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I wonder if the one cup blender is so popular because we are all looking for the Magic Bullet in our lives.

I have news for you and you’re not going to want to hear it….. There isn’t one but the magic is there hidden behind layers and layers of denial and unconsciousness and it takes peeling back the onion skin to get to the core of that truth which takes time and patience.

We take a pill for everything these days and hope it will take away all of our troubles and cares and we will be worry free. I know a lot of people who take a pill for less than a hang nail. We are a quick fix society and we want to be happy, rich and skinny all of the time. Who doesn’t! With social media in our face 24/7 and seeing people sharing their happiest of moments or what “looks” happy in a picture, it’s easy to compare and judge our own life discounting ourselves and think these people have the perfect lives. Reality gets left out of those pictures and we don’t see the morning face of wrinkles before make up or a shave, taking out the garbage or sitting on the pot; thank god. But none the less, we extract out of it “Everyone is having an amazing life but me”. It’s the farthest thing from the truth in actuality.

You will hear people who have found something that has worked for them as if by magic and that is awesome. Staying open to trying new things which bring hope and change is something which we never want to lose sight of but it is generally learning to hold yourself through the ups and downs and surrounding yourself with a network of support that penetrate the magic inside you.

As we grow and move forward into the light and find solutions to problems, we continue to unfold and bring more joy to our internal world.

For some, medication is vital and needs to be adhered to, together with a self-care routine of exercise, affirmations, a healthy diet, sunshine, family and friends to fully thrive. When someone suffers with a phobia, fear, or something that is debilitating creating anxiety, darkness, panic and immobility; it is scary and a vicious cycle and takes patience, support and bringing in your army of support to combat this. YES: It can feel like you are going into battle and the battle ultimately is yourself and if you have your armor and tool bag ready, YOU CAN BEAT THIS! I often say; it’s only your mind and you are not your mind but that is easier said than done because the mind is so cunning, seductive and erodes and takes us down if we don’t catch it right away. The job of the mind is to judge, analyze and keep us in judgement. Under your mind is your higher self that loves, supports and is non judgmental AND that is what we need to practice assessing until we master it. Because that is the place that sets us free where peace and tranquility lie.

It usually goes like this: The imagined fear is a thought in your head which provokes a feeling of panic, fear, shakiness, doom and gloom etc. Then the mind comes in that says “oh no here we go again” which sets an alarm off in your head creating worry. When worry sets in we move out of the present moment (which is what starts this vicious cycle) and worry sets in about the upcoming event of the future which takes us out of the present moment where everything was fine. Fear takes on a life of its own. We start worrying that this is going to take us over which sets up a chain reaction of fight or flight in our bodies sending out messages and chemicals which are released that shoot adrenaline racing through our bloodstream exasperating the problem increasing cortisol levels. Depression sets in because we then worry we will never get out of this cycle and we feel powerless, hopeless and full of despair.

We have to break the cycle which is easier said than done. Sometimes medication is needed to help the synapses in the brain recover so we can take advantage of doing the other things that feed us emotionally and get us back engaged in life and bring us the peace that is rightfully ours. Meditation, exercise, breathing, affirmations, healthy food and drink are imperative to do everyday to keep you in the present moment and see what is driving you. There is always trigger and something that the fear is protecting you from on a deeper level.

When this happens to you try this step by step action:

1) Identify the feeling

2) Ask what this feeling is trying to protect you from.. there is always something

3) Ask yourself what is the worst thing than can happen

 When your mind starts the vicious cycle of negativity, fret and worry:

1) STOP in your tracks

2) Breath: Slow your breath and count 8 counts in, hold your breath 5 counts and then out 8 breathes, do this 8 times or continue until you slow down enough and relax your mind and body.

3) Look at what triggered the worry and what it’s trying to protect you from.

4) Have a list of affirmations that you can say to counter act each one and say them to yourself silently or out loud until you feel a shift.

5) Circle white light of protection all around you and take a touch stone with ‘ you in your pocket.

6) Tell yourself “me and the fear are walking together and I will be ok”

. 7) Have a list of things you can do when this happens that will soothe you and bring you back to calm and peace and serenity

8) Stay in the present breath until you calm down.

Example of a list

1) Meditate: Sit, light a candle, incense,

2) Breathe: Pick a flower and breath in the scent. deep breathing, breathing techniques with counting find others. Go to yoga and learn. Groth breath work is great.

3) Remind yourself this is protecting you in a weird way and you will be ok.

4) Go for a walk

5) Call a friend

6) Write in your journal

7) Go to a movie

8) Stay present in this moment only

9) Say your affirmations

10) plant a plant

11) do whatever you are doing bringing your attention to your breath

12) Go to a class

Continue adding to this list.

Remember: You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.  You may have to work at it however”. – Richard Bach- Remind yourself of that and never lose hope no matter how hopeless or long the situation has been going on. While it might feel like forever and it will never change all of life is change and all things come to pass with time.

There is a magic bullet and the magic is you uncovering your beautiful free self while you continue on your journey. Please share your insights of how you have changed so we can help each other grow to our fullest potential of light and love which is our birth rite.

Blessings, Cindy

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Marlene ford
Marlene ford
8 years ago

On The Magic Bullet I find what works for me to get into complete homeostatious. Is to exhale
Completely until I have completely emptied all of my breath then the new breath automatically
Comes in in doing this three times it signals my body that I am fully present and completely balanced
On my next in breath I breathe in calm and with the exhale I relax the body and mind. At that point I
am ready to meditate.

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