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Happy Almost Summer and 11 weeks of surviving the pandemic.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

It’s been a crazy time for sure which has brought all of us different insights.

I wanted to share my thoughts on Why Goals Matter during the Pandemic.

While it seems like it should be the last thing on our mind, I personally think it’s really important because we can get lost in the abyss aimlessly wandering around or move into unhealthy patterns.

My goal this year was to have our newsletter out Every Month on the 1rst. This is our 6th month in and not only have we gotten them out on time but have created some other little videos to help keep people sane and fit.


My husband and son don’t understand why I need to write a newsletter at this time since I’ve been so busy with Zoom and trying to figure out that platform etc. I think it seems to them my writing is not providing a service  and I already have enough on my plate which I could use to be more productive.  They may be right but I do it because……..

1) I like to write and it gives me a forum for that outlet.

2) If I can be of service to just one person, then I have accomplished my objective.

One thing I have learned in my life, is that when I do what I set out to do, regardless of circumstances, I strengthen my will power.  This gives me great satisfaction and builds on other goals that I have for myself, whatever they may be.

I do hope they have been helpful but if at any time it’s too much please let me know as it’s meant to be of service not bombardment.

So, why should it matter at a time like this that we keep our goals?

First of all, let me just say I am particularly blessed and grateful because everyone in my family is healthy, myself included, so I’ve been able to continue seamlessly.  Well, not without some bumps and challenges as you may have read about or witnessed in one of my classes( oh the learning cure), but thankfully we have all been well.

If you are infected, going through a health crisis, a front line worker, had an unexpected accident, got laid off work, working triple time, or a family member or friend is ill, of course everything needs to come to a halt for the time being.

Some of us were in shock with staying home, lay offs etc the first week and our regular patterns were thrown off with late night T.V. videos, games etc.

While this is an understandable derailment, it’s important to shift this before it becomes a habit that is hard to change.

With 11 weeks in, it’s time to get back on track so we don’t abandon ourselves completely during this time. When our schedules get off kilter our systems get thrown off and if we aren’t getting the sleep we need, that alone can make it difficult to function optimally.

There is something freeing in letting schedules go, but soon healthy regimes we have created can be eroded by allowing this mini vacation to turn into an extended one.  Let’s face it, everyday is groundhog day right now and it’s hard to keep track of time, even if you are working.   If there isn’t much on your plate, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks and if you are in work overload, both can result in dropping out our self care that is vital and deeply nurturing.  Cheap thrills can’t sustain a healthy lifestyle and going on too long will result in weight gain, stress, tension, depression etc.

Either way,  self care is critical for all of us particularly now to keep our immune system and serotonin levels at their optimum level.

Schedules also give us a sense of purpose and meaning.

Redefine what and how you spend your time and what is important to you on a deep level.

Most likely many of the items on your New Year’s Goals were about taking care of yourself through exercise and daily health regimes.  If yours were to travel more or make more money, that won’t be happening any time soon so it’s best to focus your attention on things you actually do have control over so you can feel proud of that.

Watch virtual travel for now with travel plans in the distant future and look at how you can optimize your financial future for later.

Do things every day that make you feel healthy, vibrant and alive.

Get out in nature even if only in your backyard and walk, stretch, workout, plant a garden (mine is thriving for the first time~ see Geri’s Gardening Article below), write, draw, read, meditate, play hopscotch, board games, games online, puzzles and find hobbies you never knew would attract you.  Limit your social media and phone time as this can be a way to judge and compare yourself and is a huge time sync.

Remember to make a daily list of what you’re grateful for, what you are learning about yourself and to send blessings to those in need.



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3 years ago

I love your posts
But I need you to help on something pleas

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
3 years ago

Your work looks so amazing,
And I would love it so much if you would tutor me on writing too.
I’d appreciate it a million times.
I hope to get a reply soon,
Thanks in advance.

Knowles Ryan
Knowles Ryan
3 years ago

I don’t know how I could inbox you here am new. Pls leave me with a text I will really appreciate it +1 305 900 2022

Papa Hannah
3 years ago

Even in a world filled with the flames of hate today, posts like yours are more important than ever – keeping up with our goals not only keeps us on our paths, but also allows us to see the light beyond the cloud of ashes caused by the flames of hate.

Though I life in a city, there’s a park by my building with a beautiful old tree that provides a canopy of peace for everyone, including our puppy friends, to enjoy light and laughter during these dark times.

Thank you for sharing, Cindy!

Introverted Thoughts
2 years ago

I wish I’d read this earlier but better late than never, right? “A groundhog day” seems like an incredibly apt description even now 😂 Wonderful post!! 💕

Introverted Thoughts
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Of course! I hope so too!☺️

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