What Would You Change?

CORRECTION: I was asked on My Outstanding Blogger Award:

What ONE thing would you change in the world if you could?

I think this sign would take care of a lot of problems!!!!

What do you think?

My husband and I were walking and I asked him what one thing he would change if he could and he pointed at this sign as we walked by.

I welcome any thoughts, commentary etc. Healthy Banter is always a good thing; Just ask Gottfried which does it better than anyone I know thus far. This is not my usual blog material but I couldn’t pass up a moment like this.

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44 thoughts on “What Would You Change?

      1. I’m open to hearing all sides. Unless like Kritika said, you’d take the job. Honestly, I think 1/2 of the people didn’t get the sign.

    1. So do I Cheryl! I sat long and hard and then there was a strong YES!!!! I totally agree with you.
      When something makes you laugh right now it’s a great thing. I will you and you too. Actually, gonna try to catch some ZZZZ’s before I have to get to clients.

  1. So much to say but the most important is YES PLEASE!!!! I don’t usually engage in political conversations via the internet either, real talk has got to be done in person but anybody with a brain can see the disaster this subhuman who occupys the White House is. What’s neat is my don and his cousins all are of voting age now so we discuss these topics regularly to educate them. The more you know the less we understand. This is a heart matter, our country needs healing and it will take decades to repair the damage done. I really like this sign Cindy👍😉

  2. Me either but you’re right so much to say. ” Well, the devil made us do it” LOL but not too funny.
    Love the typo. If your son’s name was Don we could have given it a whirl. 😂 It is so fun to talk with our kids because they are so smart and truly are out future. I learn so much from mine. We sure do need healing! Glad you like the sign. 👍👍👍

      1. It sure is. It’s one of the reasons I do Qui Gong. My favorite move is wave hands like clouds to remember that as the clouds ⛅️ come they go. Keeps me u attached to outcome-:)
        Thanks for always making time to share your thoughts and read my posts❣️

      2. Ooh that’s such an interesting way to think about it- wow now whenever I look at clouds I’ll think of that. It’s my pleasure!

  3. That really is such a challenging question! If I could change one thing, maybe I would make international plane tickets as cheap as taxi rides. That way I could see my loved ones more often. And that sign is witty!

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