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We’re already halfway into the second month of the year.  You’ve set your intention, clarified your goals and made a plan of action but you are falling short of reaching them. Why?  It’s an important question to ask so you can find out what has happened to derail you. Have you clarified the reason that this particular goal is important to you? This is the biggest reason for success or failure.  Without a true desire that is in alignment with your higher purpose or reason to obtain it, it becomes an empty wish.  What is YOUR why?

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The top things I hear people want are to lose weight, get up early, go to bed early, hit the gym, meditate, practice yoga, stop stressing, stop procrastinating, be on time, end a toxic relationship, eat healthier, take their supplements, stop watching so much television, limit screen games and drinking mid-week. Sometimes the list is so long it’s overwhelming.

Pick one and start with that! After clarifying your goals you need to create a plan of action with dates to achieve them with attainable bench marks and then create a support system to stay on track.

Feeling unworthy can prevent you from keeping your word with yourself and desire isn’t enough.  Do you keep complaining about not reaching what it is you say you want?  When your mind/ego wins out by giving negative attention for not following through, you create a negative feedback loop.  The negative attention you give to the problem perpetuates this downward cycle and the mind and ego are at least happy to get some form of attention even if it’s negative, crazy as this sounds.  Beating yourself up becomes a familiar pattern of massaging addictive behavior.

Make sure this goal is something YOU want for yourself, not what someone else wants for you.  That never has enough staying power.

Reaching your goals becomes a function and question of “How can you love yourself enough to create what you want?”

To every rebuttal ( I call them “yet buts”) that comes up in your mind, write down a counter affirmation and say them everyday. Acknowledge small steps EVERYDAY that you have done towards reaching those goals.

Tell someone else what they are so you stay accountable. Start small and build everyday. You are on your way to making an internal shift that will then show up externally and YES picking 1 thing can make a change in many areas of your life.

A recent study showed someone started drinking 8glasses of water daily for 1 month and she lost weight, wrinkles, dark circles, had more energy and she ended up reaching 6 of her goals by changing 1 thing.  Now that’s powerful. What are you waiting for.  Rams don’t wait!

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Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
7 years ago

Sounds like the new earth.Excellent advice

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