in meditation while thoughts bombard my mind and my body parts scream in pain.
I want to be the Blue Heron and dive into the water unafraid if I get cold or wet or catch a fish every time. Unbothered by what time it is, what I have to do, how I will pay the bills, where I’m suppose to be in an hour, who I might offend if I say my truth, not worrying if I stayed in bed all day and just watched him and the shimmering water.

For a moment I become one with the Blue Heron  and I’m still, content and quiet inside.  Nirvana found.

But for now there are chores to do and places to be so I will drag myself from the window sill but take a picture in my minds eye so I can return to this memory throughout my day.

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