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You sit in wonder asking how can I be happy, see the light, find joy when all I see is the dark and anxiety lurks within? You try so hard. You eat all of the right foods, meditate, read, go to classes, take your vitamins, exercise and still there is a hole with looming doom.

Go to your cave and sit. But you say, “I can’t possibly do that, it will catch me and I will wither and wilt and perhaps I’ll go mad. Will you? Have you ever really stopped running? Take each moment as it is and breathe. When we think there is something wrong with us any feelings of darkness grab us by the throat and grip harder until we’re gasping for air.

You are not your feelings, thoughts or your mind. Your mind is just doing its job to keep you in this constant feeling of doom and gloom. When we see this truth and don’t give it power, we become free.

Let this be your mantra……

Just for today I will take each moment and breathe as it comes. I will not judge every little thing I do and berate myself. I will look at the morning dew on the window and notice a bird in the distant horizon. I will be that bird and fly to new heights of what I thought possible. I will watch the bird until I become one with it and feel free. And tomorrow I will do it again.



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marlene ford
marlene ford
7 years ago

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now that has meat

Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
7 years ago


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