The Scientific Immunologic Metophysical Sandwich

Hold hands 🤜❤️🤛 (at a distance) with Science and Spirit together while we find the proper condimentsbefore taking a bite and drinking the koolaid.”

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Tonight I was with My friend who’s a Scientist and married to a immunologist so you can imagine their daily download at night sitting on their deck. 

We were of course at least 6 feet back with masks on because if you’re a scientist, you don’t take any chances.

I am a health and wellness professional which requires me to be up close and personal and don’t turn people away if they are sick. 

I have always attributed not getting sick very often to that.

My frequency is high, meaning I attune myself daily with universal wisdom as protection with Reiki, meditation, Qigong, yoga, music and affirmations etc.

My theory has always been I’m strong because I have built my immune system up and I do not buy into fear and turn things over to a higher power.  Growing up I went to Sunday school at a Christian Science Church and the one thing I took from the teaching was that the body had the power to heal itself through the mind and spirit. 

I witnessed some amazing miracles that science can’t explain.  

We did and I do see doctors and I’m not a purist by any means of the stretch but those early days left an imprint in my mind and the impact is wide spread in my DNA.

There is a lot of research about how the mind can control the body.  Now we are finding the same neuropaths in our heart and belly as in our brain which has only been found more recently. 

We can create more telomeres and new neuropathways in these centers boosting our immune function.


I don’t get the flu shot or immunizations unless  I might be traveling to a foreign country in which case I absolutely do.  I generally don’t take allopathic medication;  only alternative approaches such as accupuncture, body work, homeopathic, chiropractic and Craniosacral therapy, unless I need it.  It’s not to say that I never get sick because every once in awhile I get slammed and am down for the count for a short stint.  I don’t worry because I trust my body knows how to heal itself. You see, we grew up with the 30 sec rule where if something dropped on the floor, it was still good to pop in our mouth.  The pacifier went from the floor to our babies mouths several times a day which I attribute to developing immunities.

When I do get seriously injured, I don’t mess around and double dose on my ibuprofen (up to 800 ml… but don’t listen to me on this, I’m not a doctor) to knock the inflammation out quickly.

One dose usually does the trick and since I take it so infrequent, I don’t have to worry about the side effects of kidney, or liver issues.

My friend on the other hand, looks at statistics and shutters over my approach but admits that I have a strong immune system and it works for me.  She acknowledges everyone’s constitution is different.

She uses allopathic medicine and gets the flu shot every year and she hasn’t gotten the flu since she’s been getting it.  

We have great lively discussions which always ends with each of us shaking our head with data that neither of us agree with (scientists always win out but sometimes even the scientists don’t understand instantaneous healings when data points in a deathly trajectory). While studies often observe positive correlations, we must remember that correlation does not equal causation (as seen by diagram below)… Just like eating ice cream doesn’t cause a sunburn. Although, you may be more likely to eat ice cream in the sun. Does that make sense?

But we respect each other, so it always ends with a hug and now for the last 5 months, a bow.  

She studies mutations and ​connective chains in the body and how ​pathogens enter the body, multiply and spread in the community and are transferred like lightening. ​ 


I study, energy and peripersonal space and metaphysical affects on the body and how mind body and spirit are the medicine that heals the body.

Peripersonal Space

She came to see my for body work regularly until Covid-19 and now we both agree;  I’m not touching her right now with a 10 foot pole or anyone else for that matter.

Like all of us we are texting and emailing or at least 6 ft back on zoom in lively discussions and exercise.  It’s amazing how many clients I have trained to give their own massages online with a foam roller.  

Our scientific, Immunologic, Metaphysical Sandwich has finally blended into a mix we both agree on:

  • Keep your mask on
  • Stay Home unless necessary 
  • Stay Strong 
  • Use Sanitizers
  • Wash your Hands Often

I used to move forward when I saw people for a hug and now I back up if someone even comes close to being within 6 foot of me.  

Everyone I see gets their temperature taken, answers a questionnaire and is sprayed down with Clorox upon leaving.  NOT!

But all sanitation is taken seriously and wiped down thoroughly after sitting out for several days first.

This is an animal we don’t know or understand and this invisible robber of our lungs and bodies is not something we care to find out about in the least.  

She will act as a guinea pig and take the vaccine when it is released sometime next year and I’ll wait for 6 months to a year after all of the fall out happens.

I still trust my body over putting something foreign in it before I know the facts and the side effects of the drug.  With so many companies fighting to make a buck I will wait until I feel safe and comfortable taking that chance. 

Besides, I don’t know the drug companies however, she does, and she trusts science and knows the chemical interaction and effects on the body cellularly.

A COVID-19 Vaccine Reality Check - The Atlantic

So, it seems we are finally on the same page of wanting the same thing, with healthy skepticism respecting each other’s Sandwich of a different flavor.  I’ll wait until I add any condiments on mine until she has tested the water but remember we both have different immune systems and each will react differently.   

We need each other now more than other.

Listening to the science, being smart and safe with no political addenda or mumbo jumbo witchcraft is prudent and necessary to combat this beast.  

It’s this kind of respect that keeps us growing individually and as a people.  We need each other and if Covid is teaching us anything, it is to be respectful of each other and wear a mask and honor each other’s personal space.

I truly understand people not wanting to wear them.

I don’t love them either but it’s necessary.

 You can exercise your freedom if you don’t want to wear them in the confines of your own home.

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78 thoughts on “The Scientific Immunologic Metophysical Sandwich

      1. Actually I am asking About What Is The Job of Immunologist, Just To Recommend Healthy Lifestyle Or Prescribe Drugs To Boost Immunity.

      2. oh gotcha… i’ll have to ask them. lol. They study the immune system and I’m not sure of the drugs they would use. I was going to add a link to homeopathy as well (darn forgot). They have two remedies we are taking right now one weekly and one monlthy as a preventative. If you get covid you can take it everyday. I’ll get you the site later and the name of those. Right now boosting Vit C and eating colors of the rainbow make a lot of sense too.

      3. Thanks for Sharing Such an Informative yet Beautiful Post as I have Said Earlier You have a Really Beautiful Blog 🙏🤗

      4. Hi Again,
        Just wanted to make sure you got the information above with the information regarding what is an immunologist? Also, I forgot to mention that I use homeopathy as well. Here is a link blog of Dana Ullman’s site that you might enjoy as well. Hope that’s helpful!

    1. You are so welcome Cheyrl.
      Thans for reading and sharing with me. I almost didn’t dare touch it because it’s all been said but like all of us as writers; we have our own bent on things. I will and you too!!! ❤️

  1. Cindy, it was such a well written article. Love the fact that you are such a positive person with a strong immune. I have read a lot about the benefits and healing of positive affirmations. Trying to incorporate that into my daily routine.
    Stay blessed and happy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your nice acknowledgement Radhika! It is vital to our existance and helps sem my day as well.
      You stay well and strong too!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️

  2. Both my parents are doctor Cindy. I can really see the conundrum your friend faces. But I too have been raised somewhat like you. My father is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and my mother she’s an Ayurvedic practitioner. But it’s my mother who dictates how things are done at the house. Haha. I don’t remember a time I had to take paracetamol for a fever, it was always a herbal juice or syrup and the fever would subside. Some days back my friends were talking about antibiotics and the course period one has to do them, I was unaware of that fact and my friends were shocked as they knew my parents are doctor. I’ve never had to take so much antibiotics. Natural is the way to go. Great post. 😇

  3. Also feeling love to nature , planting trees , taking care of animals and treating them well is a good way of feeling the freshness and gpodness of life …
    Meditation and refraining from overthinking and accepting the present moment ate good ways as well …

  4. All of this is 100% powerful and beautiful ❤ The work as i as a shaman is performed by intention guided by my intuition. We all have this ability, some of us are more keenly aware of it and have practiced to hone it. Love vibration can and does heal all. I love this post and I love you for sharing it❤❤❤ Happy Monday sister😁

    1. I’m so glad it spoke to you.
      Yes, the imagaes of truth tha are revealled and to those open to receive the mesasage heals and now we need that more than ever. You are so welcome and thanks for sharing your words and heart!!! ❤️ Happy Monday to you Dear One!

  5. The best thing about this post is that you are all showing people with differing ideas and opinions can honor the differences and find commonality. This is becoming all too rare these days. So more of this please ❤️🙏❤️

    1. Thank you so much Jan! I really appreciate your insight and wisdome of honoring each otrher so we can find our path through the world these days with so much uncertainty! ❤️🙏

  6. I really like that you’re on the middle ground for most of these things- I feel like too many people these days are on either extremes and forget that there’s a middle. I don’t take flu shots/medication for colds and stuff because I prefer natural remedies which work pretty well for me.

      1. Yeah I think different things work for different people so you can’t geenralise everything. I’m glad you have found what works for you as well.

  7. Immunologist can be a researcher (someone that studies the immune system and how it works or what goes wrong when it fails). A researcher can be an MD, PhD or any student of the topic of immunology (how the body defends itself against invaders such as viruses, bacteria etc).
    Only an MD can prescribe drugs or give medical advice. PhDs are not licensed to do that and should not do that, even if we are experts on that topic. Here is a link the wikipedia that explains what immunology is and then an immunologist is someone that studies immunology.
    An MD that specializes in immunological disorders/diseases is known as a clinical immunologist and this person can give medical advice if licensed to practice medicine.
    Hope that clarifies some of the questions above about what an immunologist is and does.

  8. Thank you for sharing a lot of great information. I haven’t been feeling well and so I am trying to rest my body. It is a good thing I am trying something here because I called my doctor and they don’t have any openings until next month! I guess if I continue to feel this way I will have to go to the ER for Covid testing. There really aren’t other options.

      1. Thanks CIndy. I will go tomorrow if I am not feeling any better. I don’t want to put anyone at risk, I would rather know what I have or don’t have…Hoping it is NOT Covid.

  9. Great informative and well written post. Thank you for giving us the facts without a hidden agenda. I don’t know what to believe. You presented your information in a clear manner that showed both sides of the coin. Thank you.

  10. I don’t really understand all this, but I do know that I am going to wear a mask and stay away
    from people. STAY SAFE CINDY!!!

    1. The main thing here is we can have differences and respect each other and learn from both sides. It sounds like you are staying safe wearing your mask. Thanks for sharing!!! Let me know if you need clarification with anything,., Thanks for responding and doing your part to stay safe.

  11. Besides regular ol’ period cramps and dizziness due to being busy all day or because of too much school work, I hardly fall ill. I haven’t had any serious illness since I was 10 and I’ve been convinced ever since then that I have a great immune system😂.

    But, I don’t eat healthy or take drugs, except painkillers for my cramps or eat enough food whenever I feel super weak. I don’t know if there’s any scientific explanation for it since I don’t have that healthy body and mind connection.

  12. I have not got the flu since 2004 (I do actually, but I pass it with minimal effect) and this is because I played my mind and built my immune system. And I agree that not everyone is the same and we need to be respectful.

    1. That’s awesome to hear! What did you do exactly? Any tips to share? It’s so true that we are all different and must respect each others differences. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.

      1. I learnt to pay attention to the very first signals of the flu. Some little weakness. As soon as I notice that, I drop everything and sleep for 4-5 hours. This gives my body time to fight the virus at its initial stage. Then, after this sleep, I feel ok. That happens once or twice every year to me but I pass it on with a few hours of sleep. This strategy works for me. I don’t know if it can work for everyone.

      2. thank you for sharing that! We spend so much time pushing away what we are feeling that our bodies have to give us loud messages often for us to notice. By that time it’s too late and we get a huge wake up call. Good for you that you are so attuned and heed it’s messages!!!! Thanks for sharing that!!!!

      3. It was a learning process initially but I think now, I notice the first signals without even trying and I can’t ignore. So, it is possible to get there with some work.

  13. We employed the ten second rule and the kids grew up strong and healthy. I hate it when I see people use anti-bacterial wipes on a table in MacDonald’s before they let the kids eat. If they are that obsessive about health why are they eating in MacDonald’s?

    Interesting to see two different approaches to staying healthy.

  14. Smiles from the north…be outside…sun bath…music and mediations…I’m grateful and I also have worked with healers in many disciplines…and as you say everybody to making sense of the pandemic in uncertain times…always good to look at other countries…my relatives in Europe have taught me a lot. Have a peaceful day ~ smiles Hedy ☺️💫☀️

  15. I get you here. The ones who love themselves are not prone to diseases much.
    I know when my body starts feeling low I do simple yoga flows and I am happy. A little sweat for me works wonders.
    Precautions are for us and we should completely adhere to them.

    I was going to comment on the post earlier but the internet here is not behaving good.
    Thank you for the post. 😊

    1. Thank you for reading this and taking time to share your feelings! I’m so glad you listen to your body and do yoga to create more flow in your body! It’s always good to know what works for us. What we hold in mind can manifest itself in dis ease in our bodies you are right. Those that have weak immune systems must be very diligent to heed the warning signs. Life is interesting as we never know when systems shift and change. Stay well! ❤️🦾

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