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Born with a silver spoon and spoiled to the umpteenth degree.
4 siblings, born into royalty without a care in the world.  

He didn’t know any different and was never pretentious and knows where his bread is buttered, as he sits on the thrown.  Who said that just because you were born in England, you would be a snob?!

He was rather timid and shy but friendly to all with a one track mind: love, food, kisses and sports; chasing woman and balls (Like most men I know).

He’s traveled many places by air, car and plane, meeting many celebrities in new terrain.
He signed many autographs and left his mark everywhere he went. 

He was quite the sailor and swam the oceans, lake and river.
Always at your side, a true friend we could depend on for walks, talks, hugs, always with his side kick.

Loving always, wanting to please, keeping us warm and ticks away, so we would never Freeze.
Harry’s days are numbered and few and we are all feeling rather blue.

Once so vibrant and robust, now lame and dependent on us for his every need.
Back breaking but grateful to give back to him, in the same way he has given to us.

His pleasures are few and he enjoys his meals and hanging with his siblings, car rides, long naps and treats, our daily stroller rides in the neighborhood and sleeping tucked in between us at night.

Harry, our King Charles Cavalier spaniel, we will miss you, And love you forever as you join your sister Lady under the tree.

Always in our hearts, forever in our soul, never forgotten, you have made us whole.

Thank you for all you give and all you are and we hope you are with us in December to celebrate your 14th birthday!  

Harry at 13 years 11 months. 11/28/20

A few weeks ago, I thought Harry’s time was coming to a close but he perked up and has been enjoying his time with all of the family around and I’m hopeful we will have his 14th birthday and Christmas with him one last time. We love you Harry!

Life is fragile, let those you love know it, forgive your enemies as it throws them off guard and only hurts you, poe if you keep resentment in your heart.

You are blessed and I appreciate you.

Love and Light



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Sangeetha Ramachandran
2 years ago

I am late to read this loving beautiful blog. I hope Harry is still around 💗💗

Sangeetha Ramachandran
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago

Wow happy to hear that 👍👍

Sangeetha Ramachandran
2 years ago

He is too strong 👍

Sangeetha Ramachandran
Reply to  Cindy Georgakas
2 years ago


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