Thank you for the Blogger Award πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

It was such a sweet surprise this morning to wake up to receiving this nomination award. I am so honored to receive this especially comimg from such an amazing writer Muralikrish of Vivid Impressions!
THANK YOU so much Murali! I am truly humbled and appreciative.
Check out his writing, as it is inspirational with great food for thought and incredible stories here
I look forward to his posts and starting my day with his uplifting insights.


This award is introduced by Rising Star from β€œIt’s all about inspiration”, Therefore make sure to provide a link back to his ideal inspiration blog (see below).

β€’ Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog. in my case it is

β€’ Answer their questions.

β€’ Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.

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β€’ List the rules and display the β€œIdeal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

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My Answers to the 5 questions from Mualikrish are:

1. What are the 3 things you want to learn?

Great question and a hard one to answer because I learn something new
everyday and that’s what I love about writing. It is a catalyst for learning.

I would have to say patience with my husband. After 41 years of marriage
and dating 7 years before that (I know right!!!!) I truly need to embrace
our differences and learn not to react so quickly. I’m 16 a leap year
baby so younger than I appear. I’ll never be 29 or always be 29, let’s just

Next, If I’m to be completely honest; to STOP texting in the car which has
been easy since I don’t go many places these days; Thanks Covid.
PROMISE I won’t!

To have fun, dance, play my ukelai and flute in classes when I teach,
read more novels for fun instead of self help and fitness books.
Oops, sorry that would be 5.

2. What inspired you to write?

I’ve always had a diary as long as I can remember which was a place I
could go for solitue and reflection. I love the
the feel of a pen and paper in my hand. I started a monthly newsletter
for my business probably 15 years ago mostly as a way to share tips and
write since I love it!

3. One quote that motivates you always?

Love yourself, Trust your choices and Everything is Possible”
~ Dr. Cherie Carter Scott Mother of Life Coaching As a side note she is who I got certified to coach
in 1979 and is one of my amazing mentors.

4. What do you want to convey through your blog?

No matter who you are or what your situation, you can acheive what
you want. Desire + Commitment = Results is something I have always
aspired to and use everyday in my life. Also, be kind to yourself
and have fun! Life is not a dress rehearsal. Keep a grateful ❀️!

5. What do you want to learn from 2020?

To trust that ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’, like the song says
because it will!

My Nominees are the following

I would like for them to answer the same about questions proposed to me above.

Thank you once again Muralidrish!

59 thoughts on “Thank you for the Blogger Award πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Of course you are. You’re my morning fix-:)
      Thank you very much!
      I really appreciate you taking the time and writing to let me know and keep me laughing!

    2. Of course you are. You’re my morning fix-:)
      Thank you very much!
      I really appreciate you taking the time and writing to let me know and keep me laughing!
      πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜‚β£οΈAs soon as I figure out the link I expect you to pick up your award. It’s taken me all day to figure out. One Vey and i’m not jewish but I can’t think of a better term about now.

  1. Congratulations on the very well deserved award! I love your positive take on the whole 2020 situation- it really is horrible but I agree it will eventually be alright. We can make it through this.

    1. Thank you Pooja! I really appreciate you kind words of encouragement! I think Word Press should pay you as you are inspirational and kind with your support. It’s tough but YEP, We will make it though stronger I hope. And you do know I would have nominated you right? But you can’t win everything already. lol.
      Did you get my text requesting your email again?

      1. Thanks! I agree WP should start paying me lol- just kidding I’m happy to help! That’s totally okay I have so many awards I still need to do I really can’t handle more haha!

      2. I’ll put a word in for you the newby that I am… outta help a lot. 🀣. It must be tough being famous but if if pays for school.. that’s the main thing. Keeping our day job right?!

  2. Let me start by congratulating you on such a honor to be nominated for this prestigious award.
    As I read your blog I feel blessed to have found you. Your insights have helped me navigate during these trying times. Your nomination is well deserved! God BlessYou!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your heartfelt words with me. It is most apprecated and I’m honored you find my posts helpful while we are all dealing with such a challanging time. Many blessings to you as well! Stay Strong and Healthy!

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