My Perfect Self

The waves kiss the shore bringing up beautiful shells;  some pristine, some cracked, others broken. I discard the broken ones looking for the perfect ones. The broken ones fill the parts of me to attempt to make me whole.

A mosaic of pieces reflecting my soul but I just want to be one perfect shell that is whole and complete. I am a collective of all of the fragmented pieces of myself.

I try hard to sift the imperfection so I can show the world my perfect self.  But what or who is perfect? The most perfect that I can be is when I realize the imperfections and embrace them not making one better than the other.

There is no perfect because we are evolving and we are human which shifts moment to moment.
Be Still and know that I AM God.

When the hermit crab outgrows it’s shell, it doesn’t argue. It doesn’t try to change into a butterfly 🦋. 
It simply finds a new one that fits him better.

19 thoughts on “My Perfect Self

  1. In reading your post I can certainly resonate with trying to be perfect and knowing that no one and nothing is perfect , The beautiful picture of the water brought to mind how we are all mostly made up of water and it has enormous healing energy. Drinking lots of water during this pandemic

    1. So glad you liked it and I love the water analogy of cleansing our soul drinking water since we are from 75-90 % water and that sure does help!!! Thanks for sharing that!

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