Precious Time

Time don’t let it away

Savor the moments

Hidden in every nook and cranny 

My grandpas watch in my pocket 

Saying catch me if you can

You can’t bottle it or save it 

So enjoy each precious second.

Tic tock tic time is a wasting 

Don’t let it slip away thinking of what could have been yesterday

Or will be tomorrow

Off to my garden with fresh veggies and herbs

Did I say you can’t bottle Thyme? 

I just did with my herbs in the garden

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Good Morning Everyone ~

When I was digging up my garden to plant this year, I needed to take the well established Thyme out to make room for something else. So, I dried it and then bottled it and put in my seasoning drawer and it’s so fragrant and fresh. I also replanted some in tiny pots and dropped them off at about 20 friends doors in town with a note that said “Thinking of you during this strange thyme”. It was really fun to warm people’s hearts and bring some good cheer. For others I couldn’t reach, I sent thyme seed pockets to them in the mail. You might enjoy stealing this idea for your friends if you have the thyme.

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133 thoughts on “Precious Time

  1. I love how you were creative with making a connection between thyme with time, Time is precious!

  2. I love how you were creative with making a connection between thyme with time. Time is precious!!

  3. Hahahaha, I wish I could get some of your thyme. Such an innovative use of both the word and thyme. Glad to see you are warming hearts even in these tough times. 😇😇

      1. Indeed Cindy. 😇. I loved your last post as well. But I don’t somehow my comment got deleted. WordPress sometimes acts weird. 😅

      2. I was a little too busy today Cindy. Too many broken appliances and also the prime day orders came in today. Hahaha. Let me see if I can come up with something. 😇😇

  4. My son-in-law Clay and I had a bottle of thyme that we sent back and forth several thymes with humorous messages. It was an inexpensive gift for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Much fun. –Curt

  5. This is such a lovely idea: giving the gift of thyme to your friends! It’s a lovely poem too and so true, we need to savour every moment. I love thyme as it’s so versatile in cooking and adds depth of flavour to just about any dish!

    1. Thank you Ingrid. I always find it fills me most when I am sharing so it comes back to me as week!
      We sure do need to savor the moments alright. You are so right about thyme.
      Thank you for taking time to read this and your sincerest message!-:)

  6. My English thyme is just now getting nice and healthy—I use it in cooking. Some herbs do well here in Tucson’s heat; others expire. You are such a boon to your friends and what a poet!

    1. oh lovely. It’s fragrance smells as good as it tastes. I bet rosemary does well for you there. Oh Thank you Karen. I appreciate that. I don’t usually write poetry and it yet I’m enjoying it. I feel so indequate with such amazing poets on our site here but it’s fun to do new things. Thanks for takiing time to read and comment!!!! ❤️

      1. My pleasure! Oh okay. I think I read and replied! These technical things are a problem for me too.

        Thank you again for your time.

      2. Oh man they really are touchy and tricky. There is a great post on that out there today. I’ve got to pull it up and read it. Thank you and talk soon

  7. A worthy end, Cindy!!

    “Off to my garden with fresh veggies and herbs
    Did I say you can’t bottle Thyme? 
    I just did with my herbs in the garden”

      1. I love the way you twist things to give a end to a larger perspective. It is always my pleasure reading your work!!😍😍

  8. Sooper Dooper my dear friend. Sweet poem plotted nicely. Gardening is also one of my favorite hobby, and I do it whenever I visit my sweet home. Nice, keep it up dear.

      1. I was able to comment but not follow.. I don’t allow email posts or I get overrun with stuff.. Please make sure you tell her to allow reader. Ping me when it’s done and I’m happy to follow her..

      2. She doesn’t have a blog😔, she just write for my blog💝. As recently I have changed my hosting plan from premium to business. Maybe that’s the reason it ask for email🤔. I think email won’t have any problem for you😘.

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