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Everyday is a gift at the lake.

Today after my practice I strolled to the beach to see what treasures might be in store for me. It was just yesterday that one of my daughter’s Renee,  found the most beautiful pieces of liquid amber that washed up to the shore.

The other day my husband found a beautiful lure and it just so happens that I’m making a shadow box with special antique lures.

To my surprise today as I walked the beach I found another one.  About a month ago, a huge log floated in. I had been looking at buying one for an end table and low and behold, here it was and it had so much more character with beautiful rich colors than any of the ones I was looking at. I find when I know what I want and I’m patient things find their way to me.

I also found a very tiny empty shell reminding me that the critter is somewhere else now and has outgrown its home expanding to a new one, much the same as we do. When we are busy running so fast and trapped in the past or future, we may feel in the same rut and forget the beauty of feeling the earth at our feet, our breath that expands our chest and lungs, our sense of hearing the birds, the water, the smells and beauty around us.

Slow down and don’t miss these treasures that are ours every moment of everyday if we stop and listen. We continue to grow and expand. Nothing ever stays the same. The tide continues to teach me that lesson when somedays it’s smooth as glass and others it’s choppy and rough the same way life is.

Listen to what your heart says today and where it leads you. Where do you want to move to next leaving your shell that no longer fits to find the next?

Perhaps you are already living in the perfect spot for you this moment.
Basque in the delight of being content and joyful!

Life is a treasured gift to be lived in the present moment.



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Rhonda Gessow
Rhonda Gessow
6 years ago

Love your joyful, present and wise spirit!

Alexandra Catz
Alexandra Catz
6 years ago

Just reading what you write makes me feel peaceful and calm. Thank you!

Marlene ford
Marlene ford
6 years ago

How come my comment was not posted?

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