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Love Is In The Air

Cupid is aiming his arrow toward you. Do you duck and cover or are you ready to receive the blessings of love you are so deserving of. Start with loving yourself and you’re on your way to beautiful things coming your way.
When we love ourselves we set up a vortex around us creating more intimacy, more passion and lasting relationships.
Too often we look to find the perfect mate that will fill the holes inside us in hopes of making us happy. The trouble is it rarely works. In time we push them out because we can’t Imagine anyone putting up with our less than perfect selves and we don’t want to be found out. Or worse yet, they push us out because they find that we haven’t been able to fill their holes either. We aren’t always aware this is at work and think it’s us they are dumping. They might too because it’s painful to see what is behind the truth and we have been running away from these feelings of inadequacy all of our lives.

We are all flawed in one way or another which is what it means to be human.
Working on ourselves before getting into a serious relationship is the first step in creating a healthy relationship. Bringing two wholes not halves that equal a bigger whole makes for a solid base. Combine that with a higher power of divine spirit and you are on your way to life long intimacy and happiness. When we each take responsibility for our short comings, work on ourselves, use each other as mirrors to heal ourselves, and honor our differences and flaws, we can allow ourselves and our partners to be truly human.

Yes, Love Is In The Air and whether you are in a relationship or hoping to find the love of your life; do a little internal housecleaning and get ready to let cupid do his magic.


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Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
8 years ago

Another inspiring message. We are the only ones that can fill our holes,
Keep up the good council

Nicole Cartwright
Nicole Cartwright
8 years ago

Good Message!

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