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Day 3 A

Wanderlust Yoga Event at Turtle Bay

Oahu has to be the best 5 days for a weekend warrior since all of these events lined up as if by magic.

Driving from Waikiki towards Turtle Bay is beautiful passing the Kualo Ranch with jagged green lush mountains.  The contrasts between the two sides of the island are night and day, like most of the other Islands of Hawaii.  

My first class was a Shanti Flow Yoga Class, Kundalini based with D.J. Perez playing music and Noelani Love leading us through her creation.  

I met Noelani 5 years ago when I bought a pair of her wire wrap pearl turquoise earrings.  She was about 25, had the most radiant smile, and also played ukulele at the fair with a warm innocence that radiated to everyone she met.  I have since ordered her jewelry online and have collected 6 of her pieces.  She emailed letting me know that she had gotten her yoga certification last year and was now teaching yoga and that she would be at Wanderlust which is a BIG deal for a beginning teacher.  She had also gotten married and had a baby.  I immediately booked my flight when I heard this so I could go and support her.  Mind you I met her once but there was something I saw in her right away and I LOVE watching young people grow and expand into who they are and follow their passion.  

I could have opted to take all of the big names in yoga, Shiva Rea or Sean Corne, etc who have been pioneers in the yoga world bringing it to the west which I am extremely grateful for but witnessing someone have clear purpose at such a young age is something I applaud.  I either like to study from very old or very young instructors as I  am always in awe of their innate wisdom. We did traditional Vinyasa Yoga with not so traditional hula hip moving and “jiggle butt” as she called it to free our rigidity and inhibitions which turned into full on free dancing. She ended with the chant:

“Aum Srim Maha Lakshmyai Namaha ,May The Longtime Sun Shine Upon You”

 playing her ukulele.

Start practicing for the next moves, in class 😉



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Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

Sounds wonderful

Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

Was that you blowing bubble gum ?

Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
8 years ago

The little one blowing the bubble gum looked like your body

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