Schedules Give us Freedom!


A schedule gives you structure to your day with a time frame so you use the valuable moments you have to do what’s necessary so you don’t fritter your time away.

 You don’t let little things get in the way that eat your day up and then suddenly notice you’ve spent your whole day on one project.  

It also gives you little interruptions so you can break away from tedious tasks that might be taxing.  

Sometimes when we get so focused we forget about our basic needs like eating or drinking and hold our bladder way too long (that’s more of a woman thing).  Let’s face it, men can just “whip it out” and do going wherever they want.  Not to be crass but am I right or am I right?!  Don’t try this in a foreign country though or you might get arrested.  

This week I was so focused, I ignored my body signals and just kept working. I started feeling irritated by the phones ringing, the dogs barking, texts, emails, phone calls etc.  It was one thing after the next and I kept trying to ignore all of these annoyances and focus on the task at hand, which is one of the hazards of working from home. There was a bee and a fly that kept after me and I took to swatting these guys for about 10 minutes. My dogs kept barking for attention and the cats were meowing for food at which point I noticed I was at my breaking point, and had ignored the signals my body was trying to give me.  If you have kids or have baby sat, you can relate to this.  It starts with a quiet question and then slowly escalates, until they scream and go into a full on tantrum.

I Finally stopped, took a deep breath and asked “what do you want from me”?

The answer?  “Hey girl, don’t you think you need a break”?

Oh man, were they right and of course I thanked them profusely after my rant while running to the bathroom and nearly not making it, I kid you not.  I was also starving.  Yes, our body needs food and water for sustenance throughout the day, imagine that.   lol.  Yes, I know I’m a trainer and know better but I’m human too.

There are times we have to keep our nose to the grindstone but you can’t bank sleep and time without repercussions;  so remember that.  

Set your timer for every 45 minutes to an hour and take mini breaks or annoyances will only get louder until you do and you will be a lot more productive as well.

As soon as you start noticing these little nuisances

  1. Get up
  2.  Stretch
  3.  Do a few exercises
  4.  Have some water or food 
  5. Sing, drum, dance or play music
  6.  Take a mini break. 

 Spoken like a coach that sometimes needs a coach. 🤣


If we learn nothing else from the pandemic, might we remember to take really good care of ourselves and listen to the signals our bodies are giving us or we can easily run out of gas much like our car on the freeway.
It’s vital to our existence.  

Besides, the pandemic will end and you’ll find yourself asking why you didn’t take time out to enjoy it and wonder what the rush was all about.  

So, create a schedule with some “me time”, set a timer and thank those little annoyances that are in actuality your friend reminding you that you are important and need some TLC too. I’ve got my flute and timer ready for my day tomorrow so I can heed my bodies warning signals as I move through my day.

Have a great day and feel free to read on if you want to break this down for yourself.

P.S. I love Pooja’s blog posts.  She has breakdowns of her schedule with some fun facts.   She is great writer with invaluable tips on life in general and navigating Word Press.  Here is the article.

Otherwise, take good care and please like (if you do of course) and or comment and share.

With a grateful heart,

❤️🙏 Cindy


What’s your idea schedule?

What is your typical schedule?

What is the schedule you want or are working on?

The first step is to be honest here and write them both out so you can see how things actually are verses how they are in your mind.  I work with people all of the time and help them to prioritize what they actually want to do and need to do to create the schedule of their dreams.  It’s also important to realize where you are so you can make changes and create new habits which take a minimum of 21 days so “they” say.  
I find it takes more time than that with a cheerleader in your camp but the book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life in 21 Days:  21 day Challenge has some great Tid Bits.  
The main this is to be at choice and have a schedule that serves and feeds you instead of drains you. Making focused time windows (blocks as some call it) and adherence to them is critical for your sanity and not over scheduling yourself, so you have some built in breathing time in your day.

If anyone is interested in seeing my schedule let me know and I will make a blog post about it in the future.

38 thoughts on “Schedules Give us Freedom!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I’m a big procrastinator and if I let myself I will waste the entire day so I personally always need to schedule everything to stop myself from doing that. I would love to read a more detailed post about your schedule!

    1. You are most welcome! I’m finding that as well with all of this “free time” on my hands.. lol. I’ve got 3 versions so we shall see if you really want to see them or not. ha ha!

  2. Really awesome post, Cindy. It’s an eye-opener as most of us don’t know how to manage time. Many people struggle a lot with their heavy work. They simply postpone the work.

  3. I love this. It’s a great reminder. Scheduling my days/ life was a New Years resolution for me this year. I did great until the lock down, then everything just went haywire. I’m slowly but surely moving back into it. I love the idea of taking mini breaks! Great post

    1. Thank you Beck! I totally relate to what you are saying. This really has shifted our off time, work time, me time and it’s tough to navigate. I’m so happy to hear you are getting back into things. Mini breaks, like mini meals. Have a great day!

  4. Great post Cindy . Time management is so important it reminds me of how important goal setting is . I bet you could do a blog about writing down your goals and watching them come into fruition . I love your work

    1. Thank you so much Marlene! It sure is especially right now when we’re in a time warp… Everyday is Ground Hog Day! I agree with Goals and knowing where you are going are vital to acheiving what you want. That’s a great idea. Thank you for complinent and always letting me know what’s in your heart. Have a beautiful day! 🙏❤️

    1. I just saw that and I am so grateful! Am I suppose to like on your site or is that just weird?! It gives you one more like.. lol.
      Can you tell I’m a “newly”… 🤣.

      1. From what I’ve read—I can’t tell! (the newly) Do whatever you like. Sooner or later, perhaps, folks move on. Don’t pull your punches, so to speak, on my account. Often times I WILL use a comment to visit your blog!

      2. That’s cuz you have so many followers and are a legend….too many to track. lol I don’t live for followers but it is nice to know if what you have to share is useful or not. What? You mean you aren’t going to forward all of them? hee hee… nor would I expect you too. 🤗❤️


  5. Time Management is way important. Very much agree with your words. I too was not taking a break which caused chaos. Writing your schedule down makes it easier. And this pandemic has helped many individuals to explore their creative sides which too needs to fit in the schedule.
    Thank you for the post. I got something to write on pandemic. 🙂

    1. Hi Kritika, It really is and I’m glad you found value in it. It’s been so easy to fall on either side of the spectrum in this pademic alright.
      Sooo true. Sounds like you are on a good path now and I’m glad you found something to write about. I’ll look forward to seeing it. 🤗🙏

    1. Hi Again,
      I just take a look at you post which looks amazing. I tried to follow but what happens is you go to my subscription management page and it says your suscription did not succeed. This only happens to some sites I try to follow while others it’s no problem. Any insights or a way to fix. I chatted with word press but can’t figure it out. Thanks much

  6. This is wonderful, time is my daily nemesis because I don’t like adhering to it although I see its purpose. I tend to do things in the moment and put a lot of unnecessary pressure upon myself. This is a great reminder of how best to prioritize. Saved😉

    1. I’m glad you like the message.. I wrote it for me too as I like to be free as a bird with no schedule actually. but, well, if you work and try to squeeze in moments and rush like me; prioritizing is critical. I’m thinking I better write out the ideal schedule for me and post at some point. thanks

      1. I can definitely understand, I am a completely free spirited gal who gets lost in my creative projects. I understand writing sometimes is more of a process for us, to benefit us, like writing it on our own brains and knowing others will benefit too😊

      2. I’ts so easy to do when you are creative geniuses like us… 😂 but hey, someone has to do it. ❤️. We at least know we will benefit each other. Ha!

      3. Haha, I love you!!!! I can tell we would find fun together no doubt sister! Are you an air sign? I’m an intuitive empath and shamanic healer so I’m feeling either air or fire like me. I’m a super Sagittarius ♐

      4. You too! Cheers to that in this invisible world we’re living in. You to even though i’m a water sign.. Pieces… but we can be sisters, right?

      5. Absofrickenloutely sister!!!!!!! Yes, I always say it like Dr. Seuess, “why fit in when you were born to stand out”!🌈🌠💜💃😆🙌

      6. I love all signs, people, colors whatever… Pieces friends are a great balance for my fiestiness 🔥lol it’s your imaginative dreaminess that lead me to air🌬 are you a beach girl🌊

      7. It’s so true, we need the balance 🔥 and 💦 a perfect duo. Awe and you are so right…. I LOVE the beach. My husband the desert with a pool close at hand. He’s a scorpio. ♏️

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