The 5 Day Warrior

Day 1
Hiking Diamond head in Honolulu this morning, I was reminded how our business name Uniquely fit was born.  There were all sizes, shapes and colors hiking the hill.  Some strolled, some could barely walk, others sprinted up and still others stopped and took pictures at every junction.  You could hardly call it exercise but at least they were out enjoying the day moving to the best of their ability in many cases, communing with nature.
Every once in a while, I would notice someone walking in a Mary Jane’s of such with slick bottoms, barely able to move, worried about slipping and falling as they well should be.  What in heavens name were they thinking? They obviously weren’t.  Promise me that when you hike, you will wear the proper shoes with good stability and traction.   They were doomed from the get go and I’m not sure how they would ever want to go out again.  I know I wouldn’t.
We left early enough to beat the heat and masses but it was still pretty crowded so we passed people we shared the hill with whenever we could to keep our hike to a respectable pace and get a workout in.  When we reached steps we took them briskly breaking a near run taking one step at a time trying to beat our last years time.
Heart pounding, sweat dripping, legs burning, one thought “you can do this” was in my mind.  Stay focused on the step in front of you, don’t look too far ahead,  and breathe. In the next moment there were no thoughts just sheer exhaustion and determination.  I remembered  that was exactly why I work out:  To bring me to the present moment.  Of course I workout for my heart and health both mentally and physically but that is just the icing on the cake and the side effect of movement.
Early in the hike I thought to myself I could stop doing this at any given moment and if I was guaranteed I would never have to worry about burning calories, fitting into my jeans, dropping dead from a heart attach, walking my talk  etc. I would throw in the towel. However,  now it’s a habit imprinted in my brain and body and a natural remedy for all that ales me. It is no longer a question of if I will work out but what time in the day I will go.
Running down the hill toward the beach exhilarated with a runners high, we are done in record time. We strip off our clothes to our bathing suits and jump in the ocean water for renewal of our tired muscles.  The salt water brings buoyancy and lightness, cooling us off rejuvenating our bodies and spirit, ready for the next activity.
Happy Friday!
Hang Loose,

One Breath at a time…


You sit in wonder asking how can I be happy, see the light, find joy when all I see is the dark and anxiety lurks within? You try so hard. You eat all of the right foods, meditate, read, go to classes, take your vitamins, exercise and still there is a hole with looming doom.

Go to your cave and sit. But you say, “I can’t possibly do that, it will catch me and I will wither and wilt and perhaps I’ll go mad. Will you? Have you ever really stopped running? Take each moment as it is and breathe. When we think there is something wrong with us any feelings of darkness grab us by the throat and grip harder until we’re gasping for air.

You are not your feelings, thoughts or your mind. Your mind is just doing its job to keep you in this constant feeling of doom and gloom. When we see this truth and don’t give it power, we become free.

Let this be your mantra……

Just for today I will take each moment and breathe as it comes. I will not judge every little thing I do and berate myself. I will look at the morning dew on the window and notice a bird in the distant horizon. I will be that bird and fly to new heights of what I thought possible. I will watch the bird until I become one with it and feel free. And tomorrow I will do it again.



Expect The Unexpected

I’m writing this as I know that many of you are going through some really challenging times.  Holidays can be difficult and I wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Life is uncertain and always brings new surprises least of when you expect it. Valentine’s Day conjures up images of the sweetest of scenarios. Heart-shaped boxes tied up with the perfect of wrappings, chocolate, champagne, music, roses, steamy sex or just a sweet moment shared with a loved one.
With anticipation you open the box hoping to find this once in a lifetime rock.  It’s a rock alright but not the one that fits  on your finger or hangs from your neck, but a ‘pet rock’. Or a quiet candlelight dinner turns into “guess who’s coming to dinner?” Perhaps, you wake up sick or your sweetie gets sick, or one of your kids. Maybe you have the worst fight of your life, or you are single and mourning a lost love. Worse yet, you lose a pet, a beloved or find out some news that freezes you in your tracks.

Life hands us cards that bring us to our knees in joy and or sorrow. We can’t predict what is heading our way or how we will feel. Ride the wave, dig deep, ask the questions and wait for the answer to surface. The answers are inside and there are no short cuts or mistakes; only lessons. There is no way to predict the future and our reactions but we can steady ourselves finding our truth wading through the worst of times even when it feels unbearable. Nature is an incredible teacher and reminds us as the sun rises every day, so will our mood and luck if we can just be patient. We have so many expectations of the day, we may be very disappointed when things don’t go picture perfect according to our plan.
You may be one that was showered in rose petals, chocolate, diamonds and champagne this Valentine’s Day so savor it and Enjoy!

The unexpected continues to surprise us on this journey and there is no way to prepare for it but to stand the test of time rooted to the earth with your heart open to receive whatever comes your way.

Happy Valentines Day!

With Heartfelt Hugs,


Chinese New Year of the Ram: Recommit to your Goals

We’re already halfway into the second month of the year.  You’ve set your intention, clarified your goals and made a plan of action but you are falling short of reaching them. Why?  It’s an important question to ask so you can find out what has happened to derail you. Have you clarified the reason that this particular goal is important to you? This is the biggest reason for success or failure.  Without a true desire that is in alignment with your higher purpose or reason to obtain it, it becomes an empty wish.  What is YOUR why?

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The top things I hear people want are to lose weight, get up early, go to bed early, hit the gym, meditate, practice yoga, stop stressing, stop procrastinating, be on time, end a toxic relationship, eat healthier, take their supplements, stop watching so much television, limit screen games and drinking mid-week. Sometimes the list is so long it’s overwhelming.

Pick one and start with that! After clarifying your goals you need to create a plan of action with dates to achieve them with attainable bench marks and then create a support system to stay on track.

Feeling unworthy can prevent you from keeping your word with yourself and desire isn’t enough.  Do you keep complaining about not reaching what it is you say you want?  When your mind/ego wins out by giving negative attention for not following through, you create a negative feedback loop.  The negative attention you give to the problem perpetuates this downward cycle and the mind and ego are at least happy to get some form of attention even if it’s negative, crazy as this sounds.  Beating yourself up becomes a familiar pattern of massaging addictive behavior.

Make sure this goal is something YOU want for yourself, not what someone else wants for you.  That never has enough staying power.

Reaching your goals becomes a function and question of “How can you love yourself enough to create what you want?”

To every rebuttal ( I call them “yet buts”) that comes up in your mind, write down a counter affirmation and say them everyday. Acknowledge small steps EVERYDAY that you have done towards reaching those goals.

Tell someone else what they are so you stay accountable. Start small and build everyday. You are on your way to making an internal shift that will then show up externally and YES picking 1 thing can make a change in many areas of your life.

A recent study showed someone started drinking 8glasses of water daily for 1 month and she lost weight, wrinkles, dark circles, had more energy and she ended up reaching 6 of her goals by changing 1 thing.  Now that’s powerful. What are you waiting for.  Rams don’t wait!

In the Spirit of Love,


Heart Bursts Open

My Heart Bursts open taking in the magic of the moment. The song in my heart is echoing sweet melody’s, filling my senses with love, compassion and joy. Music fills every crevice in my body while I sit in sheer ecstasy, nourishing all of my senses which makes me leap from my chair in movement. I move slowly and deliberately.  And then flow like I am being rocked in my lovers arms taking in the sweetness of the moment absorbing every ounce because I am wise enough to know that this moment too will pass.

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day~

Rain Cleanses All

Clutter in my attic, I trip on old bones which send shivers down my spine. Old letters, and memories found in boxes. Mirrors of faces unrecognizable, still others too familiar and fresh to look at.  Smoke and mirrors or reality? Time will tell.  Cob webs with spiders send chills up my spine. Chandeliers thrashing back and forth, ghosts casting shadows. I flee to the outside where it’s
safe outside. I can breathe in the thunder and lightning while I run escaping the haunting from the inside cave. Thoughts of what I should have done, could have said, people I should have discarded a long time ago racing like the Indi 500 coming back to haunt me. I trip over a log and fall hitting my head. I can’t move. My legs tremble, blood pulsing, feeling dizzy, I try to stand but stumble and fall. Lightening strikes, and ignites an electrical impulse inside where the sky opens up and angels fly. A Thunderbolt flashes my name in lights, my dog hovers over me licking my face and my husband helps me up and I stand on solid footing;  Cleansed, refreshed, grateful. The rain washes away all the debris replenishing my spirit. Flood gates open up after a long drought revitalizing every living thing. Hail to our rain coats, umbrellas and puddle jumping boots.

Wet and Wild🌂💦💦🌂💦🌂💦


10 Minutes Count

Your practice calls:  You swear in 10 minutes you’ll get off the couch and get to it. The phone rings, another five minutes passes, someone knocks at your door, times a wasting. The dialogue in your head is full of excuses. There are approximately 10 minutes left, you’re tired and you know you have your next up appointment coming soon. Certainly you deserve to relax and regroup. What is the point of a 10 min practice session you ask. Another session missed? Or will you make these 10 minutes count?
The choice is yours.
Even a few minutes of doing what you say you will build on the trust you are creating or it can erode the faith you are cementing inside which becomes a vicious cycle of tomorrow, the next day, or day after and still you sit.

Heed the call! GET UP and GO! 10 minutes Count!

With Encouragement~


Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Cupid is aiming his arrow toward you. Do you duck and cover or are you ready to receive the blessings of love you are so deserving of. Start with loving yourself and you’re on your way to beautiful things coming your way.
When we love ourselves we set up a vortex around us creating more intimacy, more passion and lasting relationships.
Too often we look to find the perfect mate that will fill the holes inside us in hopes of making us happy. The trouble is it rarely works. In time we push them out because we can’t Imagine anyone putting up with our less than perfect selves and we don’t want to be found out. Or worse yet, they push us out because they find that we haven’t been able to fill their holes either. We aren’t always aware this is at work and think it’s us they are dumping. They might too because it’s painful to see what is behind the truth and we have been running away from these feelings of inadequacy all of our lives.

We are all flawed in one way or another which is what it means to be human.
Working on ourselves before getting into a serious relationship is the first step in creating a healthy relationship. Bringing two wholes not halves that equal a bigger whole makes for a solid base. Combine that with a higher power of divine spirit and you are on your way to life long intimacy and happiness. When we each take responsibility for our short comings, work on ourselves, use each other as mirrors to heal ourselves, and honor our differences and flaws, we can allow ourselves and our partners to be truly human.

Yes, Love Is In The Air and whether you are in a relationship or hoping to find the love of your life; do a little internal housecleaning and get ready to let cupid do his magic.


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