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When I fell on my morning walk today, I was reminded of  the song ” When I fall down,  but I get up again” by the songwriter Loblaw. Whether on a run or the daily walk of your life…. shit happens.

Sometimes we fall, we stand up,  brush ourselves off, and are back  in no time at all. Other times we hit the edge head on, and we don’t get up for quite a while.  Of course, it feels much better when we can shake things off and move forward, but perhaps the fall wasn’t enough to get our attention and we find ourselves in the same position again, and again, until we finally get the message the universe is trying to deliver.

Hopefully, we stop for a moment and see where we might need to slow down, pay attention, maybe buy a pair glasses, or make some adjustments in our lives. If we hit that sharp edge and we come face-to-face with life and can’t get up, it takes an enormous act of courage, determination, support, steadfastness and due diligence to hang in there until we can move again.

These things that bring us to our knees in pain, tears, and suffering can feel like an arrow going straight through our heart,  physically or emotionally. Nonetheless , the journey to finding peace is the same.

I think of countless friends and clients who have walked this journey broken with heartache.  Facing a lifetime of torment, yet continuing to get up again.  On the outside  it may not look like someone knows this path,  however, you can never be certain. I’ve been to hell and back and I don’t want to go there again. No matter what you’re facing, how abandoned, neglected, angry, or afraid, you feel,  remember the same journey applies  when you fall: put 1 foot in front of the other and remember the sun will set again, the moon will rise, the flowers will bloom and you will get up again no matter how badly bruised. I have seen countless people prove this time and again and I am in awe by their courage and bravery and honored to be a witness to it, including my own.


When I walked into the massage room yesterday, one of my clients was already laying on the table as instructed by the sign outside that asked, “ Please enter change”.  Although I’ve had that sign on the door for as long as I can remember, my client who had also been on the table countless times was the first person who ever looked at the sign and read it from the vantage point of internal changing. She’s going through profound shifts in her life, discovering herself for the first time, and considering  her needs. No wonder it had this impact on her.

What if we saw that sign in our head daily and we contemplated what it would look like for us to have to show up differently to create a different reality within?  There are many signs like these that we are unable to see because we are on automatic pilot going through life.

Walk in your life today with the new eyes.  Slow down, look at what’s in front of you, look at what’s been there all along and start noticing how your  world reflects what you see. Sometimes it  takes dramatic incidents  as a wake up call, for us to finally get these messages of truth.  Forget how long it took you to get back on the trail, and just be grateful that you are. What wants to be rebirthed in you this season?  It is within your reach.

Enjoy your travels of new discoveries and I’ll meet you on the path.

Easter and Passover Blessings,


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8 years ago

Changing … It’s a big order. Thanks for this.

Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

Food for thought

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