Unspeakable Wisdom

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There is something unthinkable when you float in the cosmos with the planets orbiting around you. 

There is something powerful
When the moon touches the sun for a good night kiss.

Birth is one of those times when everything stands still and there are no words just the pitter patter of hearts meeting, beating as one.

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Death is the other side of the coin when you realize there is no difference between the two and you hold each breath sacred at the beginning until the end.

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There is something unspeakable when you realize the synchronicity of this duality. Each stops your heart and opens you to new beginnings and endings.

The circle of life continues as we open to universal wisdom of truth and love that we will never be apart.

Always together soulfully experiencing love and beauty.

There is something Unfathomable in this time of Covid holed up in our rooms with sadness and fear. 

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There is something unspeakable when loved ones cross over to the other side from this robber of our lungs and we feel so helpless in despair.

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There is something undeniable when God enters the room and your spirits ignite and you realize we are made out of the same cloth; always United.

The unspeakable universal wisdom when you see you and your loved one’s souls spirit; holding Court as Angels.

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This comes with a heavy heart with the news of my son’s girlfriend’s aunt passing from Covid last week. She was 65. She didn’t feel well that week and went to the doctors and they said she had pnemonia and sent her home. The next day she died. The autopsy confirmed it was from Covid.

My heart goes out to all of you grieving from the losses you are facing from Covid, (Mary so sorry about your brother), suicide, sensless shootings and all of life’s illness and tragedies. The world is grieving right now and we are in this together as we continue to find light in the dark to hold the torch for our fellow travelors of truth. While there is no sense to be made, we are deeply cleansing our world to make way for a new expression of being. We must never loose hope and continue to let compassion and love be our guide while we make way for a new world where we can put aside our differences of race, sex, color, creed, cast, that manifests our vision of peace and equality for all. I have personally been moving in and out of sadness by the killings, Chadwick Boseman’s passing while watching his countless movies and all of the other tragedies we are all dealing with. Although he lived a short life, he lived it fully and left a mark on all humanity and he is a hero. Heaven holds our hearts even when we can’t see it or may have lost all hope. Hang in there and keep the faith.



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It’s good to crack the code and let loose on the weekend. We are never too old to have fun so enjoy this game if you haven’t already.

Happy FRI-Yay Everybody!

It’s Friday Fun Day and one of the most fun things we do with our family online is play Codenames.

family 5.png

On 3 differnt time zones we divide into teams
hoping to be the first to crack the code (pick the right words from hints) and win the game.

It’s a blast as we cackle and laugh and to be fair yell and shout. You can mute and unmute and should because you need your poker face.

Lots of words on the screen Red and Blue no less, as it it isn’t enough we have to hear from the 2 sides every day on the news. But this one is fun.

GitHub - jbowens/codenames: Play codenames online

One player from each team is selected to be the spymaster is in charge of giving the hints.

They give one word clues that point to multiple words on the board. The other players on the team attempt to guess their teams words while avoiding the words of the other team.

I highly reccommend setting a timer which we haven’t done yet but it would speed the game up a lot.

Our East Coast kids don’t get to bed until 4:00 a.m. sometimes when we play which shows you how much we love it!

You can play with 4-8 players

So Guys, Game on tonight?

Hope this works…..


Have fun and let me know if you like it or have played.

Enjoy your weekend until we meet again next week.

In Love and laughter,



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Never Assume But U Will!

When you Assume and you take something Personal;

You make and Ass out of U and Me. ASS U ME

Cartoon funny donkey mascot

Last week I wrote about Miquel Ruiz’s Book on the 4 Agreements If you recall. You can always go back to my post and read it or even google it if you are interested. It’s a short book with lots of pearls of wisdom.

You might remember that there was some tension between my Dad and I when he was evacuted and stayed with us for the week.

The truth is it brought me back to being 10 years old and feelings I had thought I had resolved long ago came front and center, smacking me in the face and took me to that wounded little girl. I do NOT like those feelings trust me and the part that really bothered me was catapulted back in time like a ship lost at sea. I’m also working on a teaching memoir which shattered all of my ideas that I had some knowledge to impart.

The main thing was, that he was safe, he was able to create a relationship with my kids in a deeper way and we shared moments that we missed out on when I was a kid, since my parents divorced when I was 13. That was a gift and we had some wonderful moments. My 90 year old client stayed after a session with me and had coffee with my Dad on the deck and as it turned out they lived on the same street, Washington Street, in San Francisco but on opposite sides of each other. My client on the wealthy side and my Dad the other where they tried to make ends meet. They both played tennis and recounted story after story of mutual friends, tennis players, pros, places etc. It turned out my client went to the same high school as my Aunt, my Dad’s sister, and were only a year a part.

My mom dropped by and they always pick up where they left off without a missed beat talking and laughing about the past and the future of my brother who has mental health issues.

The elephant continued to be in the room and while I know my Dad would have side stepped the whole issue as most men do, I can never let bygones be bygones until I put them to rest. I really didn’t want to spend the time rehashing old issues etc. but I couldn’t sit any more in this fake sense of normalcy which was all too familiar growing up. Finally, I said “Dad, let’s talk about what happened the other night”. In true fashion he said “Oh, that’s over”, (it was about being disappointed in me for not hearing the phone ring and answering right away) if you recall. I said “Dad, it’s important that I understand where you were coming from, because it’s not over for me”. The first 10 minutes were spent trying to avoid the subject which was the usual denial I was so familiar with growing up, yet seething inside because things were swept under the rug.

Finally, after much digging and pinning him down it turns out he ASSUMED I was avoiding him and didn’t pick up the phone. I didn’t hear the phone and called him as soon as I could. Of course, I was avoiding him to burn in the fire. LORD have mercy. Ha ha! The next problem was, I took it personally as though I had done something wrong and couldn’t stand his disapproval. Look how quickly a small incident gets blown out of proportion when we assume and take things personally.

As soon as we got this sorted through, we were able to clean up the mess we created and let it go. Feelings I thought were once healed opened like a flood gate inside and I was a babbling brook, uncontrollable as he sat not quite knowing what had just happened. Wounds reopened and were cleansed deeper which is often what happens when an old trigger comes up. This surprised me as much as it did him. He sat most likely thinking his daughter was now going crazy too but when things are pushed down they can either errupt or create seething and unresolved emotions that show up in a mirage of other ways. I told him things he never knew about me and he appologized for not being there for me growing up.

We had an opportunity to clear things up and move on. This is definitly a longer chapter and maybe that book will have some meaning but the main message I want to impart is that it’s important to remember how assuming and taking things personally can separate and divide and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be able to move on. But they are just words unless you actually put them in action.

We can’t go around every moment doing what I just did…hell, we’d never make it through a day… ha ha! But we can go back later and clean things up, let go and move on.

Thank you for reading and I do hope it was helpful for you in some way or another.

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Blessings of Light and Love,



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