Silver Linings of Covid

Life has thrown us heartache and grief, yet we must continue to look at how we will show up and hold our hearts sacred, mourn the dying and reach out to those in need while we find The Silver Lining during unfathomable times. 

Quote and Photo by Cindy~ This Stupa from Bali greets clients upon entry. Although the rock is from New York, representing 911, it applies here as well

We are called into uncharted territories while we make our way into the next chapter of our lives. 

Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum of life, we are all being challenged to find our rudder and compass while we navigate these uncharted waters.  They can be turbulent no matter what your age, profession or living arrangements.  

Inertia can set in and create immobility and confusion, not knowing which direction to go in, or doing wheelies if you will, popping from one wheel to the other.  Or we start spinning into rapid fire without a direction or even asking what direction you want to be going in.  All of a sudden it’s as though a tornado hit and you are in the eye of the storm with no clue how you got there, on a desert island, alone.

You may be forced out of what you have known for so long and this creates uncertainty and confusion like being in a rip tide, lost at sea. 

Wherever you find yourself, it’s no doubt different than where you were and most likely it’s a double edge sword.  

I love what Bharath said in his last post which made me laugh and anytime I can laugh these days I welcome it!

“Times: I’ve changed. Do you like what I’ve become? No. Do I wish to go back? Hell no! Don’t ask too many questions, don’t ask for directions, I am alive and so are you; cross my path, wave at me and I might wave back. I’ve changed”.

Photo by Emiliano Arano on

I for one have chosen not to do massage at this time which is a big portion of my business currently, even though 42 counties in California allow it indoor with modifications.  I have invested oodles of time and money in a profession that I’m not sure I will want to continue in which is mind boggling, but time will tell how I choose to move forward.

My staff is reluctant to start as well and we have taken a huge financial hit in this arena but we cannot open, even though our pocket books argue.  We will and must listen to our moral compass when we know there will be another wave hitting in winter; even though our competitors are starting back. Money will never be our God, sacrificing integrity over greed.  Instead we have all managed to find ways to shift and be creative while we wait for the storm to pass.  I know of 4 people ( friends of friends)  that have died and 12 that have been injected in various degrees. One was a near death experience where he came back into his body and he is using an inhaler and he is only 42. My heart aches for your losses and my heart holds yours while you grieve. 

We are rewarded in life by following and listening to our hearts and tapping into our internal resources while lining up with the truth of the Law of Attraction ( basically what we need comes into fruition with intention and follow through).

Listen to your heart!

I’ve been embarking on the venture of Zooming with Clients, blogging and writing which has been incredible in some aspects but has come with a lot of  hiccups, not being computer and tech savvy.  It has changed my relationships with others that are generally up close and personal, tactile with lots of interaction, to one that is more isolating and introspective.

A little Help from my Covid Kitty’s Ollie and Star

I savor my quiet time but I find that interruptions throw me off kilter where before I was a genius at multitasking and juggling lots of balls.  I have holed away and I find it annoying to be in anyone’s presence that distracts me, primarily because I lose my train of thought.  

I don’t know exactly where I’m going with all of this but I am being led by my intuition even though it makes no sense at the moment.  I do check in with myself to see if I should jump ship and the answer is “No, just keep going”.  We don’t always know what the gifts are in the moment but through time, they make themselves clear. 

This Quote by Cherie Carter-Scott Mother of Life Coaching where I was certified
My Silver Linings of Covid:
  • I’m loving taking pictures, which I’m not that good at but having fun with.  I am featuring other friends and clients photography and art which is so inspiring.
  • I am learning some incredible new skills to live in a technological world in which there is no escaping.
  • I am able to spend time with my beloved Harry, my 14 year old King Charles Spaniel who is lame before he retires to the rainbow bridge.  
  • I trained my once feral cat to adjust to indoor outdoor life and my dog Hunter, not to eat either cat.
  • 2 of my adult children have lived with me since moving out in college which has allowed us to redefine our relationship as adults .
  • I’ve had some time with my mom and Dad.
  • I let the dust and fur stay on the ground and laundry pile up.
  • I have saved a ton of money but not going buying gifts and eating out. 
  • I’m taking a writers workshop.
  • We’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes and zucchini  this year and I’ve made lots of tomato sauce for winter, which I never have time to do.   
  • I’ve made some Youtube videos of my own for classes.
  • I’ve enjoyed some great hikes in our hood.
  • I’ve discovered some great musicians thanks to my friends’ generosity.
  • Getting your comments, reading your masterpieces of poetry, thoughts, pictures etc has been such a gift to me and enriched my life.  It has made me a better writer and person.  I have learned so much culturally and in history that I am embarrassed to say I didn’t know. 
  • I have made some amazing new friends on WordPress from all over the world who have even zoomed with me to help me.  Thanks Kumar!

Silver Linings from Friends and Family:

  • I’ve saved a lot of money living at home with my parents with meals but I’m drowning in anxiety working everyday really hard not making a damn dollar and I don’t see a way out… I want to buy a house.
  •  I’m lucky to have my girlfriend at my side steadfast.
  • I’ve tapped into my organizational skills and cleaned my whole house.  It eases my anxiety. 
  •  I learned that I don’t need to hang dry my jeans and all my workout clothes all over my bathroom and closet because they don’t shrink in the dryer like I  thought for the last 40 years.  
  • I like that I don’t have to rake the sand traps when I’m golfing as I visit lots of them😬
  • My golf score has never been lower
  • I’m living my best Covid life with no commute working online, getting daily exercise and staying a month at a time in different remote spots for free of charge all while in business school online.
  • The freeways are not crowded and the air seems cleaner when there’s no smoke and I smell more of the wonders of the land, plants and trees.  
  • I’ve explored lots of new recipes in my cookbooks because we aren’t going out to dinner. 
  • We’ve enjoyed supporting many musicians for our Instagram shows and they are so appreciative for the support as they’ve had no opportunities to perform for six months. 
  • I’ve done more hiking in our beautiful area and feel blessed to enjoy the beauty all around us. 
  • I am trying to appreciate a slower life with more time to contemplate myself and the world around me.  I am also working on becoming more aware of discrimination and racism in this country, including examinations of my own shortfalls. 
  • My discovery of how important it is to get outside each day to exercise. There have been periods of time that I did not get outside for any length of time for weeks or months!
  •  Life actually slowed down!
  • we will have had 2 kids living with us for extended periods of time. Family time!!!!
  • taking over 30 online classes on various topics. 
  • learning how to Zoom to connect. 
  • less traffic. 
  • love being home!!!
  • playing piano
  • My hockey net
  • YouTube Music
  • Poetry
  • I am appreciative of what my mom has done for us for years. The way she cooks food inspite of being tired so I try to help her with chores some days.

So what about you?  What is your Silver Lining of Covid?  

Anything special you are learning about yourself?

As always, thanks so much for reading, liking ( if you do, commenting and or sharing).  I am so grateful for your continued support truly!

Blessings and love while we light our path on our journey’s,




155 thoughts on “Silver Linings of Covid

  1. I agree! I have actually become more productive in lockdown. Travel time has been cut and utilised for more things. Physical interaction has lessened but also made us realise the importance of, presence of some people in our life. We are giving time to ourselves and are able to introspect. We are learning to go slow and steady 😊

    1. That is so awesome to hear that you have become more productive! Good for you! That is so awesome! The cutting down of travel time is huge. So nice you are appreciating those around you and have time for introspection. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I am most appreciative. ❤️🤗 Cindy

  2. Your post is the silver lining to my day! Reading about grabbing on and holding on to whatever bit of positivity and gratitude available sounds beautiful and makes me really happy. I love the quote on that rock, “no day shall erase you from the memory of time.” We are creating history as we live and that sounds scary and thrilling at the same time. It’s sad that your work is taking a bit of a hit but your decision to maintain integrity reflects your immense strength.Thank you for this post, Cindy. ❤️

    1. Oh that is so touching to hear Rishika!!!
      Thank you so much for those heartfelt words. You are so write that is exactly what we have to do and I too find there is something very cool to be living during this time in history as strange and scary as it is like you say!!!
      I love that rock too and so glad you did as well. I’m glad our paths found each other and you shine brightly on the page.
      Thank you for those kind words in regards to my business. I’m fortunate to have other hats to wear in my business and it’s amazing how much you can save when you don’t spend much money. Have a blessed day and week! ❤️ Cindy

  3. Inertia?? That’s a cool way of saying someone’s lethargic. I’m not lazy, it’s just the inertia of rest at work. 😂😂
    Thanks for the mention, Cindy. The only good thing that happened to me during pandemic is that I’ve gained weight.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I know now I can count on you to make me laugh, thanks for that!!!
      You are most welcome Bharath… those words you said just made their way to the page as I was writing and it took me for damn ever to go back to find your site as our comments were gone but glad I found you.
      That’t hysterical.. most of us are trying to loose weight. 🤣 Thanks again and have a great day!!! ❤️🤗

  4. Cindy, I simply love the fact that you choose to remain positive and grateful during these tough times. I remember a quote I read some time back… “Challenges make you bitter or better”. So happy that you’ve chosen the latter. Stay blessed and have a great week ahead ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Radhika! That’s a great quote! I truly don’t see any other choice but you know, you’re right, we always do have that choice and I prefer sweet; maybe because I like chocolate so much. lol 🤣 You have a great week as well! ❤️🤗 Cindy

    1. 🤣🤣🤣Oh Lisa your words make me laugh, running your head off and I’m glad the logo made you laugh as well.
      I too am blessed we met.
      You are an example of moving on honestly with truth and passion which is so inspiring.
      Have a lovely day! ❤️ Cindy

  5. This is such a great post, Cindy!! I have so many silver linings, not least that I started really working on this blog and connected with wonderful and inspiring people like you 🙏😊🥰

    1. Thank you so miuch Ingrid. That was a lot and I appreciate your kind sentiments! You are a gifted author, blogger, writer, mom and I am blessed by your inspiration and thoughts you bring to my world. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day! ❤️🤗

  6. The logo is classic! 😂
    Such a great opportunity in Covid— so much good can come out of it if we are willing to look for it. I’ve got a few silver linings…
    Got to SLOW down! I so needed that
    Started blogging— so fun!
    Got to spend even more time with my family (at home and extended)
    Was able to organize and clutter clear the house.
    I’ve been able to read at least 10 novels
    There’s plenty more but I’ll stop! 😃

    1. 🤣And I always love to start my morning with a laugh from you Beck.
      It’s so weird SLOW down in Covid which is what I thought was happening but I agree, not so much.
      Thank goodness you started blogging.. we need your read and glad you are having fun with it.
      Fun to be with fam and on the plus Side you didn’t kill your brother 🤣😹😅 (sorry I couldn’t resist).
      Oh good for you! I’m so jealous, my house is still a wreck and no clue how you have time to read too with your kids, bus and blog.
      Big hugs and thanks for the share. Have a great day ❤️🤗

      1. He’s so lucky he’s still alive! (Or maybe it’s me who is lucky to be alive… 🤔 not sure… 😆)
        Thank you Cindy!
        I have a confession… because I have been reading so much my kids are starving, and they have been begging for days to be let out of their closets. But I just keep telling them “one more chapter”…
        Big hugs 🤗 back and have a great day!

      2. LoL 🤣🤣🤣 It’s so great you have a good banter relationship. Ha ha… well there’s still time.
        Ha Ha! I won’t report you or repost that because someone most certainly will lock you up and then your brother can have fair game at you. 🤣. I’ll never forget when the teacher called my friend to tell her her kindergardener didn’t have her lunch again and she said “well, then she probably won’t forget to make it the next day”. lol. We were all in shock but hey that’s one way to get them to eat. 🤣

      3. Well I guess when one considers birth order… this is something my Mom would have expected of me at 6 too but I’m third born and who cares about that kid right? 😂

    1. Good Morning “Star”,
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it and so appreciate your kind read and comment. Yes, you are so right gratitude is our guiding light and I’m grateful to find you here this morning. Is there another name you like to be called or would you prefer to be refered to Star on the Forehead? Have a beautiful day! ❤️

  7. I try to examine life’s ups and downs by the approach of what are my roses and what are my thorns. The past 8 months has transformed my life entirely and moved me around the country. Some of these changes are exquisitely beautiful along with being incredibly sad and painful. All necessary and part of my journey to tune into myself. In the woords of St. Francis of Assisi, “wear the world like a loose garment”. We must always adapt to change because at all times our world is shifting, growing, spinning and evolving..perhaps I have an insider’s view as a highly sensitive and psychic person. I’m hyper aware of the changes. The more we allow, embrace and go with this flow showing a lessened resistance, the less painfully attached we become. Overall, love is the feeling that beats loudly and reverberates inside my being. Alchemizing the fear into love has been my fuel during COVID. I use my sensibilities as superpowers to plug in my perception into the harder aspects to acceptance. All in all it’s incredibly humbling to feel how small this world really is, how we are all connected and spreading love is what will change everything.
    I’m so happy to have connected with you Cindy my dear, your light is a bright beacon for your family and clients. This list made me smile, we continue to do our part to better ourselves and this planet any way we can. Namaste my dear friend 🙏
    In light and in shadow, always with ❤

    1. How Beautifully said Maria as is all of your words you put to pen and paper. I LOVe your thoughts here. Particularly this line here “Alchemizing the fear into love has been my fuel during COVID. I use my sensibilities as superpowers to plug in my perception into the harder aspects to acceptance”. You are an example of continuing to move forward as you have shed aspects of self and found deeper meaning through the thorns and roses how you so nicely described. You are so right we are all one and love connects us all through the challenges and change life continues to throw at us. You’re heart beats loudly and touches mine as I read your kind words. Thanks for the read and smile as we share our truths and light and your admiration and appreciation which is very much dear to my heart. You are a blessing to all you touch as well. Namaskte Mother Maria Theresa! So much love back at you! ❤️🤗

  8. You are equal to anything life offers. Your journey has already proven that. I think we are all wobbling a little more, a lot of changes no one expected or wished for, but that’s life in this part of the universe. I encourage everyone to keep going, and then keep going. And, be kind to yourself and others. Thanks for this.

    1. Thanks for yuour thoughts and reading Bryan! I so appreciate your kind comment and you’re right we are a little more wobbly alright but it’s true it’s, we have to keep going and going and will. You are so welcome and have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️ Cindy

  9. What a wonderful post Cindy!!❤️ Loved that logo😅 and your perspective in these tumultuous times. I too have many silver linings during Covid, got to spend quality time with my husband (during our almost 6 years of marriage we never got much time because of his busy schedule),learnt so many new recipes, tried my hand at baking, learnt the value of time and loved ones, started Blogging (which I wanted since ages) to mention a few. And realised though have heard it that a single blow can change your entire life and what a brunt we have faced. But to dig out good in every bad situation just keeps us going and that’s what your beautiful post is about. ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

    1. Thanks so much Samreen for your read and wonderful affirmation of the post. I so loved that logo as well! Oh what a gift to have time with your husband! We don’t get time back so that’s soooo cool! Lovely, you hae been cooking new recipes and baking as well! It is so true that we are all having to dig out or dig in to our internal resources!!! So glad you appreciated my post and I’m thankful for your time. Have a blessed week! ❤️🤗 Cindy

  10. Loved reading this post Cindy. To find light in the darkest of hours is a human trait we sometimes let go of. COVID has made us all stronger in ways we couldn’t have imagined before. I always wanted to get a gym in the house. For a start I got some dumbbells. Also, I got more into cooking than ever before. 😍😇

    1. Thanks for reading it Kumar and so glad you are finding ways to strengthen your inner world and physical with a home gym and cooking too!
      Did you see your name at the bottom of the page thanking you for your kind time and your gift of Covid? Have a great day! ❤️ Cindy

  11. You are truly living your life fullest in a positive mode👍🏻👍🏻, which is really inspiring, your posts are always meant to give a great positive outlook for living.
    My greatest learning was being patient and hopeful about any situation that comes, and also every difficult moment leads to an experience.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post, stay blessed and happy always 😁😁💕💕

    1. Thank you so much Dulcy for your continued support which means so much to me. I’m so glad you find my post inspiring with a positive outlook! ❤️
      Ahhhh patience is a virtue as the saying goes and not as easy as it appears! Good for you!
      We sometimes learn more by adversity than anything else. Thanks again dearest Dulcy and I appreciate the blessings and love.. Have a great week! ❤️🤗 Cindy

  12. Hello dear Cindy. Here in Michigan. Lake St. Clair was clean for first time in my lifetime. The factories being closed down, allowed nature to heal. My grandchildren loved the daily visit to the lake. I believe people are being kinder. I hope you are doing well. Have some fun and be safe.

    1. Oh what a gift to have the lake clean, the factories closed to heal nature and for you to have time with your beautiful grandchildren, we have all loved to see in pictures and words of your heart. So nice to hear people are kinder. I noticed that at first.. now, not so much but then I don’t leave either. lol. Thanks fun is on the horizon and you too Johnnie! 🤗❤️Cindy

      1. I am a overnight Pharmacy manager. People are worried and scared. A lot more conversations. Our problem here in Michigan. The kids don’t care. They believe they live forever. I hope the world learn. Must stop the spreading of the sickness. Have fun and be safe dear Cindy.

      2. Oh, I wondered what you did which such hours you keep. It is scary but I just stay distanced and do the best I can. Maybe it’s best they don’t worry too much. idk but yeah they think they are infallible and then come to find out otherwise. I know Johnnie I do too and I do the best I can but earth does seem like a training ground and I’m not confident it will but we can hope, pray and be like your ancestors and leave with light and love. ❤️🤗

  13. Cindy, beautiful post. I enjoyed every bit of it. You exuberate such positivity in your writings…’s nice to see that especially in these times…..

    My silver lining would be…..although these times made me busier ….I learned about complete surrender and how to really let go and trust God instead of own instincts….🧸🤭🤗🛐🎀♥️

    Have a beautifully blessed day Cindy
    Hugs and love

    1. You are so dear and I so much appreciate your kind thoughts and affirmation Ruelha!
      Wow, that’s a big one and most powerful! Good for you! ❤️Thank you so much! and you do the same!! ❤️🤗 Cindy

      1. Thank you Cindy ♥️🧸♥️🧸♥️🧸♥️🧸♥️🧸♥️
        Let’s see how I keep up with it 🤭😅😉

  14. Poor Skip didn’t quite know where to jump in and introduce himself. He nearly had a heart attack (not as young as he used to be) when he saw you had 70 commenters to attend to. He apologises.. He wants to know if you do massages for kangaroos?. Bit like a Kangaroo Clinic? I said I’d ask. Did you know he was a movie star in his youth? We’re now drinking buddies. Wonders will never cease……

    1. LOL!!! Love this Don and now you can see why I did’n’t jump right over to your site as much as I wanted to so I could jump on board get a ride but a lot of good that would have gotten me with his bad heart and all 🤣🤣🤣If I can hitch a ride with him, I’ll give him a massage. Such sweet guy you have as your side kick!!! Thanks for swinging by and I’ll be visiting you pronto. ❤️🤣 Cindy

  15. Hi Cindy, you have a finger on the pulse of what makes us vulnerably human, and your lovingkindness shines through all your posts. I am grateful to have connected with you here!

    Since covid’s inception, I have learned to better appreciate getting together with friends, a couple at a time, outside, with wine and/or food. Also, we have started talking about how blessed we are almost every single day.

    Much love to you, Cindy, and keep your eye (& thoughts) on the prize, my friend! 🌞

    1. Hi Lisa,
      It’s always so nice to see your wise and kind comments here. Thank you so much for sharing your affirmation and wise words. Thank you so much as I feel very blessed to know you as well!
      It is so nice to know there are others that share our same sentimets of small gatherings and appreciation of each other. Yes, it’s so true to be blessed for each and every day!
      I’m blessed to find you here with your heartfelt comments. Much love to you as wel Lisa!!! ❤️🤗🙏 ❤️ Cindy

  16. That’s amazing Cindy. I can say the same for piano & hiking. Quarantine helped me a lot to connect myself with nature & my goals. You are lucky to have your parents around. Someday I would love to spend time around my parents, teach them how to make few healthy dishes. My mum is a biology professor, her cooking skills are limited to BLT sandwich & english tea.🤣🤣

    1. Thanks Tap and good to see you back! Glad all is up and functioning … I wasn’t able to respond for a bit. What a great silver lining and glad you have had some awesome time in nature.
      Yes, it’s true, I am lucky to have them. Admittedly, I love a BLT but you’re right teaching her how to prepare healthy dishes would be awesome! Thanks for jumping on and commenting as well! ❤️ 🙏Cindy

      1. Welcome Cindy. Everything is functioning smooth. My mum is a noob in kitchen, still trying to teach her how to make some easy dishes on facetime, & peanut butter banana oats whey protein smoothie as well. Most of my friends miss their mum’s home-made cakes or pies, I don’t have any such recollection. Poor Tap.😂😂 Your posts are always entertaining.🤗👍

      2. That’s so funny that you are trying to teach her some easy dishes and protein smoothies online. At least she is open. My mom bakes ALL the time but didn’t when I was young and I wish she did it then but not now!!! I don’t need the extra calories.!!! Come here and my mom can feed you… lol.. well, thanks… much appreciated!!! 😘

      3. Awwww. Thanks to you & your mum in advance. Who knows tomorrow, someday I hope to stop by your place. I literally miss my granny’s pumpkin pie. I have a big sweet tooth, I still enjoy all sweet dishes but with stevia instead of sugar or corn syrup. Teaching the same to my mum is taking time. And I agree this is funny.😂🤣

      4. Yeah for sure, you are always welcome!! My mom makes a killer pumpkin 🎃 pie and and pumpkin is sooo good for you. When my daughter had Lyme disease I made the whole fam eat it everyday… lol.
        Good for you to sweeten with stevia!! 👍🏼

  17. I am glad I get to know more about you in this post…. 😍😍

    Beautifully articulated Cindy. It’s true for some this Covid sucks and for some this Covid brings better version of themselves. Loved reading this.

  18. Although we’ve had lots of losses, it’s really important to look into the silver lining of all these…thank you for the inspiring list. We truly have a lot to be grateful for!

      1. It was well-written, elaborate and it spoke to me… you have a gift of being able to relate to your readers…

      2. Oh I truly am blessed for your your heartfelt words and making a point to find my post. Thank you so much Janis. I’m really appreciatve of your read and kind comment. ❤️ Cindy

  19. That logo looks like the middle finger…is that how it should visually be seen lol or is it just me?
    I thought about writing the good things that have come out of COVID, but I haven’t yet. I think it’s been a good purge year for me, and I’ve gotten to know me a bit better.

    I also like this, “Money will never be our God.” I wish everyone thought like that.

    1. You got it K E!!! 🤣. As I was writing I remembered it and I just couldn’t resist. Serious and fun right? We gotta have a little of both.
      Don’t worry that you haven’t written it yet, seems like there’s still time -:(. I love the purge piece.. i want to get to that. There is no better gift of knowing oneself so that is huge!!!!
      I always wish everyone could have all the money in the world so they would find out the entrapment that it can bring. I see so many people regularly that suffer as a result of too much of a good thing. And of course there’s the other side as well. Make sure to see the picture I am posting tomorrow by a friend/client. You’re gonna LOVE!
      Thanks for you kind read and comment. Have a great day!!! ❤️🤗 Cindy

  20. I would bet that you have always been a positive person, Cindy, seeing the brighter side of things, not letting the negative get you down. Your take on Covid certainly implies that. I found your comments on becoming more private, needing and appreciating your quiet time, interesting. I would guess that may be the writer in you as opposed to the therapist. 🙂 You might be amused to know that Peggy gave me a small quilt with books on one side. She has me turn it to the book side when I am writing and need the quiet time. I enjoyed your post and the positive message, a lot. Thanks. –Curt

    1. Your guess is right Curt; I have always portrayed that to the world for sure even in times that weren’t easy. It was how I was raised and it’s served me well for the most part. And right again. Writing evokes a whole different set of skills than I’m used to. I love that idea Peggy had. I think I need to get that because it seems like I’m never done between writing and clients etc. I think my husband feels like a writing widow.. lol 🤣 I’m glad you enjoyed the read and message. It certainly is treat for me to find you here with your heartfelt and astute comments as always. Be well and have a wonderful week! You’re most welcome and thanks for stopping by ❤️🤗 Cindy

      1. It’s ever so hard to be positive during tough times. I think the pandemic, global warming, and our present political situation probably qualify. (Understatement) But then I recall Viktor Frankl and how he handled concentration camps…
        As for writing, I am sure there are people who can accomplish it while multi-tasking, but not me. 🙂

      2. You are so right Curt. I just listened to Viktor Frankl on YouTube and you are so right he gives you such a boost. Thanks for that.. I just passed some of his videos on to some that would benefit from his work especially now. Oh good glad to know I’m not alone in the concentration department and we’re in the same camp their.. It just felt easy compaired to what Viktor went through. I wish there was one that could knock some sense into my Dad’s head with the current election. Don’t get me started. 🤪
        ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️ C

      3. The election is a tough one, Cindy. I couldn’t understand how someone voted for the President in 2016. After four years it is incomprehensible to me. 🙂
        Glad you found the Frankl videos helpful. Take care. Two more weeks. 🙂 –Curt

      4. For Me too, you’re not alone! Right? Reality show host turns president. 🤣. I loved the videos, thanks.. You’ll like my post today and next week gets a little dicey! 🥰

      5. That would be it. DO IT CURT! I have a couple little ones comimg on mon i think and wed. just hung up from talking to my dad and arguing politics and it’s his b.d. Mon. I’m not sure how I’ll talk to him so write yours soon.. maybe i can get some pointers. lol🤣🤣🤣❤️

      6. It was awesome Curt. I posted something Monday that pales to yours but I agree with you alright!! Again, you did an amazing job and your words speak volumes! ❤️👏👏👏C

  21. yes we will thrive Cindy…like the first comment…I’ve had sleep…it’s been a wild year…I also appreciate your positivity and goodness ~ BIG hugs and thanks ~ hedy ☺️❣️🙏

    1. We will Hedy! Oh good to hear you have had sleep.. It sure has been and with you in the world I trust we will get through it. Thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt comment, that always warms my heart. ❤️ Cindy

  22. Be strong and believe. Everything will change sooner than one can expect. An optimistic post and inspiring. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Oh that’s a good mantra Kritika! If we take everything day by day it goes sooner than we think. Thank you so much for reading in, your kind thoughts and responding! Happy Hump day. ❤️

  23. Working from home, spending time reflecting on my own thoughts, having actual TIME and picking my daughter up from school instead of being one of those Moms who are never there.

    Yes there has been bad and uncertainty (I’m not too comfortable with change!) but I can’t help to be grateful for absolutely everything this strange year has given me

    1. Oh that’s so nice that you have had some time Megan and especially with your daughter and picking here up from school. We don’t get time back which is so precious. It’s so nice you have had time for reflection.
      Change is difficult for most of us and this year sure has been a whopper of a year but I love that you continue to be grateful and blessed. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!! ❤️🤗 Cindy

    1. True Thank Cindy but glad you are peeking through a different lens for a couple silver linings. It’s really good to see you here. Thanks for dropping in. I still need to see your new website! ❤️ 🤗 Cindy

  24. True, there are some things that COVID made me look at things differently. Like, spending time with my family and knowing what is truly more important in life.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this Joanna!!! This is so heartfelt. I’m so happy you have your priorities on what matters most. Stay safe and be well! ❤️🤗❤️ Cindy

  25. Hi Cindy,
    I love your positive attitude about Covid
    I too have enjoyed more quiet time for introspection meditation and getting the mind out of the body, enjoying my garden and an occasional dip in the pool to cool off on these terribly hot days.
    May you stay well ,happy,healthy,safe, strong,vital,and prosperous

    1. Hi Marlene,
      Oh I’m so glad. What else are we going to do right? It sounds like you are taking advantage of quieter times and more introspection which is awesome! Yes, it’s been HOT! Glad you have a pool to cool off in!
      Thanks so much for your wishes and you too, take good care and stay strong ❤️😇🙌👊😘 Cindy

  26. I never thought of or had time with my life and chores , but this time helped me to reconnect to life long lost , i started my blog the same time.The thing about inertia is very true i am working towards it.

    1. Oh i’m so glad you have found some time for your blog and recconect with yourself. That ias a gift. I think we’re processing so much, and are all still half baked and that’s ok. It will sort its way through. Thanks so much for reading and sharing, Stay stafe and be 💪🏽strong! ❤️ Cindy

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