11-09-2016 was no different for me than it was for most of you as I greived and was in shock. I planted 300 daffodil bulbs that day, ate chocolate, bought flowers and drank wine. ok, so maybe not the best way as a health and wellness professional to deal with disappointment but true none the less and hey, someone has to tell the truth around here right?  We obviously can’t count on honesty in politics unfortunately.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me good, bad or indifferent.  Perhaps we can get a dialogue going here on what actually matters.

I sit with my spine erect rooting into the earth, in part to draw energy in to help me get through the day and in part to protect the land that has gifted us its resources and asked for nothing back.
A place that houses our ancestors, all great leaders, and our founding forefathers.
My soul aches, the tears wash over me into a river of uncharted territory where I fear for our land, water, and children, worrying that our resources we have desperately been trying to protect will disappear before our eyes and for the first time I am scared and embarrassed for our country.

How could we have chosen a bigoted, misogynist, racist to run our country?!?!
The river feels washed up inside and out but I am reminded nature is the true teacher and lessons will enfold in time and much will make its way known.

I see women who can easily dismiss crude racial comments about blacks, woman, mexicans, shouting “lock her up” and I wonder – “who are they”?
They are not my tribe.
They are “smart” women – teachers, yogis, Christians, at-home moms, grandmothers, working moms who say they don’t agree with his vulgar language and would turn their son over their knee and spank him if they heard their son talk like that. How can they turn a blind eye to the very core values that make America great when casting their ballot for economic gain?

And who are the men that tolerate this?
Not my men. Not the ones that I have chosen or raised and for that I am eternally grateful.

The fallout with kids in the classroom after the election is breeding more ground for separation, not unifying them.
If our future President can speak with such vulgarity, bullying and tweeting no less, how can we stop this on the playground, let alone our world?!

I wore my Obama buttons on 11/9 to honor the pride I have felt during his 8 years of office, fully aware of the things he got done, the things he didn’t and the things that were fermenting in time like good wine. His dignity, grace, honesty, wisdom, intelligence, and gentle strength will always shine brightly in my heart and make me proud to be an American, along with the other great presidents and leaders we have had. His morality to his family, friends, people, and country are values I admire and respect. He leads with love, courage, and conviction which is the cornerstone for change that seeps in over time. If change is promised quickly, wisdom tells you to be leery.

People said all day “get over it and deal with it; it’s easier to join them.”

I will never change my stance on a woman’s right to choose;  a right we worked so hard to achieve. I will never put my head in the sand denying climate change while we continue fracking, leaving our earth compromised. I will NEVER TOLERATE BIGOTRY AND HATRED THAT DIVIDES US INSTEAD OF UNIFIES US.

Today I am angry and I grieve the lives of my children and future generations with so many of you.

I have taught my children to love, stand up for equality no matter what color or race, to use words that heal not divide, to honor their environment that mother earth has allowed us to borrow.

I have taught them from early on to use their words and negotiate, not use

name-calling that is below the belt.
We will unite and not lay down to cowardly terrorists or succumb to harsh despicable words no matter what.

So, Don’t ask me today while my heart is broken to just get over it and move on.
I will never move away from my moral compass no matter what the cost.

Today I grieve with so many of my fellow Americans but we are strong and we will get through this together and justice and peace will prevail the way it always does.
We will keep our heads high, our hearts will heal, and we will work smarter and harder than ever for the values and issues that matter to us and never take our rights for granted or put our heads in the sand ever again.
We will be stronger than ever before while we stand together as one.

We will come to terms that Trump is our President elect but we will remember and know Love Trumps All!

Blessings and Gratitude, 



All Paths Lead to the Same Direction

There are many paths back to ourselves and all lead to the same direction.  Being directionally challenged myself, I have had many diversions but eventually came full circle and find my way.  

Life is a plethora of choices. Discerning which choices resonate with you and which path you feel intuitively drawn to is the only requirement.  

Each has its’ twists and turns and many gifts on the journey.  

If you are naturally one pointed, you aren’t usually thrown off by options. You merely jump on the path and head in a straight line without much thought or examination. For others, all directions look appealing and making a decision or choice can send you into orbit and soon you are on land, sea and air all in one day and you haven’t even left the ground. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost are always words that echo in my head reminding me at the end of the day, we all find our way. “TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both. And be one traveler, long I stood. And looked down one as far as I could”.

I have always been jealous of those who are black and white and their clear vision. I see every point of view and have so many interests, it’s hard to hone in on what’s important sometimes and discern if the fork to the left or the right might be a better option. Through training and over time, I’ve learned to stand still until I get a clear sign.

The other day I said to a client on the way to the room; “Take either path; both lead to the same direction.”

Later that week I was on a hike to meet friends and I was so proud of myself for staying focused and not missing a turn only to find out an hour plus into it, I had no idea where I was. I remembered that I had just said all paths lead to the same direction and here I was, lost without a compass even though I got my phone out. Technology is great when it works but reception doesn’t always make it available. So, here I was on the path, stranded trying to find my way chanting my mantra; “All paths lead to the same direction”. I stumbled upon 5 banana slugs, one awesome toy for my dog I picked up, 3 cool feathers and 3 nice water bottles I left hoping someone would return for.

So many thoughts and feelings ran through my mind:

Fear, abandonment, self beat up for being so sure of myself only to be wrong , upset, laughter, and peace all at one time. I even found a stick in the event I needed it for predators that I might have to stave off and fight or run for my life. I couldn’t reach anyone. My Dad who lived up the hill wasn’t answering, my husband wasn’t picking up, none of my friends on the hike picked up and I only got a voice message when I tried to reach my friends up the hill. I felt isolated and that I didn’t matter to anyone. I made a case around all of this that I wasn’t very important and needed to cultivate more friendships and relationships. My whole life was before me in a flash and all of the stories I tell myself were in full heightened awareness. What a wild experience. My body was getting tired and my mind went in and out of all of these ranges of emotion. We all know or should know that our stories are not who we are as much as they try to make us believe otherwise.  

I thought of our friend Jeremy, a Navy Seal that was just coming home after being in Iraq for 6 months and lost his best friend in his Platoon; Charles Keating Junior IV, was recently killed while they were facing the enemy which gave me inspiration to continue forward. I pictured them in the desert or just past the bank in open fire, shooting and running for their lives at the same time. I could see them in the small village at night keeping watch over their platoon mates hyper vigilant and had to laugh that I could even compare my journey with theirs. This is a great example how real or imagined fear can throw our bodies into a fight or flight response.  

I flagged down a biker on a busy road which I hated being on and he directed me towards my location. 

Finally, 12 miles and 20,000 steps later, I found my way only to discover my friends were already headed down the hill.  

My next dilemma was getting down the hill and every friend I knew up the hill was out of town. No bus, but knowing uber was available was a comfort. Finally, a dear friend I hadn’t talked to for quite a long time, picked up the phone and came to my rescue. We had a wonderful time catching up drinking tea and driving down the hill.  

We have gotten so out of touch with the instantaneous gratification, we have forgotten our internal clock and drummer that still exist if we are quiet enough to hear our inner voice, act on it and trust it.  

Devoting ourselves to a daily practice of tuning into the inner wisdom that is always there and staying focused on what is and breathing in and breathing out is all that is required to stay present.  

Our mind’s job is to analyze, judge, barter and make a story to keep us from being in the present moment and asses what we need from moment to moment.  

As I sat in my favorite chair that night with my dogs and my husband by my side, I sighed remembering if we can sit (or walk) long enough, quiet our minds and listen to our hunches and intuition life becomes a blessed journey bringing us back to ourselves and all paths truly do lead us in the same direction.  

Of course it is never a straight line and there are many detours but that is part of the journey and dance of life that bring us back to ourselves where love, joy and beauty exist.

Trust your inner compass and enjoy the ride and remember “All Paths do Lead to the Same Direction even when you are lost.

Happy Traveling,