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Spring in January

Short sleeves and shorts strolling down the path,

birds chirping, flowers starting to bloom that otherwise would show in spring.

A slight trickle from a nearby stream threatening to evaporate from the sudden rise in heat where rain has been replaced by sun in January.

Every living thing is confused.

Sun replaces what should otherwise be rain. Those of us that love the warmth feel guilty for enjoying it. Those that feel dark inside are mad as hell they have to be exposed when they would rather be a hermit and crawl under the sheets with a fire and a good book.

There is no global warming “they” say. I wonder if they are out today or have checked the diminishing glaciers and spoken with the Polar Bears?

I do a rain dance but it does no good so I go outside and sit under a tree while I eat my orange and soak in my Vitamin D with my umbrella next to me just in case.


With Hope of Showers,




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Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
8 years ago

There were 15 robin red breasts in my birdbath and tree this morning.
Beautiful sight. You are right about an early spring.

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