Arch Bishop teaching Tai Chi in Lake County~ and friends

A dear friend of mine / sister in every way just had her 64th birthday and shared that her good friend who is in her 80s said “fight to keep your world big”.

I’ve been mulling over that statement a lot and I can’t quite get my head around it because the truth is our world does get smaller as we age in many ways no matter what we do to stay healthy.
Maybe It’s semantics but I somehow needed to ponder it to bring meaning in my life.

Sometimes things happen out of our control and there is no fighting it, the way I see it.

As I watch my parents, aunt and uncle, friends, and clients age, they continue to lose most of their friends around them which takes it’s tol and in some ways prepares them for the inevitable that they too shall face in time; like we all will.

It always rips their insides out loosing parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends and especially spouses….. the one they thought would be with them forever to the bittersweet end is now gone and they are faced with the challenge of living life flying solo. Continue reading “STAY OPEN”