Good News



Good News….

This is inspired by reading the paper and finding only bad news.
It’s tragic: You would think the world were coming to an end.
After my avoidance of the news all of my life really, I thought it time to educate myself and understand current events and history.
Honestly, I’ve found that there isn’t much sense to be made out of most of it.
While I enjoy being informed, it is one tragic set of affairs followed by the next. History repeats itself and things haven’t changed much and yet in many ways they have. We have a black man for president for the first time and the first woman is running for president so this is a major accomplishment but on a whole the media leads with fear and now some of our potential leaders are running away with that message as well.

I will attempt to share these magical moments of good news so you can look for them too and we can send a message to the world that all we need to do is start sharing the goodness we see in each human being and the many random acts of kindness given.

Sometimes my heart breaks when I feel and hear of so much suffering present in the world.  I know there is noting truly I can do about it but send light and love, make a donation, give a smile, hold someone’s hand, offer a sandwich but still tears run down my face.

In honor of good news:

As I took my place in line to get a prescription filled at the pharmacy for the dreaded C….

I waited patiently even though every ounce of me was fidgeting.
Finally when it was my turn, the checker at the counter was most gracious and offered to take me around the store to help me find the other things I needed. I found it rather odd as I generally feel shuffled off as soon as possible and am steered to the front of the store to pay.
When we were done she said “thank you very much for being so nice”.
I was so surprised when in fact she was the one in fact going out of her way to help me.
I said “aren’t most people nice”? “Oh no”, she said. “On the contrary, they are very rude and yell about everything not being just right.  I thought “if she only knew, I was feeling the same thing just seconds ago”.
I said “maybe they are in pain which is when people can be short and irritable and take it out on you but it isn’t you”.
She said “no they aren’t in pain, I know what pain looks like”.
We had an interesting conversation of people’s impatience ( much as I was feeling standing waiting in line until I recognized it and returned to my breath, staying present noticing my restlessness;  I rooted my feet to the earth, softened my breath, and used it as a moment of mindfulness ).
After all, the only one we hurt in those situations are ourselves. Our heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels raise, our muscles contract and we let our mind be disturbed.
And then of course the person on the receiving end gets the brunt of either our covert expressions or outward complaints sending a rippling effect out.

Pain, we decided together, might be many levels deep and we will never truly know what is behind it or what the person is going through.

We both left with appreciation. She felt better having someone with patience and got to kvetch  about all of her rude customers and I felt better that I used my waiting as an opportunity to be kind even though underneath, my impatience was bubbling up.
It was a beautiful exchange and reminder to use everyday moments as opportunities to first adjust my own attitude and then to interact with others that offer kindness and joy.

Oh, and the dreaded C is the colonoscopy which I could have been very impatient about since there is no part of me that wants to do this except for the very fact that it is routine at 50 unless you have a history in your genetics that might require it earlier and then every 10 years after that.

I can hardly wait to practice patience 😁😁😁 when I start the ghastly drink and meet my doctor in the morning for the procedure.

NO, I WON’T TELL YOU MY AGE OR WHY I AM GOING IN BUT I HAVE YOU GUESSING RIGHT?!  I’m sure this is more information that you cared to hear about but all I can say is if you’re lucky enough this will be you someday and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Just this week I heard some beautiful stories of 2 dogs, a whale, and dolphin and one strong woman.

I also heard a miraculous story of a young man and a whale.

Care to share?

I would LOVE to hear about it.

I’m off to the beach with my 2 dogs and husband to see if I can find them.


Love and Blessings,





The Lesson of an Orange


As I was walking on my path today I kicked an orange that had fallen from the tree. A light bulb went off when I realized I had done this way too many times. Somehow I had judged our oranges on our property as bitter and sour and not worth eating.

I had a bite out of one once and that was my experience. I bent down, picked it up and examined it.  It was true;  it was asymmetrical, smallish, the skin was rather soft with spots and it certainly didn’t look very appetizing.  And then I had a conversation with myself that went something like this: “This comes from my tree on my land that I grew and I’ve been poo pooing these oranges all of this time. I have judged it as being bad since that one bite even though I have been painstakingly feeding and watering it.  I still keep the bitterness in my mouth unwilling to open to new possibilities. How many other things do I do this with?  It is here to nourish me and is loaded with vitamins. This is food and some people don’t have food readily available. I am hungry this moment and I am turning my nose up and judging this piece of fruit that so graciously showed up for me , the same way I turn away from what’s good for me sometimes because of a past memory”.


Talk about judging a book by its cover.
And what’s worse, I go and buy these at the store often because I think mine aren’t good enough.

I sat down and peeled the orange and juice ran down my fingers. I put it in my mouth and it was so sweet and delicious, I was surprised.  As I thanked this delectable fruit, I was thankful for the sunshine, water, the people who planted this plant before I got here, the critters of the earth that mulch the soil, the birds and bees that pollinate it, and I thanked it for showing me all of the places that I think I’m not good enough like I thought this orange wasn’t good enough.  The time I think other people know better than me, that I think I am flawed, or they are, that I gained 2 lbs, that I have 3 new wrinkles on my face, that I wasn’t as tolerant with someone when I could have been.  Well, how can I be when I kick an orange out of my path that I don’t think is “good enough” or think I don’t measure up.

As I allowed the sweetness of the orange juice to drip down my throat I was grateful and become one with the fruit and forgave myself for taking it for granite and being so hard on myself and others.  I remembered it is my job to see things fresh with new eyes everyday, grow, forgive myself and others so I’m might have more sweetness in life.

Who would have guessed the lesson of the day would be received by the wisdom of an orange and to think I may have kicked that down the hill and missed the nectar and gift it had to offer.

I only have 5 pears on my tree but I’m going to go check them right now.
Who knows what they have to teach me.

Here’s to a juicy wonderful day!

Love and Blessings, 





The Gift Of The Lake

Everyday is a gift at the lake.

Today after my practice I strolled to the beach to see what treasures might be in store for me. It was just yesterday that one of my daughter’s Renee,  found the most beautiful pieces of liquid amber that washed up to the shore.

The other day my husband found a beautiful lure and it just so happens that I’m making a shadow box with special antique lures.

To my surprise today as I walked the beach I found another one.  About a month ago, a huge log floated in. I had been looking at buying one for an end table and low and behold, here it was and it had so much more character with beautiful rich colors than any of the ones I was looking at. I find when I know what I want and I’m patient things find their way to me.

I also found a very tiny empty shell reminding me that the critter is somewhere else now and has outgrown its home expanding to a new one, much the same as we do. When we are busy running so fast and trapped in the past or future, we may feel in the same rut and forget the beauty of feeling the earth at our feet, our breath that expands our chest and lungs, our sense of hearing the birds, the water, the smells and beauty around us.

Slow down and don’t miss these treasures that are ours every moment of everyday if we stop and listen. We continue to grow and expand. Nothing ever stays the same. The tide continues to teach me that lesson when somedays it’s smooth as glass and others it’s choppy and rough the same way life is.

Listen to what your heart says today and where it leads you. Where do you want to move to next leaving your shell that no longer fits to find the next?

Perhaps you are already living in the perfect spot for you this moment.
Basque in the delight of being content and joyful!

Life is a treasured gift to be lived in the present moment.