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Day 4 of The 5 Day Warrior

· May 9-16 ·  7-day spirited yoga retreat hosted by Erica Jago and Mari Sierra  At the exclusive eco-resort, Haramara, Sayulita, Mexico

· May 9-16 ·
7-day spirited yoga retreat hosted by Erica Jago and Mari Sierra
At the exclusive eco-resort, Haramara, Sayulita, Mexico

Erica Jago is a skilled beautiful Yogini, Graphic Designer, and author who teaches and leads workshops in finding your voice and calling.

The workshop I took from her was called The Creative Pause which focused on finding your inner writer.

Erica has a soft grounded presence which is both ethereal and magical.

She is strikingly beautiful and soft-spoken.  At first you might think that she might blow away when you see her but she connects so deeply to Mother Earth, she is solid as a rock and very insightful.

Her story is compelling and reminds us all to trust our path and journey always listening to our internal messages.

She is also an engineer and was working in the field a few years ago.  She suffered from an eating disorder for 18 years and as a way of finding refuge she started taking yoga classes.  She was invited to take the teacher training program, probably because in looking at her she has the body and grace of a ballerina.  As she began putting sequences together she started drawing stick figures to remember what she would teach in classes.  While doing so she had a vision that this would be useful to other practicing students and teachers and the idea of a book was born.  When she got laid off she delved in head first and Co Authored the book “The Art of Attention: Book One and Healing Cards”, and started teaching and leading workshops full-time.  Her book and yoga became her teacher for internal healing from her eating disorder and she is so grateful and blessed to be walking this path of freedom and eager to share her gifts.

Barbara Gong Master Cole, hit the gongs in the background as we did Kapalabhati breathing (also known as Shinning Skull or Fierce Breathing ) for over 7 minutes.  I expected movement, but we sat in meditation and did breath work for the entire class.

Between the meditation, breathing, and gongs, my entire body vibrated; creating bliss, clarity, and calmness, opening my senses and chakras. There were no words; but quiet and peace, as I connected to my Sahasrara crown chakra opening to the heavens towards the white light.


When the class was over there was a feeling of transformation that echoed in the tent with the smell of the ocean breeze.

We were then instructed to let our inner writer out.

Here is my unedited version that spoke to me.


A blade of grass touching my toes like a tree rooted in the ground reaching to find light.

Fragile with jagged edges yet strong making its way to be known.  It will be cut and go back to the Earth from which it came, but its seeds will fly creating, more grasses to sprout and bloom just like our ancestors that came before us.  No longer do we need to know who they are or their genetic code, because they live in us and we in them.

We are the carriers of this message of truth.

Fear not:  We carry the torch and light the path and when our job is done we will join that blade of grass without hesitation, concern or worry; but rather happy and fulfilled blessed by the perfection of this miraculous design.


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Rhonda Gessow
Rhonda Gessow
8 years ago

Om Om Om
Beautiful poem!

Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

Beautifully stated and so very true.spirit is eternal

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