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“As a man Thinketh” So he is -James Allen

Words have power. What you say to yourself makes an impact on your conscious and unconscious mind. Your words are felt far beyond the person you are talking to. It sets up a magnetic energy field that radiates further than what you can Imagine.

Think of the word sunshine. What picture did you come up with in your mind? What feeling did it elicit?

Now, think of the word darkness.
What did you notice there?

When you say a word an image is then conjured up in your brain.
 If the image is beautiful, your body and mind respond to this word in a positive way.
If however, the image is scary that feeling will be evoked in your body and brain as well.

What words do you use every day? What words do you continue to expose yourself to? If it’s the news, you might feel glum all day. How do you protect yourself from these daily bombardments of negativity in advertisements, the newspaper, or people.  Bad news spreads faster that good news and we have become addicted to it. It’s how the media survives. Make a point to look for articles that make you smile and lift your spirit.

Change your words and change your mind.
A simple change of saying I get to teach, rather that I have to teach makes a huge shift in how you feel. When I first heard a yoga teacher of mine say it, I realized how different and lighter I felt when I used it in all of my daily activities. It is a gift and a privilege to get up in the morning and share what I have learned. What do you get to do?  If all you come up with is “I get to pay my taxes” and sulk about it.  Think again!  At least you are able to own something so you can pay taxes.  

Words can illuminate your spirit or kick you to the curb. What are your inner voices doing to you? Start noticing what words you say to yourself and then ask where they came from. Perhaps they are old tapes you heard growing up.
LET THEM GO. I know, “easier said than done” but DOABLE. Practice replacing those old tapes with new ones. When we beat ourselves up we diminish and wilt like a flower without water and sun. When we acknowledge ourselves we grow and flourish into a beautiful bouquet.  Continue to weed the garden of your mind.

You are enough and always have been enough. Continue that mantra and watch life change before your very eyes. Doors will open and you will see the world from a different vantage point.



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