Natures Gifts

Virgin Narrows River in Zion By Jason Gotlib Photography 

Powerful jagged rocks shelter me from the chaos of the outside world, while water cleanses my soul.

Have a beautiful day as you shelter in place, holding yourself gently. Thank you Jason for your your beautiful photography.



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129 thoughts on “Natures Gifts

  1. Water has been my theme lately and your feature of it hear rings so abundantly clear. Staying in the flow 🌊 observing, allowing, embracing and releasing. A daily practice but especially extra meaningful today😉❤

    1. Happy Birthday Dear Maria! It is so healing and I love those words you just used as well. Hugs and love today as we move in flow together! Glad it was meaningful! ❤️🤗 xoxoxoxoxo ❤️😘

  2. I know right?!!!! I wish I could take pics like this one! Glad you liked the words as well! Thanks for checking in and looking forward to what you have in the hopper today. 😆
    How’s your book coming along? ❤️

  3. Such a lovely and fervent interpretation of an equally lovely picture 🌻🥰 It’s such a beautiful, serene place. 😊
    Have a good day Cindy 🤗❤️🤗🤗❤️🤗

      1. You are always very welcome dearest Cindy❤️💖 Woke up but not so refreshed, have got a bit of time, so again going to sleep for an hour more 😁 You too have a blessed sleep dear, good night 🤗❤️🤗🤗❤️

      2. Thank you my dear!! I hope you got some sleep after that and had a good one as well! Thank you, I’ve got a full day ahead and appreciate your wishes. Have a great night! 💕🙏❤️🥰

      3. With a little one around, you hardly get time so wait for him to sleep to write or respond pending messages 😊 Thank you dear, you must be sleeping now, have a wonderful day ahead🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

  4. Picture is from the Virgin River, and the Hike is called the ‘Narrows’ as it is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park in Utah. The walls are a 1000 feet high at some points. It’s a gorgeous hike and I hope those interested get to go there after COVID and enjoy it as much as I did. Best, Jason Gotlib

    1. Oh WOW Jason!
      Thank you once again another beautiful. Picture and description of this amazing place!
      This is truly spectacular and you are an amazing photographer capturing the pure essence of beauty. That is quite spectacular that the walls are that high!!! I hope to go too!!! I have visions of the trainer & photographer putting a group together for both excursions once it’s over. What do you think of that idea? Again thanks so much dear Jason! 🙏👏🙌👏🙏👏❤️ Cindy


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      1. His picture was lovely. It takes me a long time to look at other people’s pictures because I write experientially and I wasn’t there. My dad was a photographer and wanted me to write stories based on his pictures of a teddy bear posed in different activities. I couldn’t do it. I could with my own teddy bear until I sent him away to visit people around the world. They sent me their pictures, and I struggled to write something because I had nothing to tell unless they wrote about it. There must be a deficiency in the imagination side of my brain. Education experts say you can learn to use the right side of your brain for art and creative purposes, but it is slow and methodical. That’s me. 🙂

      2. That’s so interesting Marsha!!!! It’s so interesting how our brains work isn’t it. I have dyslexia… mind you i wasn’t diagnosed until about 15 years ago when I was taking some tests and thought hmmmmm,… I gotta check this out. The guy asked a few questions and said I don’t even need to test you, you have the worst form of dyslestion.. 🤣🤣 Thank goodness we learn to compensate for our deficiencies but it sure would have been nice to know in my early years. That’s the beauty of growing up these days and the advancements. Well, your Dad can be proud to see what you have done with your beautiful work that is rich in texture, words and color and lifts us all up! How cute the bear travels world wide and you get stories back. I sense a story here. 😊Thanks for sharing all of that! ❤️

      3. Manny has his own blog, Manny’s travels. I’ve never been tested so my diagnosis is purely self-diagnosed as an educator. “Some common characteristics of dysphagia include: incorrect spelling and capitalization mix of cursive and print letters inappropriate sizing and spacing of letters difficulty copying words slow or labored writing difficulty visualizing words before writing them unusual body or hand position when writing tight hold on pen or pencil resulting in hand cramps.” I had such a hard time as a child that my third grade teacher took my fountain pen away. I didn’t learn how to write cursively until fourth grade, and I was never comfortable with a pen. I scratch out. Even typing I make a lot of errors and spend an enormous amount of time looking up spelling of words just to make sure! 🙂 Computers and the internet make it possible to do what we do. 🙂

      4. oh I see, I’ll havwe to check that out.
        That makwes sense to me and now maybe I’ll have to add another lable on to mine.. Yikes. I feel your pain as I know mine and the strugggling that goes on and I often felt dumb which unfortunately doesn’t help the process.. I have learned too to do triple takes Gosh, I would never know that in a hundred years about you. Kuddos to you and me and devices to help us! ❤️❤️❤️🤗

      5. Amen to that! Teachers always thought I was an underachiever. It wasn’t until 5th grade that they discovered that I needed glasses, and not until 11th that I got contacts that actually corrected my vision. It’s amazing how you can function without seeing well.

      6. I dint even see them half the time. Once I worked as a proofreader for about a week for a card company. I got in major trouble because I missed this name in all caps spelled BRAIN. Wham the supervisor showed it to me she asked what I saw. I said, “BRIAN.” Even as I was called on the carpet my brain did not catch the error.

      7. I cried so hard I finally left work. I was so prideful about how smart I was, and to miss something that big and obvious. She threatened my job, and by the time I left I was hysterical. They switched me to cut and paste. I did fine at that until one day a horrible mistake was made and the initials on the work were definitely mine. It turned out that there was a morning worker who had the same initials and signed identically. I didn’t lose my job, but I was glad when the season ended.

      8. Oh Marsha, that is such a sad and upsetting memory. I’m so sorry. That’s just horrible, you poor thing. Wow, what are the chances of another worker having your exact initials.. Wild. Good to have said goodbye there! 👏❤️🤗🤗xo Cindy

      9. I didn’t miss it. But it happened nearly 40 years ago, so I think I survived! At the time, I was devastated. Now it’s like it happened to some other poor immature woman. 🥰🤪

      10. Oh I bet. I love that it has turned out this incredible teacher, writer, photographer and the list goes on and on!!! 👏👏👏 Kudos to you. awwwww .. it was wrong of them! so sorry again.! ❤️

      11. Yes, it was. I wonder what ever happened to that woman? She probably hated her job, and I had the privilege of doing something I loved for 99% of my career days. And blogging is the icing on the cake, isn’t it?

      12. She must have hated it, to be so nasty. Wow, kuddos to you.. Those are amazing odds you had and more than most people can dream on!
        Yes, indeed, the 2 fit well together says i with a another candy… lol

      13. I’m the blessed one, wouldn’t you say? Hardships like that are just blips in the night that pass and leave us stronger.

  6. The chaos of the outside world. Is it any wonder we look for protection in the way you so aptly describe. A monastic garden, a rocky stream in the middle of nowhere, an oasis, a temple, a mediaeval church.

  7. This is sooo beautiful 😀 !! I can totally relate to it cuz even I find solace in mother nature’s arms. And I’ve just recently written an article about nature on my blog, beyond the speaking mind. Please do read🙂

    1. Oh thanks sooo much Sansisa!!! oh how wonderful. It’s true. sorry I missed it. Will do.. I’ve been in WP hell and just coming out of it.. If you get a chance stop in today and visit and I’ll for sure read yours,. I know it’s lovely, like you! ❤️

      1. Tbh it’s literally just my third day in WP. But the this community just feels like home in no time at all! And if everyone else I meet on the way is as sweet and helpful as you, I’m sure I’m gonna have a super time at WP!!🙌🏻😀

    2. I did’t see that one but I’ll see them later but I followed! Can you go to my post yesterday on Fri Yay Funday.. had trouble with the opening. It’s a great collab. Hope you like it.. It’s called Heaven Meets Hell on Fri-Yay Funday.. lmk or just check it out and lmk there. I did a collab with a great

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