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Day 1
Hiking Diamond head in Honolulu this morning, I was reminded how our business name Uniquely fit was born.  There were all sizes, shapes and colors hiking the hill.  Some strolled, some could barely walk, others sprinted up and still others stopped and took pictures at every junction.  You could hardly call it exercise but at least they were out enjoying the day moving to the best of their ability in many cases, communing with nature.
Every once in a while, I would notice someone walking in a Mary Jane’s of such with slick bottoms, barely able to move, worried about slipping and falling as they well should be.  What in heavens name were they thinking? They obviously weren’t.  Promise me that when you hike, you will wear the proper shoes with good stability and traction.   They were doomed from the get go and I’m not sure how they would ever want to go out again.  I know I wouldn’t.
We left early enough to beat the heat and masses but it was still pretty crowded so we passed people we shared the hill with whenever we could to keep our hike to a respectable pace and get a workout in.  When we reached steps we took them briskly breaking a near run taking one step at a time trying to beat our last years time.
Heart pounding, sweat dripping, legs burning, one thought “you can do this” was in my mind.  Stay focused on the step in front of you, don’t look too far ahead,  and breathe. In the next moment there were no thoughts just sheer exhaustion and determination.  I remembered  that was exactly why I work out:  To bring me to the present moment.  Of course I workout for my heart and health both mentally and physically but that is just the icing on the cake and the side effect of movement.
Early in the hike I thought to myself I could stop doing this at any given moment and if I was guaranteed I would never have to worry about burning calories, fitting into my jeans, dropping dead from a heart attach, walking my talk  etc. I would throw in the towel. However,  now it’s a habit imprinted in my brain and body and a natural remedy for all that ales me. It is no longer a question of if I will work out but what time in the day I will go.
Running down the hill toward the beach exhilarated with a runners high, we are done in record time. We strip off our clothes to our bathing suits and jump in the ocean water for renewal of our tired muscles.  The salt water brings buoyancy and lightness, cooling us off rejuvenating our bodies and spirit, ready for the next activity.
Happy Friday!
Hang Loose,
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Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

Sounds invigorating

Rhonda Gessow
Rhonda Gessow
8 years ago

Diamond Head looks challenging. Well done!!!!!!

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