Fun is our Birth-rite so better not let it slip away

Touch the sky and get out and play 

Let it shower you with light and love

And bless the Gods for all above.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

All Work and no Play makes for a Grumpy “Cinday” !!!!

Hi Word Press Friends,

In this new Covid world and redefining myself in new and exciting ways, I have gotten much too disciplined and engrained in my practice of work that fun is not something I give myself much of these days.  Oh, I go out in nature everyday, hug my animals, family and trees but I mean good silly fun.  I meditate, do yoga and tai chi, hike, take pictures, play music etc but that too has gotten to be a discipline where the joy can evaporate.  

My highlight is talking to all of you and sharing our hearts while building relationships.  Of course my family all think I’m crazy, (whatelse is new) that I would be communicating with complete strangers.  I can’t easily explain it but it is something that I have grown to appreciate and love about this forum.  I truly feel grateful to meet each of you and I am NOT a social media girl!  

I only started when 3 of my assistants bugged me for years saying I needed to be on FB and Instagram for my business.  I still scratch my head and wonder why.

You know I’ve functioned quite fine without it thank you very much and honestly, I’m no better for it since using it.  I am an extrovert by appearances and an introvert if I tell the truth and not be the camelion that I was raised to be.  

My Daughter, Bryana who is living in New York came in late last night and it is the first time all 6 of us have been together for 8 months so my heart is singing Hallelujah!!!

Renee my oldest, Lewis and Bryana “the baby”

Photo by Daria Shevtson

She is on east coast time and was up at the crack of dawn working but now they are on a break at the pool and here I sit and write.

Sooooo, Guess what?  I am going to abandon all of my writing, videoing and working and going to make a splash!

Now this is FUN!

I also decided to post 3 days instead of 2.

Mondays for longer posts that are near and dear to my heart.

Wednesdays for a poem or affirmations etc or fun signs.

And Fridays for Friday Fundays!!!

Have the best weekend and have a Fun weekend.

With Love,



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63 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNDAYS!

  1. Haha, loved reading your post Cindy. Even I did install instagram and facebook on advice of friends, I have been away from facebook now for five years and recetly deleted Instagram 😝😝. So i can really feel your emotions. Social media is a different world, a world of appearances I believe. Where generally most aren’t true to what they preach. Also, I can feel your excitement right through my phone. It must have been really a fun friday. 😬😬 take care Cindy. Have a happy Saturday as well. 😇😍

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    1. Awe thanks Kumar!!! I’ll be taking more pictures to share-:)
      Good for you to get away from it.
      It can suck your time in minutes and you’re right; there’s a different vibe.
      Oh thanks!!!!
      Heading to the hot tub now with drink in hand a “camera”. iPhone of course!
      You have a great one too Kumar.
      So much love 💕 has

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  2. This is so nice and I look forward to more Friday Funday posts! I love interacting with everyone on WP too- it actually is a lot of fun- and weirdly enough WP tends to be a lot more social than social media.


  3. I’m totally with you on this Cindy!! Asmy partner’s m9ther often remarked about me, I never meet a stranger! Connection with one another is in our DNA and it’s the best part of neing a human I think. I’ve slways been fascinated by other people, I’m a true people person. You know me by now as an intentionally living authentic person, I’m very specific and limited with social media. I must admit that I get a lot more satisfaction with our little community here on WordPress than anywhere else. It’s an entirely more intriguing engagement of energy and ideas for me. So much love to you Cindy ❤ ❤❤

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    1. Connection is everything and we are lucky to have that in our soul and heart. I know for some, it’s painstakingly difficult for one reason or another. You most certainly are a people person and it is clear you touch many people in so many ways. It truly is a much more supportive environment than all of the social media that seems to have a competitive edge and negativity. I try to post as many uplifting messages as I can since we are bombarded with negative news that sells. Thank you Dear One and so much love back at ya. ❤️👏

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      1. Absolutely, 100% wholeheatedly agree! I have very little time for that kind of competitiveness because it’s all an illusion anyways. Our culture has many in a separateness thinking mindset. It’s not dog eat dog, it’s interconnectedness that is our strength and power. All for one amd one for all. That’s how I feel about my fellow lady friends, we rise together ❤ I’m reminded of Madeline Albright’s quote,”there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” So happy to have cultivated a solid soul sisterhood here with you and other ladies 🚺 with our curious words and big 💖 😊

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      2. It’s all an illusion and we are all one in truth, I totally agree. The veil of separateness is what creates division. We all want the same thing to love and to be loved really and sadly things got misconstrued somewhere along the way. Maybe our light will infuse them and inspire. There is room for all of us in this world and we need each other and I too am grateful for the power of sisterhood and love. Thanks for yours 💕

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  4. So happy that you are taking time to play you are such a loving being and sounds like you have a very special relationship with your children .
    I can feel your excitement

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      1. Not sure I am all that more reticent about jumping in Cindy, but more careful about where I jump. 🙂 A couple of years ago I went on a 750 mile backpack trip down the PCT, often by myself. “How can you do that?’ people asked. “Carefully” was my response. –Curt

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      2. Oh great to hear I’m not alone but I’ve never been that brave. WHOA that’s a big hike. Don’t tell me, after the movie no doubt. Lol!
        Very cool you did that!!!
        It’s later you look back and think “was that me?” “Carefully is a good answer”!


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