To Kiss the Page or Not?

Awe struck by so many stories, poets, photography, quotes and thoughts.
I scratch my head and read; and sit in a daze.
Some I understand, some not so much, to be honest, some not at all.

Others, I am transported to another space in time
where I linger while my heart is filled with inspiration and love, some in fear so I don’t stay there too long.

Sometimes after reading them all, I just sit frozen in space,
my pen silent, barely kissing the page. I try to linger here in the void
because I have learned, that’s where words flow, that’s where judgement subsides. Why leave this beautiful place too soon?

Write, one part of me says, stay, says the other but I choose to wait.
We always have a choice and this meditation in writing becomes silence in action, where I wait for the divine to fill the page.

Emptying out body and mind; free, floating in the clouds, whisked out to sea and all of the gallaxies spreading this “peace” of me and sprinkling particles of the best versions of myself while I evaporate and touch the unknown.

Blissful, joyful, free at last, no words are found here just the breeze of the ethers while I smile, looking down, growing wings, a bright light, echoing stay, stay and I contemplate and then my pen kisses the page with the dot.
I’m not done here yet, but oh so tempting.

May we all grow wings on earth and continue spreading our light.

Have a beautiful day❣️

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So much Love and Always Blessings,



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109 thoughts on “To Kiss the Page or Not?

  1. ‘We always have a choice and this meditation in writing becomes silence in action, where I wait for the divine to fill the page.’ Beautifully written! Great post 🙂👍

  2. I really feel your words here Cindy. I too have been in deep contemplation over every aspect of my life right now. Comforting to know I’m not alone in my observations. Love & light my dear❤❤❤


    ♡ ALL is Love; especially HATE!!! ’nuff said

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐



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  4. I like the analogy of the pen and the kiss, Cindy. An eternity between contemplation and action, which can be bliss. Also the comment on the Artist’s Way. I read it when I was camped on the coast of Baja, Mexico near Mulege for a month many years ago. Very inspirational. It’s what led me to start keeping a journal. Thanks for your lovely post. –Curt

    1. Yes, isn’t that true. So blissful at times. I’m seriously considering this as a meditation practice. I love that too even in the pandemic it’s always measuring time. What a perfect time to discover and read that book. It truly is an inspiring book and continues to be. You’re welcome and thanks for the comment Dear Curt. ❤️ Cindy

  5. “We always have a choice and this meditation in writing becomes silence in action, where I wait for the divine to fill the page.”… I LOVED this part. Simply because it shows how we can be engulfed in our mindspace with our thoughts, playing out scenes of what could have been written, but wanting to stay and explore the reach of that mediation in our mind; rather than break it to pen down perhaps a nano fraction of an entire world. (Just my humble interpretation)

    “my pen silent, barely kissing the page. I try to linger here in the void
    because I have learned, that’s where words flow, that’s where judgement subsides”… this line literally had me pause and then reread. Because to me it portrays how the absence of distraction allows a complete flow of thoughts, allowing the writer to be aware, conscious and capable of reading their own thoughts, without the judgement that is. (Just my humble interpretation)

    “and all of the gallaxies spreading this “peace” of me and sprinkling particles of the best versions of myself “… saw the wordplay here too❤❤

    The poem is captivating with an elegant flow of words. Incredible art, Cindy!💚

    1. 3rd Times the Charm
      with you in my comments. Yes, exactly. Sometimes we do sit longer and pullthings apart with scenes in our head but it is so lovely when things just flow. Love how you said that in a nano fraction of an entire world.
      YES, YES, YES!!!! It’s that transcendt moment where it’s the gap as Wayne Dyer refered to it when there is nirvana.
      I liked that too with the word play.
      I really am so touched and humbled by your share. Thanks Joel.. Peace Out and so much Love Joel. ❤️ Cindy

      1. You did such an amazing work I couldn’t resist typing a lengthy comment. Glad my understanding wasn’t wayward.
        I’m touched by your reply. Means a lot!❤💚
        Much love from this side to you as well, Cindy 🌸

      2. It was so lovely and I’m most appreciative. Thank you so much for your utmost respect and love from a far. The distance is short between loving hearts. Have a good day! ❤️

    1. Oh thanks you so much. I really appreciate it.. Have I missed your posts lately? Please lmk as sometimes I don’t see them in my reader. Thanks for stopping in and that sweet comment. I better stay fit since it’s my day job.. lol. Hope you’re well too. ❤️🤗 Cindy

  6. Such a thoughtful post Cindy, written with ‘oh so much perfection’👌💖
    It happens a lot with me, when emotions are way up high pen dances flawlessly but sometimes you think and just think and the friction between my pen and paper wins. 😉
    Loved the title.. Loved every bit. ❤️
    Sending love
    Take care 😊

    1. Oh you are so kind Samreen and your words are so familiar and touch my heart as i read!!! Thank you so much! You’re a dear for sharing. Have a wonderful day and big hugs! ❤️🤗Cindy

      1. I did and the bliss and freedom of continuing on our journey Sowing seeds For a world of love .joy peace and tranquility

  7. Wow Cindy. This was so heartfelt. I could really feel your words and could imagine you writing these with that wonderful smile on your face. Every word really feels a part of a deliberate plan to awestruck the reader. Such knowledge and wisdom these lines hold. Its true we sometimes don’t understand what others might want to say and I think that’s beautiful as it gives us a scope of improvement. Loved reading this Cindy. Thank you for this. 😇😇🥰🥰😍

    1. Awww thank you Kumar. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and so sweet you could feel my words and imagine my smile.. very kind of you!!!! That’s so awesome it seemed like that because I wish I could write like that but I just let them flow…. so that’s an awesome compliment!!! That is so true we never know for sure and everyones interpretation is reflected back at them for what they/we are processing. You are very dear to me. Thank You .. ❤️🙏🤗

  8. For months afterward I chastised myself for having not been stricter with him about his diet nor insisting that he participate in a supervised exercise program. And I wondered -and still do – if I had unwittingly added to the stress that might have triggered his final attack. In reading about the reactions of others to the deaths of their parents, I discovered that my feelings were far from unique, and in reality were considerably less disruptive than they might have been. Not a few adults are emotionally or even physically devastated by the loss of a parent, and some need professional assistance before they can go on with their lives.

  9. Hi Alex,
    I’m just getting your comment as it was in spam. I am so sorry about your Dad and that you chastised yourself. The truth is there is so little we can do and yet we often blame ourselves. I do hope that you are making peace with that and you are so right, it can be so devasting and it’s important to get professional when we need it. Hope you arwe having a good weekend. ❤️ Cindy

  10. You have captured the essence of the muse quite well! Inspiring me to perhaps write a poem, dedicated to the Muse in all of us. For from this same well, her well, I do feel we draw sustenance.

      1. Well, you’ve certainly liked enough of my stuff. I think I’m dialing it back to 2 a day though. I have to continue my In Recovery and Principles of Purpose sections.

      2. Sweet of you! I find that 2 times a week is perfect for me and I’ve been doing 3 which is a bit of a stretch but I’ll see. It’s a lot to manage otherwise. Mon longer day, wed. Quote or poem and Fri-Yay Funday (Friday). Whatever works for each of us is a good thing. Good you have a plan! ❤️

  11. I am a person who kisses pages even if it is not literally. This is a piece that beautifully encompasses the mystical process that is musing; that is birthing a poem.

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