Golf Widow

Happy Fun Fri-Yay Everyone!

I’m a golf widow on many of days but I’m not complaining by any means.

The boys days spent on the green are my sanctuary of peace;

writing, doing yoga or practicing my tai chi and meditation.

While they chip, I peck away with my kitties and dogs under toe.

Sometimes they land in the sand trap like I do in a wordless phase but

we both often hit par or a birdie at the end of the day.

We’re both on the back nine that’s for sure but not my son who’s

taken the lead, and just won his annual tournament with his friend with a score of 2 under par.

Whoo Hoo!!!!!

The last time we were all together we went to the driving range with the whole fam and it was actually lots of fun.

I picked up my driver and hit airmail (a term for the ball going longer than expected) and I’m no Ace player.

I’m going to go out today and try my luck if the smoke let’s up and it’s not too hot.

Below are some pictures of the the highlights of my husband and son’s courses they have played.

Most day’s they travel far and wide to find a good deal but these are some of the best courses you’ll find in our area and they were so privileged to play, so I wanted to share them with you.


Stanford Driving Range
Half Moon Bay Golf Links Course, California
Half Moon Bay Golf Links overlooking the bluff

There are two different golf courses that are set upon Northern California’s dramatic costal bluffs. It is an hour south of San Francisco. The Bay Area resort’s parkland-style Old Course, originally designed in 1973, features cypress-lined fairways and an oceanside 18th hole. The aptly named Ocean Course features a traditional Scottish design, a water view from every hole and challenging play with tight fairways and knolls. This is 30 minutes from our home so my husband and son often play here. On a beautiful day, you can see forever. These pictures don’t do justice the the course. This is where my son won the tournament with his friend Chad.

Spy Glass Hill Golf Course in Pebble Beach, California
Spy Glass Golf Course

Spyglass Hill Golf Course is in Pebble Beach, California and is ranked # 10 in America’s 100 Greatests public Corses. It is the Greatest meeting of Sand and Trees. The defining takeaway at Spyglass Hill is how starkly the first five holes juxtapose the rest of your round. It features 6,862 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. ASGCA, the Spyglass Hill golf course. It opened in 1966

Spanish Bay Golf Course in Pebble Beach, California
Spanish Bay Golf Course

My Husband just got home from playing here on Wednesday and had a great time. Again, smoke from the fire made for dismal pictures but none the less, it’s pretty hard not to have a great time in all of this beauty. Spanish Bay Golf Course is in Pebble Beach, California nuzzled among the undulating sand dunes on the western tip of the Monterey Peninisula sits The links at Spanish Bay. Designed in 1987 by a team comprised of Robert Trent Jones Jr., Tom Watson and Sandy Tatum, The Links at Spanish Bay was modeled after an authentic Scottish course.

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California
My son Garrett

This was by far the biggest highlight of Covid for my husband and son playing with their friends. Pebble Beach Golf Links is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful courses in the world, overlooking the coastline of Carmel Bay, opening to the paacific ocean on the south side of the Monterey Peninsula. It is considered the No. 1 Golf Resort in America. With three top 50 public courses canvasing the spectacular coastline that wraps around California’s Monterey Peninsula, golf at Pebble Beach is a truly unforgetable moment.

Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco, California

This was an acopoliptic day on the course with the smoke from the fires. Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco, California. The park has 27 holes of championship golf-the 18-hole Harding Park Course and the 9-hole Fleming Course (when they open up 3 holes, I might try it. Lol). It opened 95 years ago on July 18th, 1925. It is named after Preident Warren G. Harding, an avid golfer. The course covers 163-acre (0.66km 2) along the shores of Lake Merced, in the city’s southwest corner.

This book that sits on our living room table was compiled by Connor Licolli, my Godson as a labor of love to his Grandfather Hal Gevertz. It is a compilation of 357 articles of his writings from 1971-1983 and 1987-2009, which were originally written for the San Mateo Times Group Newspapers and later for the Northern California’s Golf Today. It is a beautiful coffee table book and I’m so proud of you Connor!

Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend until we meet again.
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      1. A good strategy if the government can make artificial lakes to water agricultural lands and quench the fires with them in the summers and early falls …

  1. Golf is life! No better place in the world to PLAY. What a lucky family!!
    Way to show your form!!

  2. Some lovely pictures, I am only sad to be the smoke! You certainly know your golf! I know very little but congrats to your son on his tournament success 🤩

      1. I’m a bit like that with football (soccer) my son keeps asking me things like ‘who do you think is the best defender in the Premier League?’ So I tell him to ask his dad 😅🤣


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    1. They really are beautiful courses, you are so right. Yea so picturesque and a meditation in and of itself. Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in!! ❤️ Cindy

  4. Cindy, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Florida has many golf courses, but no where near a beautiful as those in your photos. <3 I hope you have a wonderful weekend with no smoke! Cheryl

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures Cheyrl!!! I bet they do! Yeah this area is pretty tough to beat but there are so many beautiful courses everywhere. Thanks for the wishes Cheyrl but I’m afaid it’s hot and smoke is heavy. Our poor state! ❤️ C

      1. So sorry to hear about the smoke! <3 My brother and his wife lived in Pomona and Half Moon Bay. I have been to San Francisco several times as well. It was a very long time ago, but I remember California as a very beautiful state. Hope things get better soon! <3

  5. Cindy, thank you for taking us on your golf outing. I don’t play but I have two neighbors who are golf pros. I live vicariously through them. My friend lives in Danville and plays several courses around the San Francisco area.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You have a beautiful family.

    1. Oh you are sweet to join in and glad you enjoyed it!!! It’s in their blood I think which is great but it’s a long day endevour for me!!!! I too live vicariously through them. 3 holes with comfort stations is about my speed.. lol. Danville has some beautiful courses as well I hear.
      Thank you so and you have a great one as well!!! ❤️Cindy

  6. Over the years I’ve spent with my partner, I’ve come to really enjoy the game of golf. Great pictures matched with the essense of the day on the links! Enjoy 😉 Have a great weekend filled with joyful peace & love Cindy😘

    1. Oh very cool Maria!!!! I have to step out more and keep doing new things. Glad you enjoyed and happy to see your comment as iot wouldn’t be Fri Yay fun day without seeing your share. Thanks. Enjoy!!! ❤️ C

  7. Golf widow! 😂 I feel the same except I’m a softball/baseball widow. I would swear that I live alone except that blurry creatures run through the house occasionally (always) and mess everything up! 😆 go back to the field!

    Happy Friday! Beautiful pictures…
    Have a great weekend and I hope you find some ash free air to breathe!

    1. OMG… So was I and my husband coached all 4 and I had to run around picking them up.. And then my husband stopped baseball and started golf. He stayed on the coed softball and now all the kids play with him when they are in town. Double trouble. My excuse is I can’t afford to get injured in my bus. Oh it never ends.

      You too Beck.. it’s pretty bad out here but thanks for the thoughts. Glad you liked the pics. Are you going to post your soon? Happy Friday and weekend to you as well! ❤️🤗 C

      1. I’m working on it but I can’t figure out how to get my pictures to load through WP. I don’t know what the deal is… I haven’t had the time to research what it is I’m doing wrong either… arg.

  8. Let me be honest. I know nothing about golf. Well I know of Tiger Woods because he was like super famous but that’s all my golf knowledge🙃😁
    Y’all look cute in your golfing outfit though. Is that you in pic 2? Go Cindy!!🔥

    1. No worries Joel! Tiger Wood is famous but man his personal life sure suffered. I know nothing either but here I sit. lol. Awwww thanks Joel.. I’m the disshoveled one in red. 🤣 xo Thanks Joel! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Wow Cindy. Great that you did this and in a way made all of us a part of those beautiful places. Such greenery and cleanliness. I haven’t played golf ever but once our college camp was organised at a golf course and we watched a person play. He took a bad shot and five of us including me, we laughed so hard at him that he didn’t even bother to search for his ball. Haha. Good times. Loved reading this. 😇

    1. Oh I’m soooo glad you enjoyed being part of the journey and greenery!!! That is hysterical about the guy at college camp! I am still laughing and shared this with Garrett and Gregg and they are laughing too. lol! It does sound like good times and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for chimming in and your thoughts! ❤️

      1. Hey Komal, I just checked and it says I’m following you. It also says you need an email. I only use the reader to avoid getting notifications ih email as it getts overwhelming. Is your reader activated? Lmk. Thanks, Cindy

      2. Soooo weird. I checked and it says following.. I’ll look again later. Can you do me a favor and lmk when you do see me following. and or check back if you don’t see it.. thanks.

  10. Wow!! Father and son’s combo is rocking👍🏻👍🏻.I can imagine how much fun you all must be having. Loved all the pictures, the place seems beautiful and peaceful too, I really always feel overwhelmed to see you all together and have fun always ❤ 👍🏻👍🏻😀😀💕 enjoy……

    1. Thanks Dulcy! Yes, boys love their golf and are rocking it. They have lots of fun and like you I am enjoying the pictures. 🤣🤣🤣. Tonight we are having a Zoom Murder mystery surprise birthday party online for my daughter. Hopefully, I’ll share it next Friday. Awww you are too sweet. Thanks for reading and your comment Dulcy!!! ❤️🤗

  11. Wowww it seems you had a really great day cindy, loved the captures, this is the beauty of capturing pics, they make us remember the happy memories in real, maybe this way❤❤❤

    Have a great weekend ahead cindy..! Lots of love 🤗🤗🤗

    1. It was really fun Akshita! Thanks for reading and commenting. Love you liked the pics. You are so right. Pictures say a thousand words and are stored in our hearts and memories forever.
      You have a great one as well! ❤️🤗

      1. Yes I got that cindy..!🤗🤗

        I don’t have any idea about that spam😵😵
        But I got your response, and I’m so glad to hear from you 🥰🥰

  12. I”m not a golfer, but I would go for those wonderful views, and from your photos I could imagine the smells and breeze coming off the ocean. Took me back to many days wandering Northern California beaches. Thank you.

    1. Me either but someday maybe… lol. Yes, they are spectacular places to visit. Oh, lovely forever in your mind Karen! Hope you are well. Thanks for reading and commenting. ❤️ Cindy

  13. I’ve played low stress golf with my brother and our kids (very low stress golf since we’re all terrible) and what fun. I don’t blame you for taking advantage of a peaceful home at times, Cindy, but it sounds like getting out there is a great way to spend time with everyone. I love the views of the ocean especially when the sky is blue. Even up here in Oregon, the smoke has put a damper on outside fun.

    1. I love that, yes, when we’re lousy, it’s not stressful. lol. It is lovely but getting out is a good idea to break free once in awhile. The ocean is so healing. Gosh, I though you guys were out of the woods with the fires. It sure has been something else. Take good care1 ❤️

  14. Really loved all the pics you shared. At one time I was playing lots of golf, usually in the low 90’s. The best time I had was when I visited my friend in Ireland. Man, some of those bunkers were nearly as tall as me (6’0). My addiction ended all that. I still get angry over my psychotic ex forcing me to sell my clubs. I kept them for years with the intention of going again one day. Never did. Thanks for the obvious work you put into this post. It shows.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to look through the picturesa and sharing your memories. Wow, you were golfing well and I can only imagaine how cool golfing in Ireland must have been. That sounds so disappointing! I do hope it ignited a passion to try again in the future. Oh, you are very kind. 🤗❤️ Cindy

  15. Beautiful pictures . I went to the AT&T tournament every year until the last two years such a treat.

    1. So glad you liked the pictures Marlene. That is such an incredible experience. I went once or twice which was fun but WOW every year is incredible! A golphers paradise! ❤️ Cindy

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