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Sing Your Mantra

Celebrate the moment with gratitude for your many blessings.

Acknowledge small joys, wins, and be happy with what you have instead of looking at what you don’t have.

You are not your mind that spins a million reasons why something cannot be done or that can take you into darkness and despair in a moments notice.

You are the sun, the moon, the universe, Buddha: God if you will so let that spark shine and fan it with words that heal and change the synapses in your brain.

If you let your mind run amuck, you will never be more than calculating, unhappy, judgmental, comparative and miserable.

Your mind is brilliant at getting you somewhere directionally, figuring out a math equation, analysis of a company etc. Use it for that and only that.

Every Time you start in a negative spiral downwards, start noticing that it is your mind that always wants to judge, compare and that says you are not enough:
Use affirmations to combat each one.

You are more than your self-imposed limitations.
You are magnificent, love, light, joy, soul, radiant, and infinite!

Say, shout or Sing your mantra until you are no longer at the mercy of your mind which is NOT who you are.

Make a new song in your head that says I AM.

I AM Worthy.
I AM Strong.
I AM Capable.
I AM Beautiful.
I AM Creative.
I AM Enough.

Add to this list and say them daily and you WILL create a new vision of possibility in your head.

Be Patient.

If your mantra is “Please God give me patience but give it to me now”, you aren’t alone; Trust the timing and walk through doors that open and do not try to pry open those that have shut.

Life figures itself out in many ways if you have your sail heading in the right direction and actively make choices that serve your higher self not the lower self that will do anything for a cheap thrill and not defer gratification.
STAY PRESENT AND AWAKE and don’t let yourself go down that slippery slope. It only turns to quicksand.

Sing your Mantra Daily until it becomes your reality.

Alleluia to you and all you are and wish for.
Here’s to dreams coming true and miracles that are your birthright when you get out of your own way!

Carpe Diem,


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Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

On sing your mantra… So true we are all the light of the world .the Ego would have us think differently
As long as we get the ego out of the way we are free to be our magnificent selves. Love your writing.

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