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Precious and Few

We often take for granite what we think will always be there whether it’s our health, peace of mind, friend, spouse, parent, job, home or beloved pet.
And now once again our precious commodity:


It always has been but we are aware of it more than ever before with the rations imposed upon us as our lawn turns brown and farmers are struggling to make a living.

While it’s true that our agriculture and farming need to restructure, every little bit we do helps AND it at least makes us feel better.

Our bodies are composed of 70-80% water and are the rivers to our bodies supplying vital nutrients to our blood and organs to function properly, like the streams are to our rivers and lakes. Without it, fish suffer and die and are at risk. When we pollute these systems with garbage and toxins, neither function properly.

2 of our kids came in while we were collecting extra water from runoff of our showers and sink and laughed. Our “kids” have not know what its like to conserve anything. Our “kids” are 24, 26, 28 and 30…. Grown Adults.
Where did we fail them in teaching them about our environment and that Mother Earth is a gift to be treasured and respected that we in turn have to nurture, bless and thank?

They had the highest education where environmental issues were addressed and sustainable resources were discussed, didn’t they?
How did this slip through the cracks?
I am appalled and yet in a world of the plenty and wanting for not, and trying to figure out how to navigate the world on so many levels, how could I expect anything less?

Their world has been wrought with social media pulling them in a million directions. Even with the travel to 3rd world countries and witnessing first hand the lives of how others lived hasn’t brought these messages home.image

As concerned as I am for this lack of water, I feel blessed to have a teachable moment.
Parenting continues well into Adulthood even when they have their own lives and you don’t see them as often.

The saying you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone applies here and our having taken for granite this precious gift brings us back to nature and the power of natural forces. I too have taken it for granite when I see that our water bill went from 800.00 to 160.00 comparing last years with this year. A leak that went undetected, the loads of laundry I do for my business or shutting off the water and letting our lawns go brown? Probably a combination of both.
That’s astonishing and when my kids finally get a water bill, they will understand this too and that is when the teachable moment will come to life.

Too bad we can’t borrow some rain from the south with all of the disasters they are having.

So while you’re figuring out whether to use gray water, turning off your water, taking your 1 minute showers, swimming this summer and drinking it be grateful and mindful. You may want to barbecue tofu and soy burgers and delicious veggies since it takes 2,500 gallons to make a pound of beef.
“I’m just sayin”.

As you are being grateful remember to tell those you care about just how much you care about them.
Say hello and goodbye, give them a hug, share what’s in your heart and don’t forget to kiss your animals, friends and loved ones good night.

Life is short and we only realize that when things disappear.
Everyday is precious and we have know idea how many or few we have left.
Enjoy them while you can.



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Marlene Ford
Marlene Ford
8 years ago

When we are being grateful for our spouses and friends and pets, how about our parents that brought us into this world? Just a thought

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