The Length of our Life is Love❣️

The length of our life is love
Not length of days or years
And as we love
Eternity Appears.”

This quote was in my grandfather’s wallet and he carried it around until he passed on and now it is in my Father’s wallet. When he passes on, I will make a copy for my brother for his and place it in mine, as a reminder of our eternal love and the impermanance of life.

I am so grateful for the blessing of waking up every morning to celebrate our triumphs and tribulations in life. Somedays we hit the ground running and others we peel ourselves out of bed with one foot in front of the other. Everyday gives us a chance to start over and learn from our past mistakes and grow into who we are becoming and want to be. Don’t look back, don’t look too far ahead or you will miss this moment of opportunity to love yourself this moment and embrace every aspect of your being. When you love yourself, you can move mountains and the stars line up to eternity.

Have a Blessed Day as you hold yourself lightly and lovingly. I’ll be right there with you and you with me. Peace Out. ✌️

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107 thoughts on “The Length of our Life is Love❣️

  1. That is a beautiful quote. Indeed, when we look back we will only be able to see the moments of grace, courage, and the times spent with the ones we love, be that our family, friends, our work, even books! Nice post! 🙌

  2. That is beautiful. When my mother died, which is now almost 26 years ago, I remember looking through all of her things for something that would be a part of her. I have since learned I don’t need “a piece of something” but it is still nice to have something physical to hold and look at.

    1. So glad it resonated with you!
      Yes, you are so right there is nothing material to hold on to but I think In the beginning we try to cling to things to keep them close. Thank you so much for sharing❤️

  3. So beautiful and powerful quote, its really a form of blessings that is passed on form your grandfather and father to you all. Felt very overwhelmed to hear about this .

    1. Thank you’ll much Dulcy!
      Awww thanks; it is a tender and sweet thing that fills our hearts with blessings. Your nice note you are writing did the same for me… thank you!

  4. I really loved the quote Cindy. So much knowledge in these lines. Often we run after materialistic things so much that we tend to forget those around us. Friends, family or even our significant others. Money, land, car everything will vanish one day. But the only thing that remains with us are the loving memories of those who have passed away from us. Being successful with family and few friends around, I think is a wealth in it all. Waking up everyday is just like you said is a gift as we can try to correct our mistakes. thank you Cindy for sharing this knowledge with us. Have a great day Cindy. ❤️😇

    1. Thank you so much Kumar for the beautiful realizations of someone so young and wise. It takes a long time to grow wise and some never do. When you are young trying to find your career path, your passion, manage life, and find love, with all of the stresses of living in a technical world; it’s a challenge What a gift you have to process this now!!! You are so right, in the end all of our material possessions will be gone and our hearts will be filled with the love we shared or moments missed with regret. I choose to regret little if anything so I listen to my heart daily. You are most welcome Kumar and thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful evening. ❤️🙏

      1. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting some great teachers Cindy. Similar to you and many others because of whom I think what I think. 😇 A person Cindy is the result of the environment around them. They may turn out good or may turn out not the very ideal way. They have a choice to be better and if they fail to realise this, we may try to let them learn of their mistakes, only if they are open to.
        Yes Cindy, the stress these times is something really unimaginable. The quest for a career, to find a stable life is something we all run after, so much sometimes that we forget ourselves. It happens with me too. The stress sometimes is unbearable. I am big overthinker Cindy. Haha. And times like these take a heavy toll on me. That’s where my music and writing comes to my rescue.
        And like you said, listening to our heart is necessary or we will just be absorbed in the worldy gears. 😇

      2. awww thank you Kumar for that accloid and those words of praise of being compared to those who have taught you so well.
        Yes, that is very true and I feel so blessed and grateful that I have been born where I am and don’t have to face the autrosiies and injustices so many were born into.

        But whatever our situation is, you’re right… we have a choice to grow or retract into the norm and or dark. Learning lessons rather than being victims makes life sweeter and more satisfying.
        I’m so happy you have your music and writing to rescue you in these stressful times. It’s sooo true that no one escapes these times so we must be keepers of our souls.
        So true our happy hearts need no possesions as you can’t take them with you! ❤️🙏🤗

  5. What a powerful quote yet filled with so much compassion and benignity. It literally touched the core of my heart.
    Thanks so much for sharing Cindy. ♥️
    Living by, we count our ages, achievements but never we did count how much love we have spread or how much we got back in return. Because that’s what all culminates to.
    Stay safe and happy🤗

    1. Thank you so much Samreen!
      I so much appreciate your sharing and reading. You are so right!!!
      I’m so happy it had such meaning to you! The main thing is our giving heart and how we show our love at the end of the day!

      1. Well, it’s true – and you deserve to know, I think!! I think it’s a bit like thanking the cook for a really great meal, isn’t it!!
        Be safe out there from fire and Covid-19, Cindy!

      2. Always, life without humor is.. well or would be hell! No, I like cooking but between work, writing etc. I’m not going out for dinner … except maybe a couple of times… ❤️

      3. Well, I guess that is true – mainly fast food!! So, now what? Having to cook anyway?? Ugh!
        That doesn’t seem right for a Friday night, does it???

  6. These words are so true ! Great post Cindy. I also try to express gratitude to the almighty everyday when I wake up. Sometimes, I have negative thoughts relating to the loss of loved ones and I try really hard to resist such thoughts. Guess I’ll just keep trying….

    1. I’m so glad they resonated with you Piyush. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. We all feel negative sometimes. How could we not with our times right now. But ruminating on them is never helpful so awknowledging them and moving forward keeps heading us in the right direction. All the best to you for a great day❤️

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