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If I buy you a diamond ring, silks and gold so you drip in jewels does that mean I love you more than if I give you an orange from my garden or write a poem from my soul and trace hearts on your body?

If I fly you to the moon and back and buy you a star in the galaxy, will you know how much I love you?

If I sit and hold your hand and chat about what you’re feeling to let you know I care would that be enough or would you wish you were Jupiter?

If you watch me flying off the trapeze doing circles in the air and land on my feet, would you not put me on a pedestal or think I’m crazy?

If I’m walking down the street and I fall on my face, would you pick me up and hold me and still think I amazing?

What will let you know much I really love you? 

Do I have to turn myself inside out like a pretzel until I break so you know?

Would you eat me or let me be?

Do I have to give up me for you to know I love you?

I guess we’ll have to take that chance and see because no matter how much I care and love you, I just have to be me and so do you.

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I hope whatever you do for the holiday season, you remember the meaning of the season and enjoy your time however you spend it. I know some of you are alone which is challenging but see if you can do something special just for you. Remeber even when others are with their families it can be challenging as well. Gifts given with heart and intention are the best ways to show your love whether it’s a hunk of a diamond, or a gift from your garden or heart.

Love and Blessings,




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Nandana. Sreekumar
1 year ago

It’s so beautiful, loved it💖💫💫

Nandana. Sreekumar
1 year ago

It’s soo true and touching😐💯💫💖

Maria A.
1 year ago

Reblogged this on The Writer's Dungeon and commented:
Beautiful post, love really is about loving people as they are and loving them for being good human beings 🙂

Maria A.
1 year ago

Such beautiful thouon the emotion of love, it is as simple as that. People often end up complicating the whole phenomenon. Love people as they are, for their good hearts 🙂

Maria A.
1 year ago

Such beautiful thoughts* on the emotion of love, it is as simple as that. People often end up complicating the whole phenomenon. Love people as they are, for their good hearts 🙂
Sorry I clicked reblog instead of comment on your post, I apologize.

1 year ago

love this (pun intended), so true. Everyone demonstrates and acknowledges love differently, you each just have to figure out what makes the other feel loved.

Miriam Costa
Miriam Costa
1 year ago

So deep and beautiful!!!!

John M. Maluth
1 year ago

It’s imaginatively cool. Thank you!


Jonathan Caswell
10 months ago

Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

8 months ago

Amazing poem Cindy😃 so well versed 😍
Concluding lines are amazing 🤍🤍

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