A Harry Merry Birthday Party

Happy Fri-Yay… Funday!!!

Last Friday Mrs. Doubtfire, aka Robin Williams, was dancing with her broom on my page and this week I am because Harry celebrated his birthday. YAY!!! I thought he was going to be 14 but when I looked up his birth certificate, I was shocked I was a whole year off and he was actually 13. That sounds about right with this time warp we’ve been in. I’m sticking with birthdays don’t count this year because we barely used them in Covid but I am happy we got to celebrate him and confident we will share one last Christmas together.

As the days have been leading up to his birthday, we have had many talks about what we should do for his birthday. I don’t know about you, but we have invited other friends dogs in and had birthday parties over the years, gone to the beach etc, but that’s not happening right now.

Remember, Harry can’t walk and his front legs have now given out on him so he has to be carried everywhere with a special strap around both his front end and back end. I’ts called helpem harness up and we couldn’t have survided without it for the last 18 months. It has been a God send. He barks throughout the day to let you know what he needs and is up 2-4 times in the night to go out to go to the bathroom. My husbands a saint. If you’ve ever had a geriatric dog you get how exhausting and back breaking it is and it takes it’s toll. It’s so sad and breaks your heart and you would do anything for them including putting them down if they were suffering or in pain. Harry is still happy to eat and be with us and tells us when he needs to go out, drink water, move positions etc. We all love and adore him but it’s hard to get much done with his incessant demands and we find ourselves trying to pawn him off on the other person.

This is how our conversation went one night at dinner.

So what are we going to do for Harry’s Birthday”?

“Let’s give him his favorite meal and a bone”?

“Good idea but no he might have diarrhea all day”.

“Bad idea”.

Well, we can take him on a stroller ride”.

Great idea, we’ll do that”.

And it went on and on.

And then my husband said “Well, we could put him down”.

We all just roared in comic relief. While it might sound brutal, if you have ever had a geriatic pet or loved one that is dependent on you for their every need, you will get this. If you haven’t gone through this, you might not be able to get the humor. It takes it’s toll and you need breaks and relief. While we love him so much and it’s painful, we have adapted to his new normal. It takes so much patience, love, dedication and honestly most people we know would have put him down a year ago. But he is still happy to eat and be with us which is our criteria for him having a good quality of life, painstaking as it is, and we will savor the moments we have left together, until we know it’s time to say goodbye.

Happy 13th Birhtday Harry!
Star looking on, Harry, Hunter and Ollie

Thanks so much for visiting today and do something fun for yourself.
I will be posting until next week Thursday and then am going on a hiatus of a device free holiday just to give you a heads up.

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215 thoughts on “A Harry Merry Birthday Party

  1. Oh those animals in their Christmas costumes: priceless! So pleased Harry made it to his birthday. It’s a tough decision to put a pet down but sometimes it’s the most humane thing. Pleased he’s still enjoying life in his old age and I hope that when the end comes it will be peaceful. Best wishes of the season to you and your family 😊❤️❤️

    1. I know right! Oh thanks so much Ingrid! Me too. He is a sweetie and once they are gone, they’re gone. Yes, for sure it is best to put them down if they aren’t enjoying their lives anymore. Thanks for those wishes, those are mine as well! Thank you and to you. Hope you are making some snowballs. ❤️

      1. no you planned this and teamed up on me.. I think he looks so cute! kind of like having an ugly baby but their soooo cute to you, you can’t see it. ❤️

      2. Gosh and I was trying to fix you up with a nice guy but I think the two of you might be more suited. 🤣🤣🤣 Now i feel guilty… love you anyway tho..

  2. Hahahha, it was fun watching you dance with the animals Cindy. 😍 It’s sad about Harry he has spent so long time with you that it might seem difficult to imagine one without him. I can in a way understand what you might be going through and I hope the best for you and Harry. Such a great boy. 😇😍.

    1. Glad you had fun or got a laugh out of me dancing Kumar! It’s really sad and difficult at the same time. I can’t imagaine it but at the same time, when you watch someone decline you get more ready in someways since it’s so hard on everyone. I know you know but when Joy went it was sudden which was shocking and so much harder. Difficulty prepares us sometimes for what our next chapter is. Thanks so much, he really is. ❤️❤️Cindy

  3. O wow, so many love to harry. Harry is very lucky to have such a sweet family and loving people. So many hearted congratulations to harry and a very happy Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

    1. Yes, for sure! Oh thanis Rising Star and for your kind visit. Thanks for your sweet comment and you too. Mention of you in your post is going up soon. ❤️🤗🤗 hugs, Cindy

      1. write on that.. just go with it and see what happens.. take the everyday moments is my good idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect since it’s a blog and not a book.. ❤️

    1. Oh Thanks so much Preethes!!!! Yes, me too. The weather is warming up a bit, soi I think I’ll take him on a stroller ride later. Glad you liked the video! Have a great weekend! ❤️

  4. Beautiful birthday party photos, Cindy! All the animals look happy to me! 🙂 I have had to euthanize a few animals over the years. It’s always a difficult decision. It is easy to second guess yourself, but not productive. You make the decision in love, and that is all you can do. All the best! <3

    1. Sooo glad you liked them Cheryl.
      They are pretty darn happy and you’re sooo right it’s a tough decision to make. When you have experienced it like we have, you know when the timing is right. Thanks for your kind heart in weighing in❤️ Cindy

  5. Happy birthday to Harry😊🎉 He looks so adorable wearing that Christmas hat, his eyes are so deep, seems as if he knows his days are numbered and these are few happy moments he would cherish before saying final goodbye. ❤️
    Beautiful cute all three of them together wearing those lovely attires. 😍💕 And it’s such a pleasure watching you dance with them 🤗
    Take care Cindy, lots of love and hugs always❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thank you Samreen. I think so too and I think you’re right and it’s nice we have these times together to enjoy before the rainbow bridge. His mom and siblings had this condition so it’s heredity. A stroller ride is in his day today. You missed Stargazer in the background there are 4 but she cut out for the dancing.. 🤣 Glad you enjoyed watching it! lots of love to you as well! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗💃💃💃💃💫

      1. Always the pleasure is mine Cindy 🥰 Oh poor soul did have suffered a lot. Am sure he enjoyed the troller ride today. ❤️ You people are so kind to take care of him like a child. ❤️🥰 Yeah, I missed Stargazer 😀 just saw the photo again, she is there right behind the sofa😁 I so did enjoyed your love filled fun dance🤗😀
        Now you must be preparing for Christmas 😊 Enjoy!!
        I got your love, more back at you 😀🤗😁🥰❤️❤️❤️💕🤗🤗🤗
        Happy weekend

      2. Oh thanks Samreen!!! He has been happy to be with us but it’s soon time because the stroller ride wasn’t as fun and he was tired. We’ll go when it’s warmer tomorrow. 🥰.
        You do whatever you can whe you
        Love someone as I know you would too. YES, she was a feral and now a wonderful family family member addition! Awww sweet of you to look again. I Love to dance 💃🏻 so thank you!!!
        They just descended upon me so “the parties started”.
        Oh sweet!! Thanks so much.
        You must have posted today and I’ll check… visited my dad too and busy day. ❤️❤️♥️🙏💕💕💕🙏

      3. May be today he will enjoy 😊❤️ Yes, that’s so true we pit our heart and soul into anyone we love. Adorable addition though am not a cat fan at all, I love dogs😁 Yeah, I posted later in the night yesterday, will await your visit❤️ Oh then you must have had a great time visiting him, enjoy your day ❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️ 💖💞

      4. We pour our hearts into those we live for sure! I’m coming back as my animal or kid next life… lol!
        I never wanted cars at all ( got for the rats) and they do have their own minds for sure but I’ve trained mine like dogs and the sit, come to the bell and are pretty darn trained. They are very entertaining and not mousers much anymore. Lol. They have the good life.
        Oh good I’ll look forward to reading it!!! Xoxoxo💕♥️❤️

      5. We do for sure ❤️ lol😁 well who knows 😉 Wow, they are pretty trained then 😀 Must be entertaining to watch them but am hell sacred of cats actually (long story) and my son is crazy for cats, he loves them, I can’t really allow him to bring a cat as a pet so he has 2 cats as soft toys 🤣 All day he goes meow meow thinking them to be a real one. Lol
        Now, I will reply to your comment on my post 😀❤️

      6. yes we do… they are pretty amazing really!!! oh geez, sorry.. there’ a scary story.. sorry to hear. awwww.. well, stuffed is a good thng I’ll say.. that is so funny he does that.. Hope you awake refreshed ❤️ xoxoxo.

      7. Oh yes, it is. Yeah, stuffed is really good until the time he is not differentiating fake and the real ones😅 I do hope so, thank you so much Cindy ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️

  6. Hey Cindy, 14 is quite the achievement and Harry has lived for long. Happy he did with people who cared and loved him even in his geriatric days. 4 times a night to pee? Whoa!

    I think whatever decision you take is going to be perfect. I remember watching a scene of Will Smith putting down his dog in Legend, and now I know that sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do for a pet.


    1. Thanks Ero. He has had a full life and geriatric living is so hard. I think there is a part of me that just hope he goes in his sleep easily and effortlessly. That’s how I’d like to go and as many pets as I’ve had, it hasn’t gone like that. His mother and sister who also couldn’t walk did go in there sleep.

      Yea that’s crazy getting up that many times to pee. I think I should watch that movie. I keep thinking he’ll have a miracle and I work on him a lot but I think it’s just his time.
      Thanks for caring!
      Have a great day and thanks!

      1. Thank you… Adding your name and site to my
        Per Peeves and Blogging Ideas on Tuesday ( I think tues ) with your last post. Trying to wrap up and schedule so I can take posting break.

      2. Now I forget what i said..lol..Yvette at Priorhouse just ran an interview on me today. You can visit is you want.. I’ll reblog in Jan. The one I added your name in is on Wed. It’s just a small mention so don’t get too excited. 🤣xo❤️

  7. You all look so cute in your costumes. I used to love to dress my furry friends up . They even liked to wear hats and loved getting their pictures taken looks like yours do as well.so glad Harry is still with you . I have only one left and he is getting incontinent seems to be able to wiggle out of the diapers and manages to pee in a trail down the hall. Being raised with his wife and daughter he never learned to lift his leg 😂 He turned fourteen on December 14 and it is so hard to think of loosing him but hopefully he will transition like his wife and daughter did a very peaceful passing in his sleep. Difficult to wake up to but comforting at the same time..❤️💕Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your family ❤️

    1. oh thanks Marlene. Awe well you know well the challenge of aging dogs then. They are such gifts and love sure prevails. How lucky you were to have them have a peaceful passing!!! It’s really hard but I think when they fail at the end you just want them comfortable. sorry to hear about the diapers etc. sounds like he is getting ready and I do hope its a beautiful transition! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cindy

  8. Hey cindy – we can relate because our black lab had a lttle bowel dysfunction during his last year of life and almost every morning for the last three months – we came down to an accident – it was not that messy and became the new normal – but a friend of ours heard of it and was shocked that we could deal with that – she was not a pet owner and well, now I see more of her shock – but for us we just adapted as his health declined – and then it was his time
    anyhow, Happy birthday tp Harry and seems like a lot of love is still exchanged and enjoyed the joy in your video

    1. Oh Yvette, I’m so sorry for your loss and fortitued to adapt to your beloved dog. Love and family takes us beyond what we thought we could possibly deal with and we adapt to their every changing needs. You gave him a good life and Harry is enjoying seeing all of the family trickle in. Thanks for your kind wishes! ❤️ Cindy

      1. Hi Cindy, we have a new brown lab now and the loss of the black lab, Steve, ended up becoming a relief because he declined slowly – and then quickly – so it was a gift to see him rest peacefully
        and you know how I was reading some of your back posts recently to prep for the interview? well I was bale to get to know more of Harry’s story – and ahhhhhhhhhh heart tug

      2. Oh very sweet, that always helps make the transition a little easier when a new dog enters.
        It does eventually make itself clear for sure and knowing they are peaceful is the gift at the end. Thanks for reading more about Harry an my back posts and the interview today Yvette!
        Hope it’s fairing well for your followers. ❤️

      3. Hi Cindy – we waited two years before bringing a pet back into our house – and actually thought we’d be pet free for a lot longer – but the heart knows what it wants
        And so far the interview has a lot of reads (page views) but a little Quiet in the commments – but it is early still and as noted before – We both know that if one person has a better holiday because that post arrived in their inbox – well we have reached a goal!
        And especially with Covid bringing folks down – if folks take your advice and start something now
        It could be empowering and keep away the blues
        Your advice to “not wait” until 2021 could allow some action to start rather than passively making it though and then hoping motivation shows up on January 1!!
        We know there are many reasons new year’s resolutions fail ((okay – you could probably write a changer about it)) and one reason is because maybe they missed the time to act by waiting for “after the holidays”
        Okay – speaking of the brown lab – his name is elway and it is time for his little afternoon walk – and wishing you a nice rest of your day

      4. Oh that was smart. I keep thinking we will only have one dog after Harry as it’s soooo time consuming caring for a geriatric dog. We have always had 2. But like you say, the heart does hold the cards and what a cute name!!!
        Glad it has lots of reads but it was bound to be as much since you’re right people think ” I’ll do it later when the holidays are over and gain in the neighborhood of 5-10 lbs so YES: Start NOW or “Don’t Wait” is smart. I just had a life coaching session last week about this very thing wit a client I wanted to do a write up on but she is eating what she wants yet loosing weight by liatening intently to her bodies messages. I’ll see her Wed. but it truly makes a difference!!!!!

      5. Oh that is a good example with the client
        And not sure if you have ever heard of The book Atomic Habits by James Clear / but it was our fav book of the year a couple years ago – and as I am sure you know – he has a section about “starting” and about reducing friction to help things happen – very good book – and I know you mentioned you had a book idea – what angle are you coming from with your book idea?

      6. Yes so true Yvette! I have and it’s a great book. To be completely honest Yvette…. I don’t know yet. My mission is to be of service to people so that they may find their purpose and their are so many avenues I could move in.
        You’ll be one of the first to know-:)! ❤️

      7. well when you reach the point – if you need some tips for self-publishing I can give you some tips. I think you might have mentioned somewhere that a book was in your plans (goodness = I read so much this last month – hahahah) but I could show you the basic steps and it is a good way to get started – it might not lead to a lot of moola – but it has other payoffs – and if you do want to start off with this route – first tip is to keep it short – always up to you – but a nice starter short book can be more enjoyable than the labor that comes with a magnum opus kind of thing – so let me know if you need ideas 🙂

      8. I really appreciate that and would love to chat about that Yvette!!!
        That’s so kind of you!!!
        Thank you so much and I’ll take you up on it sometime this year!!
        Shorter is better I have heard as well for a first book. 💕❤️💕

    1. Awwww thanks!! It’s hard when he was such a player but we’re honoring his new normal. We have had to say goodbye to many animals and always know when the time has come. 💕

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