Harry’s Days Are Numbered: Sad but True

Born with a silver spoon and spoiled to the umpteenth degree.
4 siblings, born into royalty without a care in the world.  

He didn’t know any different and was never pretentious and knows where his bread is buttered, as he sits on the thrown.  Who said that just because you were born in England, you would be a snob?!

He was rather timid and shy but friendly to all with a one track mind: love, food, kisses and sports; chasing woman and balls (Like most men I know).

He’s traveled many places by air, car and plane, meeting many celebrities in new terrain.
He signed many autographs and left his mark everywhere he went. 

He was quite the sailor and swam the oceans, lake and river.
Always at your side, a true friend we could depend on for walks, talks, hugs, always with his side kick.

Loving always, wanting to please, keeping us warm and ticks away, so we would never Freeze.
Harry’s days are numbered and few and we are all feeling rather blue.

Once so vibrant and robust, now lame and dependent on us for his every need.
Back breaking but grateful to give back to him, in the same way he has given to us.

His pleasures are few and he enjoys his meals and hanging with his siblings, car rides, long naps and treats, our daily stroller rides in the neighborhood and sleeping tucked in between us at night.

Harry, our King Charles Cavalier spaniel, we will miss you, And love you forever as you join your sister Lady under the tree.

Always in our hearts, forever in our soul, never forgotten, you have made us whole.

Thank you for all you give and all you are and we hope you are with us in December to celebrate your 14th birthday!  

Harry at 13 years 11 months. 11/28/20

A few weeks ago, I thought Harry’s time was coming to a close but he perked up and has been enjoying his time with all of the family around and I’m hopeful we will have his 14th birthday and Christmas with him one last time. We love you Harry!

Life is fragile, let those you love know it, forgive your enemies as it throws them off guard and only hurts you, poe if you keep resentment in your heart.

You are blessed and I appreciate you.

Love and Light



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Fri-Yay Family Funday

I hope you all found some grateful moments during the Thanksgiving holiday even if it was changed up from your usual gatherings. Staying open to what is and finding blessings and gratitude as we accept change creates more abundance in our lives, even in difficult times.

Everyone was disappointed that we wouldn’t be hosting in the usual way with all of us gathered together with all of the grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. I even told my daughter not to fly in from New York because CDC said it wasn’t safe to do so. She was agahst thinking I didn’t want her. “Of course I want you I told her, it’s just well you know, COVID”. She got tested and booked her flight at an obscutre time, with a flight with few people, and here she is in all her glory, and thankfully she didn’t listen to us. We couldn’t be happier.

So here we are, under one roof with just the 6 of us, and it’s the first time in over 35 years that we haven’t hosted Thanksgiving, and it was heaven on earth. Not that we don’t LOVE our family and we did miss them but each of the kids made something they wanted to try that was different and we didn’t have to rush and clean up before everyone brought more stuff, only to clean up again later. The usual pressure was lifted and everyone fended for themselves and we had an amazing day. It’s my favorite of the holidays because there are no gifts except each other which is the best gift of all. We did our usual ornament exchange where we pick numbers and steal, which is always a fun game.

Cheers to All in Celebration, wisdom, beauty, radience, inspiration and grace (the names on our glasses). I highly reccommend ordering these awesome clear plasitc stickers for your glasses. I even wash them and they don’t come off.

This year in honor of giving back to the earth and our recent tree that fell along with 3 lemon trees dying, we bought 2 trees to plant together in ceremony during the weekend. We will infuse the dirt with all of our love and energy with the intention of it yielding lots of lemons and make lemonade out of this year, kissing 2020 goodbye, not a minute too soon.

Everyone was suppose to write a poem to share but of course, I was the only one that did. 🤣 A few of our word press friends participate in d’Verse poetry and I never have time to entertain it but Dwight encouraged me, so I took a stab at it (thanks Dwight). I wrote the instructions of the poetry below.


Gracefully open up your heart
Gather seeds of yester-years
Giving thanks for those to come
Grow in joy and always love
Grounding and rooting to earth 
Grow wise from your ancestors
Go in peace, and share your light


Foundation on which we stand 
Finding solace in each other
Figuring out who you are
Fights to learn to give and take
Fables told rich history 
Friends at best, respect no less 
Forever lives in our hearts

Today at d’Verse Laura introduced us to a form of poetry called Pleiades. We must pick a ONE-WORD TITLE  then write a SEVEN-LINE poem of SEVEN SYLLABLES  whereby each line begins with the FIRST LETTER of your title. Join us at: https://dversepoets.com Then click on the Mr. Linkey box and read other poems.

Enjoy your friday and have a great weekend, whatever you do.
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Love, gratitude, health and abundance,



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Leaves Floating in The Whispering Wind

Leaves floating in the whispering wind,

Each with a story,

Dancing to kiss the light, 

One last time before descending to Mother Earth.

The shadows exposing darkness, while their remaining colors make their way to the heart,

Falling in pure ecstasy, branches reach for the light. 

To all that was and all that will be, 

Leaves floating in the whispering wind,

Filling each vessel when things get dark, each crevice to incite light.

Once whole and bright, blessed and now returned to dust, 

as we hear them crunch under our feet, as fall begins,

And delight in jumping in the leaves like a child where everything’s right.

Enjoy the gifts of fall!



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Giving Thanks

Count Your Blessings and Watch Them Multiply

Sending you all a little blessing from nature today, especially for those of you who are stuck in the house and or confined. This is a little sample of my daily meanderings as I work. Such beautiful creatures I get to interact with everyday, and I’m particularly happy visiting them at my clients houses, since I have detoured them out of my yard so they don’t destroy my garden. This is in a protected community in Portola Valley Ranch in Portola Valley, Ca. where animals roam freely and safe. They are grateful to be spared on Turkey Day and send their appreciation and empathy to others who will be dinner. Gobble, Gobble.

Hunkering down peacefully as we stand by: Might this be Vixon?
Here’s Hunter, my Husky Shepherdrd. He’s the most loving docile dog in the world but he will take a deer down. I got him to protect my little dogs on my property since a coyote ate my 16 year old Moulukan Cockatoo. It was such a sad day and I still mourn his death. Who’d have guessed he could take down a deer though. I was worried at first thinking he might take other dogs down but my vet assured me that he knows the difference between domestic and wild animals, but was faster than any husky shepherds he has know. He is thankfully wise as well, knock on wood, and doesn’t fall prey to the coyotes trying to taunt him off property.

Thank you Hunter for protecting Lady and Harry! We wish we had you, when Cinnabar, our Moulukan Cockatoo and Pickle were alive!!!!!

Beautiful Bounty of color from nature!
May your Thanksgiving be blessed with love, abundance, good cheer and happiness as you count your blessings.

Here comes Dancer and Prancer and Comet and Vixon. The babies are looking for Rudolph to lead the way!

Blessed are we to share the earth with divine creatures of our universe and each other, as we continue to support one another in whatever we are going through in life. However you spend your holiday, enjoy the bounty of the season and each other. My 2 kids are getting tested before they come and for the first time in 40 years we will NOT be hosting Thanksgiving with our parents and siblings and cousins. Weather permitting, we will have turkey sandwiches on the deck in our pods the day after hopefully, and toast to our health, abundance and plant a tree to honor the one we lost and our earth for better days to come. With parents 85, 86, 91 & 94 we are being mindful and safe. It’s such a reminder to be creative and open to embracing life as we find it and making the most of situations adapting to whatever life hands us and not be thrown off our center.

Stay Strong and Stay Safe.

Love and Blessings



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Fun Fri-Yay

Dusted of my Venus bike,
Fire engine Red.
I remember when I bought it and thought what a cool name Venus is; I can ride to all the galaxies and visit the heavens.  

It’s been 10 years or so since I’ve taken a spin.
I bought it used from a gal that had it built for her frame, and she won a few triathlons riding it.
I was about her size and thought, If it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me, since I knew nothing about riding.

Never mind I have to reach down to the top rail to adjust the gears and lose my balance, tork my back, and hunch over.  There aren’t enough speeds for my liking, no mirrors, lights or horns, so I soon retired it, and took to hiking and running, which is more my speed.

Now if I was Dwight, our friend from Roth Poetry who has a knack for fixing everything, I’d fix it up and sell it for a pretty penny, since I hear these old vintage bikes (anything earlier than 1982), are actually worth something. This is not a bike for Sheree from View From The Back, where she raced throughout France, and would leave us all in the dust. I bet she’s familiar with this bike in all her years of riding.

Who has time for biking when you’ve got dogs to walk, gardens to tend, and work to do but when my son looked at me in the eyes and said “Mom would you like to ride with me?” My head spun so fast and I was out the door in seconds flat.  Now, we didn’t make it to Venus or Mars and my neck is still sore, but it was worth every minute to have some Fun Friday time with him. So, I’m in search of a new bike and I’m going for all the speeds I can get with all the bells and whistles and yes, electric too; so I’m not left in the dust and he’ll keep me in the que.  

Please do check out Dwight and Sherre’s site as they take you on wonderful rides, whether it is a scenic view, great poetry, some ingenious ideas, beautiful antiques, food and vintage treasures.

Have a great weekend and as always, Thanks for stopping in and visiting.

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You are the Magic

Photo by Isandru00e9a Carla on Pexels.com

I’ve always been a cheerleader,

Rooting you on to your dreams.

Whether it’s a kick in your rear or whisper in your ear, 

I’ll lead you straight,

And head you out the gate.

On cloud or mule,

There’s no magic to reaching your dreams, 

It’s just knowing what you want and follow through.

There are NO short cuts so take one foot in front of the other,

Till you reach your stars and follow the milky way till you get there.

You’ve got this!



Have a beautiful day and remember no matter what the weather is outside, set your internal temperature to create the gauge you need it to be today, to fulfill your deepest desires.

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Commitment to Finish Strong!

Hi Friends,

As we’re finishing up the year I’m reminded of how I started the year before lock down was in place. I created a goal of writing my newsletter every month on time with no excuses. When June rolled around, and we moved into more of the same, people kept saying “why not just drop it”. I began asking myself the same question. Sometimes it’s better to just walk away when you are in over your head or it no longer makes sense. In my case, there was something important to me, in seeing it through. Maybe it’s the fact that I always get emails or calls from people who read them, thanking me for the support and I’m humbled and encouraged if it helps just one person; Or maybe it”s because I had already declared that this was my goal. Finishing the objective you set out to do has more to do with you strengthening your own sense of self and trust in honoring what you say you’ll do, than anything else. I’m happy to say I’m almost to the finish line, with one month to go. Here’s the article I wrote way back in June called Why Goals matter, if you by chance want to check it out. I’m really happy to say I’m almost to the finish line.

What is Commitment?

Commitment is showing up and keeping your word.
It’s doing what you say you will do, even on the days you don’t want to.
It’s creating a schedule and adherhing to it, even when you want to stay in bed with the covers over your head or watch movies all day.
What happens if you fall down and blow it?

Keep going, you’re almost there!

You simply get back up when you do, and begin again.
No one is perfect, so don’t beat yourself up.
Beating yourself up is the booby prize, and makes things worse, wallowing in your woe is me, So forgive yourself when you derail and get back on track.. All great leaders, authors, executives, coaches etc, know this, and you are no different.

Dust yourself off and begin again, no excuses, no spilled milk. Bring the cat in to lap it up, if you have to. Yep, it’s as easy as that!
If you only reach 80 % of your intended goal, then guess what? You are way ahead of the game and on your way to creating whatever it is you want.
Stay the course, keep your committment to you and pretty soon you will see your deepest desires, manifested

Your WHY might have to be reviewed to keep your eye on the prize.
So make sure you have your Why somewhere where you can see it everyday!

Why do you want what you want? Why is it important to you?
Make sure you are doing it for YOU.
How will YOU feel after if you stay the course and complete your objective?
Allow it to speak to the part inside of you that wants to emerge.

Fan it, write it, breath it, make it your Mantra!
Committ to your highest purpose and stay the course.
Dreams are manifested from this place.
Keep Going, You’re almost there!
Hooray for you, you are doing it!
You are a bright Star in the Universe!

Here are the steps to help you stay the course.

What do you Want?

What’s your Why? Post it in several places

Make a Schedule.

Stick to it.

Afirm small steps EVERY DAY!!!

❤️ ✨✨✨✨✨ Cindy

Thank you so much for reading, liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing. I truly thank you so much.

Have a great day and continued blessings,

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Happy Fun Fri-Yay and Almost Diwali!

I celebrated early with my dear friend Nila!

Festival of lights, where everyone comes together for fun, food, dancing, 
honoring Lakshim; The God of wealth.

Coins, painted decorations, sparklers and candles and sweets, bless the occasion, 
To remind us, Light wins over darkness and blesses us with wealth monetarily and spiritually. 

And what a special time it must be in the villages tonight at a distance, celebrating Kamala, our Vice President Elect!  

Indian village women, one holding a placard featuring U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris during celebrations for her victory, in Painganadu a neighboring village of Thulasendrapuram, the hometown of Harris’ maternal grandfather, south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020. Waking up to the news of Kamala Harris’ election as Joe Biden’s running mate, overjoyed people in her Indian grandfather’s hometown are setting off firecrackers, carrying her placards and offering prayers. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

I raised my kids in Unity, a non denominational Christian faith where my husband and I taught Sunday school every week.
We celebrated all religions and faiths everywhere in the world.  In true form, most religions are pure of heart.
So it’s special to me to honor all of my friends everywhere on the globe,
In whatever faith they are, to show my respect to them and honor their faith. 

On the first day of Hanukkah I always make potato latkes and have chocolate gold coins with a menorah and a dreidel of course, to honor my jewish friends with such a rich history. We always celebrate Greek Easter, to remind my kids of their Heritage. Even though I just have the name and they are a very small percentage of Greek. They on the other hand, will tell you, they’re 50 % since they relate so much to the culture, even though they are probably more English and Swedish than anything else.  But when we flew to Athens to meet the relies, I quickly adopted the heritage, because they couldn’t be more loving and hospitable and I adored them all.  Everyday is to be celebrated and holidays make us stop and appreciate the short time we have on earth. 

I am a Wannabe Indian, says my friend who moved  here from India when she was 12, and has became a US citizen shortly after that.  

She can’t celebrate on Saturday because she’ll be having a low key night she says.  I’m thinking “what kind of Indian are you?” And I tell her as much, but what the hey, I can post it on my Fun Friday, so it’s not all bad.  But then, when she tells me, “I’ll bring pizza and tea and get there at 5:00”,  I put my foot down.  To let her off the hook a little, she does cook Indian food about 4 nights a week but come on, this is Diwali!  She often says, “You’re more Indian than me now”. 🤣. A few years ago when we celebrated, she was in awe of how many candles I had lit.  I light candles everyday to remind us of our impermanence  on the planet.  When the light goes out and it will, I want to go out knowing I have lived my life to the fullest with no regrets.

Transformed my Yoga and Workout Studio into Diwali Delight

The other thing I was so excited about was the arranged marriages I am working on from afar; 😭.  You know who you are and I now have a waitlist too. Hahahahaha.  So there’s that and the promised Sari, I told you I would wear at the wedding.  Well, here’s a little sneak preview.  

The only problem with borrowing a Sari from your 5 foot friend who’s skinny as a rail when you are 5’5 and no part of you is skinny is, how will that work?  She assured me all would be fine but when we started trying them on, I seriously couldn’t even put an arm in one of the sleeves of the blouses. I thought “how are we going to get this sorry ass in a Sari”?

The best part was when she put her blouses on she couldn’t hook the front either, so I didn’t feel as bad. She wore them for weddings in India 6 years ago and was shocked.  We were devastated but all we could do was laugh.  The Covid 15 had hit us.  Well, not 15 but let’s face it, when you’re a skinny mini, 5 pounds makes a huge difference.  

Cheers to us and to you with doors and window open and a quick toast & 6 ft apart

So after we had her delicious chai tea and lentils and rice she made, I broke out the champagne and Roti, Chicken pasanda, lamb curry, samosas etc. we made a toast to Lakshim and numerous other things;  the end of Covid, a vaccine, blessings to our world and kids, family and friends. 

She gifted me The Bhagavad-Gita which she barely read a page but has sweet memories of her Dad reading it everyday.  I’m always in awe of her stories, her village and how brilliant she is.  I asked “why do you know so much more about a country I was born in, than I do” and she says, “because I had to know and you grew up here”.  She always gives me a pass and educates me without making me feel bad which inspires me to learn more, for which I’m extremely grateful.  I love you dear friend.

She also gave me some beautiful candles and as a joke a can of Gulab Jamun because she works full time and didn’t get time to make them fresh🤣 since she knows how much I love them.  I secretly went to the India restaurant  and got 2 fresh ones, I didn’t tell her about it because I knew she wouldn’t eat one, especially after our sari fiasco. 😭.

We danced a little after to Indian music and had a ball.  I do not for the life of me, know how you dance in a Sari but she assures me pinning it up, makes all the difference in the world.  

Then I surprised my son and his girlfriend to a romantic dinner when they got home and left her a dress to wear.  What a beautiful bride she will be and hopefully, I will be calling her my daughter in law someday. Fingers crossed but no pressure sonny boy.  Hahaha! 

My first arranged gonna be marriage… lol. Actually, they met on their own

Have a wonderful Diwali whether you celebrate or not, light a candle to Lakshim and our Indian friends to show our respect and because we all need more light to combat the dark night. 

My girls are coming down tomorrow night (all but my baby who’s in N.Y. 😢 but see you soon) and we will be celebrating my husband’s birthday AGAIN. The birthday that never ends, and they will get in their Indian Garb. We will toast and dance the night away on Diwali because as you remember, they ALL love a dress up party and a celebration.

Wishing you a lovely day full of grace and love, wealth and abundance as you celebrate safely at a distance with a lot less people.  

Big Hugs and always light,



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Behind the Dark Cloud

Behind the dark cloud the sun is always there and the clouds are wrapped in cotton candy to hold your tears and fears.

Lower Lake, California

Good Morning,

This is to my children and all of us that suffer silently and loudly. I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you as you go through your day no matter how difficult it might be, and let you know I’m sending you love and blessings.

❤️ Cindy

When you are in pain, I too am in pain. I wish I could take whatever you are going through away and make it right. It was easy in your younger days with skinned knees where bactine, a band-aid and hug was all that was needed to send you happily on your way.

Life can’t always prepare you for hard knocks and unexpected tragedies that are out of our control, that bring you to your knees in gut wrenching pain and sadness. I guess I didn’t tell you that part, cuz I wanted to spare you. Some things are just not fair, and it’s not your fault and beleive you me, if I could fix it, I would.

I will be here to listen and to hold your hand and your tears while you go through whatever it is in life, while you find your way. Make sure you hold yourself gently and lovingly, wrapped in cotton candy through the dark hours, while I call in the bees to make honey combs and sweet nectar.

It’s not your fault, remember that, and try not to get so far ahead of yourself, that you are robbed of sleep and forget to enjoy the moments that are good. Stay present and when you are in pain, breath in light and breathe out fear. Angels always beat the devil at the end of the day, so invite as many earth angels and ethereal ones as you can in, to help you ease the pain.

Try not to project too much into the future as your navigate the present, while researching your next steps. This is all easier said than done I know, but the only way out, is through. You can’t side step or skirt the issues so put your big girl/boy pants on, while you stay proactive, examaining your options and don’t let it dominate your day; or find someone to play dominos with.

Build sand castles and sugar blocks like you always have, and when they fall, pick them back up and build your foundation with your footprints in the sand. The sun is just behind the dark cloud, technology is aways improving and prayer never fails. So keep the good book in your pocket and don’t forget to sing a song. A penny in your pocket and and a feather in your cap, reminds you that you are rich beyond measure and have wings to help you fly.

And baby never forget you are strong and resilient but wear a helmet and shin guards when you need them, because life’s gonna give you some hard knocks. It only gives you as much as you can handle, as the saying goes, and you only know that once you’re through it. But have Kleenex and duct tape in your pocket handy, for your tears and to hold you together, while you heal.

And remember to look to the light that is always behind the dark cloud. Don’t forget, you will get kicked to the curb and it’s gonna hurt, but get back in the ring until you win the good fight. Sorry I didn’t tell you all of this; I guess I wanted to spare you, but you know, I’d do it all the same way again. Because one thing I know, is that love heals all, and I know that, because I’m your mama and no one loves you more, except maybe your papa.

Have a lovely day with cotton candy, sugar cubes, duck tape, feathers, a penny in your pocket with angels leading your way. Turn it over to God or whatever higher power you believe in.

I love you,



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And I Smile 🌝✨

Love to you and renewed faith and vision to all of you; while we embrace our next chapter, no matter where this finds you on the globe.

Blessings and Always Love and Light,


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