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Are you having a hard time doing workouts, feeling energetic, peeling yourself from the couch or chair for one reason or another?

You need to know my usual days are a perfect blend of working out either in my own practice, with clients or friends, doing massage, life coaching or teaching and now I would consider myself a Zooming Blogger.  Simply put, I’m sitting on my arse a lot longer than I like doing livestream sessions and writing.  Thank God I teach to get my bootie in gear. 

I love that name Zooming Blogger because it pretty much sums up my life these days and I must give credit to The Blogging ‘Zoomer’ (a great site)  where I borrowed the name from for the purpose of this post. I reversed the name because I might be zooming more than I’m blogging but that’s a toss up.  Thanks Brandon!

With so much writing and technology I’ve been trying to figure out on Zoom and Word Press  I can now relate to all of you executives, CEOS, writers and anyone for that matter that is married to their desks.

Also, a huge shout of to companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intuit to name a few,  for providing gyms and massage to your employees.

You are so smart knowing the increase in production when people get out and move. Serotonin is released increasing mood and productivity with happier employees!

Thank you and they thank you as well!

Alright, back on point.

I tried 5 different headphones to teach with and it turns out the 5th ones the charm. Yep, it took 5 different ones to finally settle on the Power Beats Pro by Apple.  For one reason or another, something wasn’t working optimally for me;  either because the music was too loud or not loud enough to hear both me and the music or visa versa,  they slipped out or I was in pain after an hour of wearing them. 

I’ll keep my day job!!! 🤣

 I gotta tell you I am totally jacked.


First off, they don’t fall out when I teach and I can hear both clients and the music and they can hear me!  

I just went out for a walk and had them in and as I was going to make some phone calls and the music came on accidentally.  Out of nowhere, I just started running. 

I was comfortable in my body and moving faster than I have in a long time!

It wasn’t a mediocre jog that I can pull out but a full on run.  I wish I had a video to prove it. 

It was so awesome.  I felt energized, happy and finally got what my kids and clients experience when they are pounding the pavement (please try to stick to dirt or the treadmill though because it’s so much easier on your body).

Where have you been all of my life power beats pro?!!!  (No, I don’t work for them but a kick back wouldn’t be bad.. hint hint.. lol)

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THESE ARE FIRE 💃💃💃💃💃💃

I got a great sweat, workout and the time flew by.  I had them in for 2 hours without any notice of them in my ear at all where most of them are killing me after an hour.

So make your favorite playlist, get up, get out and get yourself a headset.  

I would share my favorite playlist but Youtube just blocked one of my videos for using unauthorized music so I best not get you in trouble.  Sorry about that but I know enough to be dangerous.

Here is a quick home garden workout video with a peek into my daily workout with distractions and all.

I’d love to know your favorite playlists too if they are legal as I’m always looking for new music to teach too.  

Make it a fun active day while you work of course as well in whatever

You are doing-:)!

Thanks so much for reading and remember to like, comment and share to keep our Mojo going if you are so inclined. I appreciate your support more than I say❣️

Have a Great Day!


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The Blogging 'Zoomer'
2 years ago

I love it!!!

2 years ago

I will definitely check out this blog site. I live with my parents and my oldest son currently so 95% of my days are spent with my bluetooth earbuds on. This way I can stay in my own zone, concentrate on my work/words/music and not be so easily distracted by their doings😊

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Yes lol…..I spend most of my days,weather permitting at local parks. I will go check out his site😊

2 years ago

So glad you were finally able to find the perfect headphones for you!

Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago


Kumar Harsh
2 years ago

Really loved reading this article. I laughed so hard when you told about your daily routine, as a student I can relate to it very much. I too had trouble finding earphones for my workout. I had Airpods way back but i am sceptical of using them as they might be ruined with all the sweat( I sweat profusely 😅) i have since settled for a big bluetooth speaker – Marshall Woburn. It rocks my house and so does me. Haha. On my way to checkout your channel. 😇

Kumar Harsh
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Hahaha. I can understand Cindy. About the audio, you can put it afterwards through the iMovie app. It’s very easy to use. You too have a great day/night Cindy. 😬😬😇

Kumar Harsh
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

All the best Cindy. 😇

Million Dreams
2 years ago

Congratulations ❤️. I have nominated you for the Offshore Reader award! I can’t wait to read your answer to my question! Do check out my post for more details! https://milliondreamshome.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/offshore-reader-award/

Million Dreams
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

You too, take care and have a lovely day! ❤️😊

Sejal Sheth
2 years ago

Love it!

2 years ago
Rez Scribblez
2 years ago

Music is very helpful while working out, it is a kind of motivation and creates a rhythm. 🙂

Hey Cindy, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award. Awaiting your response 😊.
Check out the link https://rezscribblez.wordpress.com/2020/08/05/liebster1-blogger-award.
Thank you.

2 years ago

‘Thank God I teach to get my bootie in gear. ‘ hahaha
This is an awesome joyful post. Vibrant and sweaty 🙂

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