S.I.P, UnWine🍷d Wednesday Yoga 6/3/2020

Rage, tears, broken hearts, injustice
No words when your heart has been ripped out
 Everything we value has been reduced to silencing and killing

The streets are filled with noise, broken glass, bleeding hearts
We can’t breath and if one can’t breathe
We all can’t breath.

Silenced forever with no remorse, no ability to stand for justice
Anger and destruction looking to dispel the pain
Calling other squashed souls to rise and be heard

Injustice building upon hatred and racism
Bubbling Temperatures rise, like making molasses
Sticky, heated, oozing out of our pours, wounds seeping open

Violence breeds violence
Fear breeds fear
Love opens our hearts to truth

We stand together to reflect the light 
Standing up, and staying strong, we will not be silenced
But we will not destroy in rage and be part of the problem

We Spread light, We are Light, We are Love
We pray for healing and change that reflects our true nature
We stand united not divided, when the light blows out, it illuminates us all

11 thoughts on “STAY STRONG IN LIGHT

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and kind words. It is so much fun and I’m honored you have been there almost every week. Your spirit and commitment to life is inspirational. ❤️


      1. You are absolutely right! Though the light may get clouded, the light is always there – sometimes we just need to focus more on it to have it shine brighter


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