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So excited to finally have the time to participate in Shweta’s 6 Word Prompt. This was fun Shweta!
A special thanks to Zamadloma for her help in the ping back❣️❣️❣️ Fingers crossed I got the it right! It’s NO reflection on her if I didn’t… trust me… I’m dangerous in technology.


Politicians add kool-aide to the water


What we’re made of….. drink up

Mellymaks: STEPS 1 - Increase water intake

Cleanses our soul and soles too

Water Shoes Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Runs it’s mouth off with drool
(running your mouth off is never good, especially in politics)

ᐈ Drooling drawing stock images, Royalty Free drooling pictures | download  on Depositphotos®
Guess Who

POINT MADE.. No more pictures for the rest…

crystal clear washing our bodies clean

Perks you up when you’re tired

Transports rivers and lakes and oceans

Home to our beautiful sea life

Cannot live without it or death

Does not mix well with oil

Waters our garden through a hose

Thank God it puts out endless fires

The womb from which we came from

Drips down our cheeks when sad

Can’t wait to read everyone else’s!

Happy Hump Day!!!


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72 thoughts on “Six Word Story Prompt

  1. Oh, I loved all of them, Cindy. Happy hump day to you too.
    You managed to pingback.. Sorry to burst your bubble but you pinged to the 6WSP main page. But don’t worry, just leave a comment on the prompt post so that I can find your post when I do the roundup post. Thank you for joining in 😄

    1. Oh good.. DARN!!! bubble bursted, helium out, balloon floating into the neighbors yard and they have a dog.. will you fetch it since your fearless. Just kidding of course. On should think I could figure that out.. 😜

  2. All of them were great . I just finished an excellent book called The Hidden Messages in Water
    I highly recommend. ❤️

      1. Water reacts to feelings love ❤️ spirituality etc.forms beautiful crystals accordingly the book is small but has some beautiful illustrations of many crystals From different sources of water 💦

      2. Oh thanks for sharing that. It sounds beautiful! Yes, this is so true and crystals are very healing.
        With wate in one hand and a crystal in the other, I offer you more love and light that you are. ❤️🙏

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