Rain Cleanses All

Clutter in my attic, I trip on old bones which send shivers down my spine. Old letters, and memories found in boxes. Mirrors of faces unrecognizable, still others too familiar and fresh to look at.  Smoke and mirrors or reality? Time will tell.  Cob webs with spiders send chills up my spine. Chandeliers thrashing back and forth, ghosts casting shadows. I flee to the outside where it’s
safe outside. I can breathe in the thunder and lightning while I run escaping the haunting from the inside cave. Thoughts of what I should have done, could have said, people I should have discarded a long time ago racing like the Indi 500 coming back to haunt me. I trip over a log and fall hitting my head. I can’t move. My legs tremble, blood pulsing, feeling dizzy, I try to stand but stumble and fall. Lightening strikes, and ignites an electrical impulse inside where the sky opens up and angels fly. A Thunderbolt flashes my name in lights, my dog hovers over me licking my face and my husband helps me up and I stand on solid footing;  Cleansed, refreshed, grateful. The rain washes away all the debris replenishing my spirit. Flood gates open up after a long drought revitalizing every living thing. Hail to our rain coats, umbrellas and puddle jumping boots.

Wet and Wild🌂💦💦🌂💦🌂💦


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