In and out you go
With no end to your whim

Bringing me surprises
That keep me entertained

On the prowl all day and night
And yet still I take you back, no questions asked

Are you in?
Or are you out?

You show me you love me
And yet you leave, fickle as can be

Have I no self esteem or confidence, you ask
Yet I know I can’t control you or you’ll be gone in a flash

I treasure the moments cradled in my arms
Where everything is peaceful and calm

Are you in?
Or are you out?

Some say I should put my foot down and see a shrink
But do we really own anyone and is that even right?

It all comes down to loving and good food
And hey, I’m good at both, a real catch

I am a smart woman and know the way to your heart
Could you infect me? God only knows where you’ve been.

But you always come back to me and I squeal with un-delight
When you jump in bed with a rat, gopher or mole.

Are you in?
Or are you out?

Oh the life with a Prowler.
I highly recommend a cat during Covid time!

Star ⭐️

60 thoughts on “ARE YOU IN or ARE YOU OUT?

  1. What a clever girl you are! That’s my Dickens, too (a tuxedo), only he’s brought me little rabbits, so far. But we just completed a high wood slat fence around the yard and, though he can get over it, I don’t think he can with a rabbit.


    • It was fun to watch words write themselves and move off board from what I usually write.
      I love that name. I your dickens a white and black one? Oh that dickens is right. I wish we could just have them get the rats. It was good mine were getting those and the gophers to protect our garden. Then we feel bad for them because the are so darn cute. Lol!


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