Bitter Sweet

I flutter from one bush to the other like the hummingbird not knowing which nectar to taste first and they all look good.

Not one looks better than the other in this mad rush to have it all.
I’m dizzy, running around for the sweetness of each tiny taste not wanting to miss anything.

In the meantime I’m lost.
I want it all. I don’t want to drop anything out but my belly has filled till explosion.

Pretty soon I’m drunk with the nectar and feel drugged and my senses have stopped asking for more but my body moves constantly, never pausing to enjoy the sweetness I have devoured.

For in the haste and busyness, I have lost touch with my inner message.
But then as I pause to take a drink, my friend the eagle swoops down on me and we ride and soar.

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Wishing you a beautiful day with time to savor moments and your souls yearnings. 
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Blessings while you taste the sweetness today brings.



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158 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

    1. Oh I’m glad you liked it Radhika… they are tricky buggers to capture. I’m really glad you likeed the title, words and sentiments of the poem. It is so true and for sure on me. Blessings for a great day! ❤️


  1. Cindy, a stunning photo of the hummingbird! Such beautiful and enchanting creatures! They’re always in motion and always on a sugar high! The wonderful analogy of the hummingbird’s frenetic lifestyle to our own is a cautionary tale. We’re not hummingbirds! We have to find our own purpose!

    Have a great day, Cindy. I hope you are enjoying the sweetness of life today! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you Cheyrl, It was fun to try to capture this pic although it was hard because like you say, they just keep moving. I’m glad you like the analogy because it is such a temptation but we fall prey to loosing center which is so tempting.
      Thank you so much and I’m lingering a little longer in my p.j.’s and that is sweet to me. You have a wonderful day as well Cheryly!!!! ❤️Cindy

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  2. Such a wonderful message and a beautiful photo! ‘For in the haste and busyness, I have lost touch with my inner message.’
    We are probably all guilty of this from time to time: so better watch out for those eagles! 🦅

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    1. Oh yes, let’s do switch off that way we can get the sweetness of the Hummingbird and the wisdom of the eagle… and have our cake and eat it too! so glad to know you could visualize the beauty in your head! Thanks for sharing that with me! ❤️ 🤗🤗🤗🤗 ❤️

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  3. Easy to get overwhelmed at this time of the year, Cindy. Best to pick your flowers and sip sparingly. Or find one flower and sip deeply. On another note, not sure that the fish is happy to be flying with the eagle. Pretty sure that it was invited to dinner as the main course. 🙂 –Curt

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    1. Ain’t that the truth Curt!!!
      So red wine or white wine 🍷 not both the same night maybe?!! Lol
      This is a fishy question since the hummingbird was flying with the eagle? Now I’ve gotta go back an. Look-:) thanks for the visit!!!


      1. No, not on the same night. I think I remember some of those nights in my misspent youth.Cheap brands, too. 🙂
        I’d share there was something fishy about that photo, But maybe I was seeing things. Can’t blame cheap wine, however…

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  4. Ahhh bitter sweet indeed Cindy we dont know if the eagle save him from his misery or of his own vested interest. Just like in life, we need to be mindful of those who we think are being nice

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  5. Life is sweet, it becomes bitter when we keep on taking in so much, thinking we should have everything not realising what’s trivial and what’s important. We are lucky to again gain sweetness if someone comes to our rescue analogous to the eagle. Only if we are lucky enough. 😊
    Beautifully written words as always imparting wisdom and light.
    Splendid photos. 👌
    Have a good day ahead Cindy. Love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗😘

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    1. Now THAT was beautifully written Samreen.. This is so true! It’s hard to realize smetimes when we are in the midst of chaos ad confusion. Yes, we are lucky when we see the true picture like the eagle that see’s all. I’m so grateful for your vision and connection of truth and light. Glad you liked the photos.
      It was a great day. Big hugs and love always!!❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️ Cindy


      1. Laughing out loud! OH, awesome.. I’ll check. It’s a lot to keep up on so I get it!!!!!! Always something.. You tool. I should be sleeping…lol. NN and have a great day! ❤️❤️🌟🌈🌟

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      2. I love your story and liked but you’re right, I can’t comment? Love that sweet poem. Check and see if you have to open it for comments. I can comment on your mitten one and did before.. Good luck. Glad you’re back. thanks and good day! ❤️


  6. Oh My! I So loved this, Cindy!! A really super piece and I especially enjoyed your point of view as a Sweet Little Hummingbird. Your descriptions were delightful!! It really was wonderful to see it through the eyes of a Hummingbird! Loved the friendship with the Eagle and the swooping, riding and soaring – sounds like fun! Bellisimo, Cindy, Bellissimo!
    xoxox 😘💕💖😍🌹✨✨

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    1. Thanks so much Chuck! Glad you liked it and could witness me as a hummingbird moving in my life. This was written quite long ago when I was even busier then. Yes, it’s good to have friends to fly with for sure!!! Thank you so much for your kind rad and message!❤️ Cindy

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      1. Yes, we are blessed in our W.P. Community. I apperciate the help you have given me when I need it. Thank you for that. I think every day is different and I need to embrace the aspects of more of these beautiful birds blessings! ❤️

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  8. Isn’t it a feeling we have all experienced at some points of our lives. We sometimes want so much of a person or a thing that we just want it to keep coming. Never to end and never to diminish. It’s all in built in our systems. We want the good things to last forever. But sometimes they end up quite abruptly and sometimes an eagle just like your beautiful poem will come and soar it once again. Loved reading this Cindy so much. Excellent. 😇

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    1. Yes, this is so true! Drunk on pleasure, exhausting ourselves spreading ourselves too thin, jumping through hoops for from flower to flower. For me, i have to slow down and when I don’t I get loud messages. The eagle inside is such a beautiful all knowing messanger when we slow down enough to listen and take heed. Thank you for your affirming message of my poetry Kumar. I really appreciate that!
      ❤️ Cindy


      1. Oh Walt, I’m truly sorry to do this. It”s not easy to come to these bumps in the road but I applaud your choice and courage to remain brave and uplifted in challenging times. Awwww that is sooo sweet about your wife. You’re welcome and thank you for yours,.. ❤️🤗


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