Be The Sea Of Change!

Mother Earth is angry and the ocean reflects its displeasure mirroring the injustice in her waters and sky. 

The rock guised as monsters reckoning with earth; bound by greed, no bounderies of caste or creed,

but not defining me.

Denying climate change, pain and suffering while the haves and the have nots, don’t measure up.

 It’s not too late, so listen up folks.  I won’t and can’t hold this anger, nor should you,

but I will merge with Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky and

protect her and be the sea of change.  

Will you  join me?

Hi Friends,

I’m struck by dark nights that haunt us on so many levels right now and this picture of Jason’s evoked such powerful feelings. The light is beckoning us so no matter what you are going through. Remember things get worse before they get better and when you think you can’t go on, take one moment at a time, one breath at at time. We’re is this together and we will get through this; stronger and brighter than ever before, united once again, take a stand.

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So much love and blessings,



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Interview with a Fitness and Life Coach

Good Morning,

I am so honored that Kally from MiddleMe invited me to interview on her blog. Kally comes from a corporate background, and is a online entrepreneur. She does a mirage of various projects and assisting start-ups and is a writer and a recruiter, coaching freelancers.

I hope you enjoy the interview……

One of the reasons that MiddleMe is such an awesome platform is due to the interaction we get from the diverse audience all over the world. I love that I have readers from Singapore to India all the way to the United Kingdom and United States. From retirees dishing out precious wisdom to essential staff sharing their stories with us. 

Today, we have the Founder of Uniquely Fit, Cindy Georgakas with more than 35 years of health and wellness experiences, serving others with a passionate goal in mind – to help other people to find inner peace and healthy living, come and share her thoughts and experiences with us. 

Hi Cindy, over in MiddleMe, we are all about having passion in what we do and helping others. We are honored to have you today to talk about your work and passion. Please introduce yourself and Uniquely Fit.

Thank you so much, Kally, for inviting me to interview with you. I follow your site regularly and find it very informative with such heartfelt passionate messages for humanity.  

I was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in Daly City and I kept migrating south for warmer weather after college. I live in an incredible rural community in Woodside, Ca. about 40 minutes south of S.F. with just over 6,000 people with beautiful mountains to hike and beaches to visit which I love and keep me fit. I’m happily married with 4 children, 4 furry family members, 2 horses on our property and 5 ageing parents who are local.  

Uniquely Fit was born out of my passion for fitness with the premise that every person is unique and different and each individual’s needs must be honored. The business has expanded and grown over the years offering more services and now with Covid reinventing itself yet again, with Zoom One on One sessions, group classes, outdoor sessions and I’m more active on blogging.  

I modelled my studio after Jane Fonda’s aerobic studio she opened in 1982 in S.F. and I opened mine in San Mateo California within weeks of her opening hers when I was 26 years old. It was such an exciting time in my life building from the ground up and training staff.

At the time we had low and high impact, aerobic classes, with small free weights.  

I also taught pre and postnatal exercise, birth coaching and baby massage with one massage therapist on staff. We had 15 instructors and 20 classes a week.

We have now expanded into having 4 massage therapists, yoga classes, No Guts No Glory (boot camp), personal training, Life Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy and we have a Nutritional Consultant on staff.

What made me want to set up Uniquely Fit? What is your mission behind Uniquely Fit?

With a major in Recreational Therapy, I started in convalescent hospitals where I felt I had very little actual control in helping people. I would go to work and come back in the morning to someone I worked with the day before, in my office (dead… yes you heard it right). Somehow they got put in my office as a holding spot. 

After a few times of that, it was too heartbreaking for me because I grew to love each person I worked with. I decided to move into the wellness side of health and worked and managed different health facilities and taught workshops. After a few years, I decided to go off on my own and “do it my way”.

My mission is for each person to find their passion in their lives through movement, finding exactly what feeds them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also struggled with my weight and one time went from 115 to 160 lbs in 6 months so I had a lot to teach with that experience.

How do you feel when you have successfully helped others? 

I feel awesome! There is so much fulfilment when someone I work with reaches their objective because I know how much they have put into it to get there. It also motivates me to keep walking my talk because you can only help people if you truly live the process. My clients become my biggest inspiration!

What does inner peace mean to you?

It means accepting myself for who I am and relaxing into the present moment and connecting to the Spirit, God, Buddha within or whatever it is for you, where all is well.

Can everyone find inner peace in the end? 

Peace is a state of mind and it is much easier when our basic needs of security are met but it is achievable and attainable in every moment if we can stop and quiet our mind, and allow it to fill our souls. It is NOT always easy but nothing worth having is. It takes patience, practice and practice, you must. 

I try to help people achieve one goal a week with very small increments and when they master that add another. Meditation, breathing, music, journaling, walking, Yoga, Qigong are all modalities that help foster inner peace.

I have noticed that you have many skills like Occupational and Recreational Therapy among many others. What pushes you to pick up new skills and improve yourself?

I found out early on that O.T. was very tedious and the repetitiveness of the work wasn’t full filling so I moved forward into what was more satisfying to me.  

As long as we are alive we are growing. There are times that my clients call me into new things out of the blue. I never would have taught a spin class or started massage if one of my clients didn’t “twist my arm”. Of course, they always make it an offer I can’t refuse. If there is a client that is struggling, I continue to access what is needed and will take other classes or certifications to find the best modalities to help them. 

That is how I started doing Craniosacral Therapy and Music as Medicine. Other times, it is just a calling and I trust it and go with it. It has never steered me wrong. Other times I refer out.

What kind of challenges excite you?

 There is usually an instinct or aha when I know it is something I want to pursue and usually there is a bit of fear when I think of it. My mind says, “oh forget about it” and I so wish it would go away but when it doesn’t, I have learned to trust it. This reminds me recently of taking the mules down the Grand Canyon. 

First of all, I’m scared of heights so what part of me was crazy enough to want to do that I asked. I DON’T, I answered and I remind myself it’s ok to change my mind. But it kept persisting so I researched it a lot and I was so hoping I would change my mind but it wouldn’t go away and one thing I’ve learned is I have to follow that voice. I took me and my fear and gave it over to the donkey. It turned out to be exhilarating and so beautiful and I would have missed a lot by foot. I have a sign in my office that says If your Dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.  

I’ve just started writing a book and it’s the same calling here and I keep thinking just forget about it while I continue typing.

What does being passionate mean to you?

It means having a purpose that I am excited to work on that brings me joy, exhilaration and meaning and sharing that with the world.  

Do you think it is important to have passion for your job? Why?

I do because it doesn’t feel like work then. It feels like an extension of your mission and purpose in life. I love what I do but with that said after 6 -8 clients in a day, it is still something I need a break from. 

The gift of a little more time right now is that I can explore other things I love as well. I see clients from as young as teenagers to 100. My soon to be 90-year-old client does a 5-minute plank, and is working on Zoom on an architectural project at the Historical Museum of Art in San Mateo. He still drives to come to see me and if this isn’t passion, I don’t know what is.

What advice would you give to someone who says they can’t find passion in their work?

I would say perhaps it’s time to look at what really would feed them in their job. Reinventing yourself is really important in life and it’s NEVER too late to start over. Sometimes it’s not the job that is the problem but the way they hold it. That is when I would do a one on one session with them to discover their passions.

You do offer Life Coaching as a part of your services. Can you please elaborate on what is life coaching?

I do and it is one of the highlights of my career. I was trained by the best in 1979 by Cherie Carter Scott, Mother of Life Coaching from Motivational Management Services. She recently produced a movie called “The Workshop” which can be seen on Netflix.

 Have you ever had a question that keeps rattling around in your head and you never can get resolution on it? That is the perfect time to get a session. It can be as little or big as you can imagine. It could be deciding on how to let go of anger, moving, finding a new career path etc. 

I was trained to use a Socratic approach and ask questions so people can access their own answers. The answers are always inside and it is my job to ask the right questions so someone can access them.   

What is the difference between a life coach, a counsellor and a psychiatrist?

The difference is we have a very specific set of guideline in a life coaching session which can be broken down like this:

  1.  Objective: What do you want from this session?
  2.  Desire and willingness to get clear on it.
  3.  Exploring Feelings and fears. 
  4.  Releasing what is in the way of getting what you want.
  5.  Making a plan of action.
  6.  Checking in to keep you on track.

Counselors have a good listening ear and usually offer much more evaluation and input.

A psychiatrist can dispense medicine and is usually much less available for exploration and implementation. They are great with finding imbalances in the system and prescribing medication when needed and often work with a psychopharmacist, who is a specialist in choosing medications. 

All modalities can work independently or in conjunction with each other.

How is your business surviving during this pandemic? What changes did you make to accommodate the safety regulations? 

It’s doing well with some gaps and it is slowly returning to more in-person visits with 6 ft distance and masks etc. 

We take everyone’s temperature before starting with a handheld device to the forehead, sanitize everyone, have long wait times in between clients and different outdoor spaces to work in. We have sanitizing products, gloves and wipes available and hand washing is a must. Everything is left outside 2 days and then brought in and is wiped down. I am doing one on one sessions on Zoom as well. 

People are adapting to the new normal and finding ways to soothe their bodies without actual touch but with substitutes such as foam rollers, balls etc as I direct them. Life Coaching as you can imagine is really needed right now with the constant changes and fear rightfully and that is being instilled. This gives them their power back.

Any tips for small businesses to survive during this time?

Be consistent and keep the ball going. Never before have I been so grateful to have so many platforms available to do my work and to shift into. I continue to put out my monthly newsletter and I suggest you keep as many systems in place as possible so you don’t fall behind and are ready to go as things shift; BECAUSE THEY WILL! 

After my 2nd child, I brought my business home and ran pre and postnatal classes and baby massage out of my house and decided to semi-retire. Not long after that my husband’s business came to a crashing halt with the stock market crash and close. In one month I picked up the pieces and built my business back up to being booked with a waiting list and built a staff and made lemonade out of lemons. That was 25 years ago, and if I can do it, so can you. This is the silver lining when change hits you in the face. It’s the getting up that matters, not the falling down. That is life.  

So, try things on for size, when doors close, remember windows will open. There are 9 NO’s to every Yes, so be resilient, don’t give up and don’t take it personally. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  

Once again, thank you for taking time in sharing your experiences and tips with us. 

You are so welcome Kally.  It was lots of fun and my pleasure and I do hope it has been useful for your readers.  

Please feel free to reach out if I missed anything and Stay Strong and keep the faith everyone. 

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This is Us

Good Morning or Evening wherever this finds you on the globe.

Happy Fri-Yay Funday!

Fun Today is when I finally got my kids attention and they noticed me. YAY!!!!

I was so excited to share the interview Kally from MiddleMe (our fellow blogger) did on me on Monday with my 4 kids and sent them the link and got no response, which didn’t surprise me, because I’m used to it. My husband and I were just lamenting over the fact that we rarely hear from them and of course no news is good news but we often wonder, “do they ever think of us at all“? We hear from some of our friends, how their kids call everyday which always makes a little sad. And then we go to the place none of us should go which is blaming ourselves. “What did we do wrong or maybe do right”? Idk. We’d be thrilled with every 2 weeks. Is that asking for too much? If you read my posts, you’ll know we are a really close knit family and really love each other but we still would like to hear from them once in a while without being the ones that always reach out. And even when we do, rarely do they call back unless of course it’s an emergency.

We made a pact that we would not call and wait to see how long it took for them to call us. We even made up some texts we never sent. “Hi, it’s Mom and Dad and we thought we’d give you a quick update. Harry (our dog died), Ollie (our cat ran away), we listed our house and are moving; oh, and grandma got run over by a reindeer”. 🤣 We didn’t send it but we had fun laughing and scratching our heads. The good news is, I don’t need to worry about them reading this of course, so there’s that. 😜 To be fair one did text me and one is living at home so he has to talk to us. Ha Ha! Sweet Revenge.

I was disappointed but it’s not the first time this has happened. If you are a mom and or dad perhaps you share our frustration. For those of you who are in constant communication like some of our friends are with their kids, we have to tell the truth, we’re a little bit “jelly”. For those of you who have the same experience with yours, you’re not alone and we feel your pain. (Pain in the asses..ha ha)!

A huge shout out to all of you kids ( big and little….. I call mine every couple of days and text most days) who call your parents regularly, just to say Hi and let them know you are alive. Kuddos to us!

So, I sent the link of the interview to them on Monday and got no response back. Three days later I got the text and screen shot below with NO mention of my interview of course. No surprise there! Hey, at least they’re consistent. 😜

I need to give you a little fill in here first. I have been told by my writing group that you need to build a platform if you want to have any publisher look at your book and as much Facebook and Instagram are not my BFF’s, I’ve been starting to keep up at bit. One of my daughters clicked all of these people I need to follow on my phone so I have been trying to stay active. I don’t know most of them and am not sure why they are even there. Honestly, I don’t think I can sustain this much longer.

Sterling K. Brown is one of the people that shows up on my feed. For those of you who don’t know who he is, here’s a little back ground on him. He is in a show, This Is Us that we watch so I guess that’s why she put him on my follow list.

Sterling Kelby Brown (born April 5, 1976)[1] is an American actor. He has portrayed Christopher Darden in the FX limited series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016) and, as of 2020, stars as Randall Pearson in the NBC drama series This Is Us (2016–present). Both roles have earned him Primetime Emmy Awards and the latter also won him a Golden Globe Award. Brown has also played supporting roles in the films Black Panther (2018) and Waves (2019), and recently appeared on the Amazon Primeoriginal series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

He has also voiced characters in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Frozen II (both 2019).

Brown was included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018.[2

Here is the message I woke up to on our Family Phone Text.

Daughter # 2: Look at what my friends screenshot and send to me

From Daughter # 2: Oh my god. Out of control

Me: Your friends should spend more time worrying about their own lives. And you have the nerve. He at least went to my site and “hit me up” on my website and blog. Actually quite happy you found a reason to notice me. Have a good day!😘

My Son: Send the link to this post

Me: I just did… thanks. I sent Kally’s link again which is what I thought he wanted and I got excited.
It’s above too

My Son: Lol the link to his post and where he hit you up

Me: I would not subject him to you all!

Daughter # 3: We need proof

Me: I’m done with y’all

My Son: What’s this guys name all?

Daughter #2 How do you not know who Sterling Brown is? What’s wrong with mom anyways?!

Me: Maybe you all should get a life too!

My son: Haha, omg all of the older women commenting on his post. I would still like to see where he commented to you.

You gotta admit he is pretty damn cute. Here is the video of Sterling I responded to.

So the moral of the story is our kids are always watching us, even if it’s just to torture us, daughter number 1 was smart to never comment, and my one and only son is looking for a new place to live (not really) and I’m LMAO!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! And remember, we’re doing our job if we’re embarrassing our kids.

I’ll see you Monday with my interview from Kally so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading this and let me know if you have any fun stories as well. I’d love to hear!

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Six Word Story Prompt

Hi Guys,

So excited to finally have the time to participate in Shweta’s 6 Word Prompt. This was fun Shweta!
A special thanks to Zamadloma for her help in the ping back❣️❣️❣️ Fingers crossed I got the it right! It’s NO reflection on her if I didn’t… trust me… I’m dangerous in technology.


Politicians add kool-aide to the water


What we’re made of….. drink up

Mellymaks: STEPS 1 - Increase water intake

Cleanses our soul and soles too

Water Shoes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Runs it’s mouth off with drool
(running your mouth off is never good, especially in politics)

ᐈ Drooling drawing stock images, Royalty Free drooling pictures | download  on Depositphotos®
Guess Who

POINT MADE.. No more pictures for the rest…

crystal clear washing our bodies clean

Perks you up when you’re tired

Transports rivers and lakes and oceans

Home to our beautiful sea life

Cannot live without it or death

Does not mix well with oil

Waters our garden through a hose

Thank God it puts out endless fires

The womb from which we came from

Drips down our cheeks when sad

Can’t wait to read everyone else’s!

Happy Hump Day!!!


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To Kiss the Page or Not?

Awe struck by so many stories, poets, photography, quotes and thoughts.
I scratch my head and read; and sit in a daze.
Some I understand, some not so much, to be honest, some not at all.

Others, I am transported to another space in time
where I linger while my heart is filled with inspiration and love, some in fear so I don’t stay there too long.

Sometimes after reading them all, I just sit frozen in space,
my pen silent, barely kissing the page. I try to linger here in the void
because I have learned, that’s where words flow, that’s where judgement subsides. Why leave this beautiful place too soon?

Write, one part of me says, stay, says the other but I choose to wait.
We always have a choice and this meditation in writing becomes silence in action, where I wait for the divine to fill the page.

Emptying out body and mind; free, floating in the clouds, whisked out to sea and all of the gallaxies spreading this “peace” of me and sprinkling particles of the best versions of myself while I evaporate and touch the unknown.

Blissful, joyful, free at last, no words are found here just the breeze of the ethers while I smile, looking down, growing wings, a bright light, echoing stay, stay and I contemplate and then my pen kisses the page with the dot.
I’m not done here yet, but oh so tempting.

May we all grow wings on earth and continue spreading our light.

Have a beautiful day❣️

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So much Love and Always Blessings,



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Fun Fri-Yay with Mr. Abu

Our mind can be our worst enemy or our best friend. What if we gave this monkey mind a name and had a little fun with him to find magic in our day and sent him on his way?

Monkey Mind Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Mr. Abu

Hi Guys,

It’s Fun Fri-Yay and we were given an assignment from my writing workshop to go on a walk and find magical clues to keep us inspired to write. I was discouraged on my walk yesterday and then came home and pondered my thoughts, feeling uncertain if I actually have a book inside of me to write or not. So, here is a synopsis which was really FUN for me to write. It’s out of the realm of what I do and turned into a little short story which caught me by surprise. I don’t write stories… Well, I usually don’t anyway, but like all of us, I keep finding new ways to express myself.
Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it as words popped on the page. Don’t you love when that happens?!!!!

Here goes….

I walk everyday and it’s often when I get little pearls of wisdom that I write down as they come to me on my phone in notes. 

But today with this assignment, notebook in hand, I took the task to heart. I always follow instructions to a T being the good student that I am, and I was excited to find magic. I kept looking for clues, on the ground, in the sky, in a tree and all I found was this monkey staring down at me. 

I tried to have a little conversation with him, but that was of no use, so I invited him for a walk to help me look for my hidden treasure. I even took a new route and thought surely this would steer me in the right direction of my message, only to walk into a barricade of trucks and construction.

Hmmmm, I thought, “is this my message”? “Just like at the book store, coming up empty, I’m stopped in my tracks yet again”. “Maybe you’re not supposed to write” said the monkey? “Well, maybe you’re right”, I replied” but what if I am”? Now he was jumping on both of my shoulders, swinging off my arms and messing with my hair; At which point I gave him a name.

“Well, Mr. Abu” I responded “What if I stopped looking for this so called message, listening to you, and thinking so much and just shut the F up and walked”? I walk with purpose and always multi task trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, (in this case the monkey and homework) which is when I realized, I make everything work. Aha, I took note, I have now made my writing a job too, which is the kiss of death for me. So, I stopped; took notes, looked at the beauty around me and said goodbye and thanked Mr. Abu. We parted ways since I no longer needed him to be driving the cart of my mind. What if I shelved the idea of having to write for anyone but me, just because I like it? What if I bagged the idea of winning a contest because you see, if you give me a banana like winning a contest, I will climb to the top of that banana tree in no time, and abandon myself in the process. I need to win at all costs and then I lose me.

So maybe the synchronicity was ditching Mr. Abu and choosing me and there in lies my story of my magical walk. And now if you will kindly excuse me, I’m heading out for a walk with my notebook and banana. 

🤣❤️ Cindy

Hope you have a Fun Fri-Yay and a great weekend!

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Perfect Moments

Jason Gotlib Photography
Archangel Cascades 12-2010
The picture was taken 10 minutes before getting on the the subway

The waters flow into a panacea of perfect moments while I drink in nature filling my heart with peace and tranquility.

Blessed to share a Jason Gotlib’s photography with you who is a dear friend and client. You will be seeing more of his work on my blog in the future. He is gifted and passionate about his photography. My new home picture is also one of Jason Gotlib’s which I LOVE. It is taken at “Mesa Arch in Canyonlands”. Thank you so much Jason! His work is available for purchase so you can just press his name below the picture if you are interested in adding to your collection. I have several of his pictures charming my walls in my home and office.

We might not have Perfect Days but I hope you catch a moment here and there. Acknowledge the small everyday blessings that show up on your path today. I’d love to hear what perfect moments you find today if you care to share? I have 2 so far: One are these beautiful pictures to share and two, it rained and the air is fresh and the smoke is clearing. YAY!!!!

I will be changing my site to customize and I hope you enjoy the new look and are able to navigate it a little easier. Please let me know if you have any feedback as it’s under construction. After all, “Life is always under construction” Thanks!

Blessings and So Much Love,



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If You’re Going Through Hell 👹🔥 Keep Going 🔥👹!

The only way out is through” (Robert Frost) So don’t give up, you’re almost there. It takes as long as it takes.

If you are going through Hell Keep going. 

Life is It’s not a panacea of perfect days or a bed of roses.

The waters can be rough and we get tumbled and scratched by thorns picking roses or blackberries, trying to taste the sweetness of the moment and days gone by.

If you have ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or any array of mental health dis-eases, an injury or medical condition; rest assured you are not alone.  Covid can heighten and illuminate your struggles with any one of the above, in these surreal times.

If you’re going through hell keep going and reach out to someone to support you.

When life hands you lemons and believe you me, it will; Are you going to pucker up butter cup and give me a kiss (better not in Covid or I might push you.. ha) or are you going to make the most of it? Just add some agave or jaggery, a substitute I recently heard about. Stevia will do and yes, sugar is ok too, and make the most of it. A little sweetness always helps in a bad patch unless you’re a sugar addict of course.

Pucker Up, Buttercup Art Print

If you have ever stubbed your toe or baby finger then you know exactly what I mean.  You never knew a tiny toe could give you so much pain until you stub it.  Or have you ever slept in bed with a mosquito?  

Worse yet, have you suffered a major surgery or gone through an accident or perhaps the worst depression you have ever gone through in your life?

Everyone’s hell is their own and yet everyone wants to compare there’s with their friends and some might not even understand how this could be so bad.  Others feel guilty for it seemingly being so small of an issue and yet, it is putting them through so much purgatory; it’s their truth.  

Hell is Hell ok, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else is going through.

This is precisely why I believe in heaven on earth or hell on earth.  

There is no there. The devil is standing at your door and it’s up to you if you open it or not. If you choose to, take it’s little horns and embrace them and give it a name so you can let go of this little or big devil.

Devil And Angel On Shoulders Pop Art Vector Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors,  And Stock Illustration. Image 88220756.

What you say to yourself matters.

Beating yourself up for having the feelings will keep them omniopressant.

So what to Do, when the devil is knocking on your door?

  1. Give it a face so you can look it in the eye and tell it to leave
    and take your power back.

2. Lock it up and tell it you are sick and tired of this place.

3. Call someone and have a little chat.

4. Go for a walk and bring a leash and you can walk it right out of you or with it at your side. Soon you’ll make peace with this annoying monster. After all, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

5. Drown the bastard!!! Just blame it on the devil. Hey, the devil made you do it.

This will end and  it is up to you to take good care of yourself daily and ride it out.  Nothing lasts forever.

The best thing I have found when I’m going through hell is to: 

  1. Stop beating myself up.
  2. Do affirmations in the morning and evening everyday.
  3. Trust the process.
  4. Love yourself no matter what.
  5. Get support and reach out!

Hell!!!! It with come and it will go but heaven is a place I want to spend more time, what about you? So make sure you  are with people that can remind you “this too shall pass” encourage you and love you through it.

Love The Night Life With The Creatures Of The Night. This Is.. Royalty Free  Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 44923829.

Please remember that we all go through these same hellish times and you are not alone. Thanks so much for reading. I know this is a tough time for people and I truly empathize.

Please remember to like (if you do of course), comment and or share. I truly appreciate your support.

With so much ❤️ and Support Always,


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Fun Fri-Yay Yet?

Somedays fun is just feeling blessed for a new day. It’s not always bells and whistles and sugar and spice and everything nice and that’s ok.

Fun Fri-Yay turned Freaky overnight. From 108 temperatures Tuesday to 68 the next, days have been eerie and unpredictable. I tossed and turned all night and even the animals were restless. On a canoe one day with prisine weather and then everything went dark overnight. The sun never came up and at 8 a.m. as I worked with a client that morning and we both agreed it felt like earthquake weather. My daughter says, “there is no causation between muggy, still weather” and I say, “what does she know”. “They” also say there is no climate and we know that’s crazy. All I know is the dogs and cats were going ballistic and they act on instinct so I kept them in all day. We’ve never had anything like it before that I can remember anyway. By 11:00 a.m. it was clear that the night was here to stay and by 3:00 it seemed like 8:00 p.m. It was so acropolyptic… out of the twilight zone, eerie in a weird way and I have to say I rather liked it. I love those days that aren’t predictable and keep you on your toes. I kept running in and out to take pictures between clients but could never capture the actual lighting and depth of what I was seeing.

outside our house Sept. 9th Woodside, Ca

I just wanted to curl up on the couch with my animals and put the T.V. on which I never do which caught me by surprise. I got texts and calls from some freaking out. It did feel like a sci fi movie in and of itself.

San Francisco Pictures

I actually debated on teaching yoga with so much ash in the air and unsafe air quality levels but what’s better than yoga when the sky is falling or it feels like it is. Lol! It was exactly “what the doctor ordered” one on our yogini’s said and it was beautiful to come together in movement and prayer. We did a “rain dance” (no luck there), sent blessings to the fire fighters and to those who have lost loved ones to suicide and others who feel threatened by internal thoughts in honor of suicide prevention month. We counted our blessings and whined and wined as we toasted. I read the poem “Rise” from Maria Teresa Pratico’s poetry book one of our talented word press friends known as Ladysag77 at Emotional Musings which was beautiful and capped off our night.

Friend Walter Cook’s images

Last night was another night of wrestlessness for all as we banged into each other. I stared at the ceiling for hours the animals out the window, adjusted pillows, tried to get comfortable but nothing helped. We all have those nights, except my husband who can sleep through anything most of the time. I thought I may as well get up and get a jump start to my day but thought better of it when I finally drifted off to sleep.

This morning I woke up with a stiff neck, am late with my post and it isn’t feeling like “Fun Fri-Yay”. It dawned on me as if by surprise it was 9/11 and one of my Godson’s birthday. It’s Hard to imagaine 19 years ago we faced this horrific tragedy and the suffering of the attack still lingers for many. My heart goes out to all that have been affected and to New York. We have rebuilt Ground Zero thankfully in the same way we will rebuild from Covid.

Twin Towers

Happy Birthday Aidan a blessing and a gift which brings light to the day and to all of those others who share this birthday. May we remember that we will rise again stronger better and unitied.

So my “Fun Fri-Yay” Friends, today my fun is going to be a walk, some yoga, talking with some of you, writing and getting back in my jammies and watching T.V. with my aniamals.

Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings to you!

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The Length of our Life is Love❣️

The length of our life is love
Not length of days or years
And as we love
Eternity Appears.”

This quote was in my grandfather’s wallet and he carried it around until he passed on and now it is in my Father’s wallet. When he passes on, I will make a copy for my brother for his and place it in mine, as a reminder of our eternal love and the impermanance of life.

I am so grateful for the blessing of waking up every morning to celebrate our triumphs and tribulations in life. Somedays we hit the ground running and others we peel ourselves out of bed with one foot in front of the other. Everyday gives us a chance to start over and learn from our past mistakes and grow into who we are becoming and want to be. Don’t look back, don’t look too far ahead or you will miss this moment of opportunity to love yourself this moment and embrace every aspect of your being. When you love yourself, you can move mountains and the stars line up to eternity.

Have a Blessed Day as you hold yourself lightly and lovingly. I’ll be right there with you and you with me. Peace Out. ✌️

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See You for Friday Fun-Day!!