10 Minutes Count

Your practice calls:  You swear in 10 minutes you’ll get off the couch and get to it. The phone rings, another five minutes passes, someone knocks at your door, times a wasting. The dialogue in your head is full of excuses. There are approximately 10 minutes left, you’re tired and you know you have your next up appointment coming soon. Certainly you deserve to relax and regroup. What is the point of a 10 min practice session you ask. Another session missed? Or will you make these 10 minutes count?
The choice is yours.
Even a few minutes of doing what you say you will build on the trust you are creating or it can erode the faith you are cementing inside which becomes a vicious cycle of tomorrow, the next day, or day after and still you sit.

Heed the call! GET UP and GO! 10 minutes Count!

With Encouragement~


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