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I’m writing this as I know that many of you are going through some really challenging times.  Holidays can be difficult and I wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Life is uncertain and always brings new surprises least of when you expect it. Valentine’s Day conjures up images of the sweetest of scenarios. Heart-shaped boxes tied up with the perfect of wrappings, chocolate, champagne, music, roses, steamy sex or just a sweet moment shared with a loved one.
With anticipation you open the box hoping to find this once in a lifetime rock.  It’s a rock alright but not the one that fits  on your finger or hangs from your neck, but a ‘pet rock’. Or a quiet candlelight dinner turns into “guess who’s coming to dinner?” Perhaps, you wake up sick or your sweetie gets sick, or one of your kids. Maybe you have the worst fight of your life, or you are single and mourning a lost love. Worse yet, you lose a pet, a beloved or find out some news that freezes you in your tracks.

Life hands us cards that bring us to our knees in joy and or sorrow. We can’t predict what is heading our way or how we will feel. Ride the wave, dig deep, ask the questions and wait for the answer to surface. The answers are inside and there are no short cuts or mistakes; only lessons. There is no way to predict the future and our reactions but we can steady ourselves finding our truth wading through the worst of times even when it feels unbearable. Nature is an incredible teacher and reminds us as the sun rises every day, so will our mood and luck if we can just be patient. We have so many expectations of the day, we may be very disappointed when things don’t go picture perfect according to our plan.
You may be one that was showered in rose petals, chocolate, diamonds and champagne this Valentine’s Day so savor it and Enjoy!

The unexpected continues to surprise us on this journey and there is no way to prepare for it but to stand the test of time rooted to the earth with your heart open to receive whatever comes your way.

Happy Valentines Day!

With Heartfelt Hugs,


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Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
8 years ago

Oh that was lovely and very well written

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