Wrapping Up, Pet Peeves, Blogging Ideas And Thank-You!!!

Dear Friends,

In wrapping up the year, I am feeling particular grateful for your friendship, follow, comments and sharing my work. Thank so so much for being here to share insights, learn, grow and support each other in our journey together. It truly is a gift and I have learned so much from each of you which I am eternally grateful for, whether it be how to technically do something when posting, learning a new form of poetry, learning about history or admire your amazing photography! A picture or quote says a thousand words. I am so inspired by our community and apprecaite you.

I know it’s been a tough year with loss, changes which have called us to higher ground and finding meaning in tough times but we are doing it.

Alrighty, let’s get on to blogging. I don’t usually write about blogging because I like to stick to my strengths and this is not my area of expertise. However, after 7 months of blogging regularly, I have some opinions and Pet Peeves if you will, that I want to share. I hope you find my ideas helpful.

Mind you this is my complete bias and everyone will and should run their blogging page in their own way.  After all, it is YOUR POST and what you do with your site is up to you.  Do it your way. 

Write good content. 

What do you want to impart?  What is the purpose of your blog posts?  If you have lousy content:  NO ONE WANTS TO READ IT, EXCEPT YOU and perhaps the few others that find company in misery.  Again, that’s ok, if that’s all you care about. 

Edit your work!

Good editors will tell you straight up that it has to go to the chopping board if it’s not content worthy. Most of us won’t be hiring an editor for our blog post, so you’ll have to wear 2 hats… writer and editor. But you say, “oh it’s so good though.” Well, maybe to you but if you aren’t getting followers and you want them, get the chopping board out. And that means spelling, grammar, run on sentences etc.  You will be forgiven for an occasional slip up but after a while, people will get tired of it, when they can surf to the next good writer.  It’s a drag, I get it and as the queen of run on sentences and not framing my thoughts.  I know how painstaking it is to go over something umpteen times, only to still get it wrong at times. That’s where my kids ridiculing me has come in handy or my husband’s first comment in the morning;  “you have an error.”  I get so mad and  roll my eyes because I want to hear something positive after spending so much time checking it but it’s the best gift I could have been given.

The Office Reaction GIF

Pictures and some Gify’s and emojis add a lot.

Start with one and grow from there.  I’m still trying to figure out why when I do a tile picture someone sees it all chopped up and it looks perfect in preview.  Do tell please, if you know the answer to this!  As you get better, you can add more and use applications such as Canva, Getty Images etc.  It’s been fun learning how to add words over pictures.  Practice a lot, because you’ll forget unless you do it a lot. 

SEO’s:  Search Engine Optimization:

I hear they are great… I do try to title my post with some words I will use again so when people search me they will find me, and use post tags as well… Refer to Rising Star, Ero, Pooja Shelly etc for great articles on this and others. They are the masterminds here. There are SEO plugins that you can look up and will do a lot of the work for you. SEO’s are essential if you are trying to grow your audience. Rising Star has great tips for SEO’s in blogging as well as other tips. This posts does a great job explaining your options and considerations when learning about SEO’s. It’s a rabbit hole but very useful information to know. Also, check out Pooja’s posts at lifesfinewhine for great ideas. Ero Eromonsele Emmanuel, from ericotrips just put out the Good Bad the bad and honorable mentions in his last post with some great tips I had never heard of either. They are really helpful. Do check it out. Also, Shelly from Growing With Swan also has some amazing posts on blogging so check her out too. All of these bloggers are multidimensional and are genuinly great people as well.

Liking and commenting on Blogs:

If you don’t like a post, don’t comment.  You can feel inauthenticity through the ethers. But if you do, acknowledge their work.  It’s the old adage, what goes around, comes around.  People say to me I write too much in comments and they have great tips where they copy and paste a few different line’s in people’s posts and rotate them which is a good idea and a great time saver,  I just can’t do that unfortunately.  I do end up way too long commenting but it’s because I only comment when I truly am moved and sometimes, it’s only a quick response.  It builds relationships though and I feel a genuine connection with that person and I know they do with me.  I actually search out some of my friends if I haven’t heard from them in a long time.  I am just seriously hoping everything is ok with them. 

Don’t like something?

Skip it altogether then.  The beauty of W.P, unlike other sites is, it’s not a pissing match and there is deep respect most of the time for others points of few.  I have only seen one or 2 times otherwise and it really is disturbing.  How not to win friends and influence people.  Lol.  It’s just plain rude.  Now, I love healthy bantering or questions and clarification etc. That is awesome and allows for learning about each other’s backgrounds and history where we can expand and grow in respect.

Share people’s names and site by referencing their content with a hyperlink or reblog. Referrals are the nicest form of flattery which is how I have single handedly built my business with a waiting list. 

When someone follows you

Thank them and review their content and if you like their work, follow back.  If you want to play, you gotta pay.  It’s a 2 way street.  I want to go to someone’s site naturally when they follow me because I’m so appreciative. You don’t have to follow but it’s nice if you are inclined and like their work. If you don’t, search out other blogs you connect with.  It’s important you honor your interests.  I sometimes follow people in another language even though I don’t know what they are saying because I’m drawn to them by their pictures, their smile etc. Sometimes I think, “God I hope they aren’t an axe murderer or something” but so far, my intuition has been right I think. 🤣. I also might not have an interest in their subject but I like them and want to acknowledge them.  Sometimes I look for underdogs that have good content but no one sees it and I want to let them know they are valuable, so I like their work.  It’s the life coach in me I guess. 

Check you spam in comments:

Regularly for followers.  Often your followers will end up in spam for a few reasons, either a misclick by you or they were flagged by WordPress.  So, if you haven’t seen them for a while check and take them out if they were flagged incorrectly. If someone seems suspicious or is trying to post links in your comments, they may be a scammer and should be left in your spam folder. Scammers will use disguised links and proxies to lure you into websites with viruses or other scams.

Contests and Awards: 

Up to you and it’s such an awesome way to make friends right away, acknowledge new bloggers in particular to motivate them and keep them writing. It also builds a following but let me warn you, it takes a lot of time, so be ready for the onslaught.  It’s really fun at first ’cause it gets you out of the gate running but you will keep that race up and it can be exhausting. However, just know a lot of these people will be your forever friends because you started out together and are helping each other grow and thrive. It’s fine to have an award free site and write that on your site when people go to your site.  It helps when people who want to give you an award know that you don’t participate.  It’s a lot of work researching bloggers etc., so it saves them time and the hassle of explaining that you don’t participate in them. I should write that on my site but I truly want to help them and I think “oh, I can do this and I really can’t.

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who gifted me awards this year and the ones I never got to even with the best of intentions. You know who you are and I am so appreciative and apologize for not having the time to participate.

A huge thanks to Kally at Middleme for doing an interview on me in the begining of Covid. She writes incredible interviews and career posts. It was well received and I was honored to be invited. Also, thank you Yvette from Priorhouse for the kind mini interview that came out last week. I will repost in January in case you miss it. I appreciate both of you for kindness and vauling my work and featuring me on your posts.

meryl streep omg GIF by BAFTA

Make as many tags as possible so a greater audience can find your post .

Scheduling Posts is a great way to get a head start and make sure a post will go up at a reasonable time to be seen by others. TIP: WordPress uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). So you will have to look up which UTC time correlates to the time you want your post to go live. 

Pet Peeves:

Listing your whole post in someone’s comments.  Hello?  What is that about?  Acknowledge the writer you are commenting about.  DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT POST YOUR POST IN THEIR COMMENTS.  It’s like showing up at a party you weren’t invited too!  If you are one that does this, go online immediately and order an etiquette book or just take my word for it;  it’s damn straight annoying. 

Comedy Central Please Sticker by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Writing too much in a day:

Knock yourself out if that’s what you love to do and there are some writers that turn things out that are awesome every time.  I can’t figure out how they can do this but they are a faucet connected to the powers that be which is commendable.  But if I’m to be completely honest, I don’t want to see you show up with umpteen posts that require my attention. I want to like all of it because you’re so good but I just don’t have time. I want to like everyone of them but begin to feel overwhelmed because as your following grows you have limited time and I personally want to see all of my followers work. Posting 1-5 times a week is about right, again IMHO.

Apologizing for being gone.
It’s not like anyone or most really care, seriously as much as is said about posting regularly etc. While there is some truth to that, come back with no apologies.  You owe it to yourself to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

Now, if you are going to be gone for awhile or on a break, it is nice to let people know  because some of us legitimately care and will worry about you or wonder if all is well.  

Ragging and brain dumping

face man Sticker

It’s like getting a call from someone and before you even say hello the person goes straight into emoting and throwing up without as much as a hello or a breath. 

We hear that all day long.  On the news, from people, t.v. etc. Give us the lesson, what you’re dealing with, how you’re struggling or share something of meaning.  We all get that because we all struggle and are working on growing, learning etc but ADD to our day, don’t just throw your garbage onto someone else’s page so you can get rid of it.  Words have power so mindfully choose how you want to affect people.  

Word Press Glitches

Not being able to edit because you’re in classic or block and cannot get out.

Timing Out

You’re almost done with your likes, comments and shares and somehow you can’t hit the like button. I have heard many things from too many people on the internet at that time, or you can only like so many at a time. I don’t know but if you know, I’d be so grateful if you would tell me.

Care to add to this list?

In closing I just want to say thanks for all of your support by reading my posts, commenting and sharing your heart with me.  It has been a great honor getting to know so many of you and it truly makes my day to see you have visited and see your comments!  

We as a community educate, enlighten and give voice to so many topics and I have personally grown so much reading your posts.  

Have a wonderful holiday however you spend it and remember, we are almost there and we can say hello to 2021.

I will be on a break from writing posts because I think I will get kicked out from my family if I don’t 🤣 😝 but I’ll be back the second week of January and will definately be checking in on your writing. Hopefully, I can do this!!!



Thanks for reading and liking (if you do of course), commenting and or sharing if you are inclined.


143 thoughts on “Wrapping Up, Pet Peeves, Blogging Ideas And Thank-You!!!

  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! AND THANK YOU Cindy for the amazing mention with these extraordinary bloggers. I’ve merely scratched the surface when it comes to SEO and I follow content from Neil Patel to understand SEO a little more. Some I can figure out, others not so much.

    Congrats on rounding up the year in a grand finale. Funny thing is, I actually learned to use GIFs from Pooja. They can really make your blog entertaining.

    Again, I really dislike those wordpress glitches. I blog from my phone and sometimes, I’d put a caption for an image and it would just disappear or join the rest of the post. That can be annoying but I love it here regardless.

    Loads of things I can relate to in this writeup.

    See you in the New Year and have a fun Xmas holiday!!! 🤗

    1. Yes, they are and so are you. You said something about something in that post which was something i had never heard of before.. (LOL i have to go back to see what it was ) and will. Good to know about Neil and I’m sure there are so many but I generally skim those.

      Thanks so much Ero. Oh Pooja is the best and I miss her around here. I think they help when your post is long and or you want to make a point and add some entertainment like you say.

      I tried to go back and list all the awards I got but I couldn’t track it all and got it so confused. Going award free.

      Right?! hate them. Ok so the one day i schedule it last before heading to bed, it says it posted 10 hrs earlier… ugh!!! I couldn’t go back and I left the video out. To be fair, I was so sleepy, it could have been me. Thankfully a blogger friend was up so I knew it posted cuz it showed trashed in my box. grrrr 😡
      And my Yoga Video didn’t come up so I guess that’s one more post or fix I’ll do .. hahahaha

      Omg right.. i was a little slashing and I tamed it down. lol..

      You have a wonderfrul holiday as well and I’ll miss you for a bit but will check your posts.
      Big hug and always love! ❤️🤗🌟💃

      1. Thanks so so much Cindy! Sorry about the yoga video. WordPress will get better with time, no doubt.

        Cheers! And thank you for always making the blogosphere a happy place.

    2. Dear Eromonsele Emmanuel and Cindy,

      I am unsure as to whether my previous comment has got through, given that it is very long. So, I shall split it into two parts as follows:

      I concur with both of you regarding those glitches. Another issue is that since my posts and pages contain advanced styling and multimedia components plus animations, it is highly recommended for my readers and visitors to read my posts and pages directly on the blogs or websites where I have published them, so that they will be able to see and experience all of the refined and glorious details. Hence, it is prudent to refrain from using the WordPress Reader to access advanced blogs or complex websites because WordPress Reader can be considerably limited in how closely it reproduces contents of such blogs or websites, given that it has to deal with a wide range of blogs or websites. It tends to ignore or strip away some styling and formatting components, and also fails to display animations, all of which are aplenty in my posts and pages. As a result, a post or page can look very different and even improper or amiss on the WordPress Reader. So, I tend to read posts and pages directly on the blogs or websites where they are published, especially when they contain animations, advanced styling and detailed intricacies like mine.

      Dear Cindy,
      Thank you very much for wrapping up 2020 with your Pet Peeves and Blogging Ideas, which I would like to honour and reciprocate with even more ideas and references from https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/writing/blogging/

      1. The problem is if you don’t want to use email which I don’t because I don’t want it overrunning my email box, you cannot respond to someone on there post directly without giving your email. At least this is what I’m finding. I did go on your site and couldn’t find your post on love me.

      2. I’ve never gotten an email from adding my email address to be able to publish a comment. I think they have you add that so if the author wants to contact you directly, they can. But it has literally never happened and I’ve never used people’s emails to contact them either. I agree with the original comment here — WP is limiting in how it displays people’s actual sites. It also uses an algorithm to decide which blogs show up in your feed, meaning you could miss some that you might actually want to read. WP has good features, but it’s drawbacks are equally bad.

      3. Oh my Tara thank you so much for this informative post as well. So you were commenting now it might toes but couldn’t before? I am a little confused. Wow, I don’t wanna miss people so I’ll have to revisit that. It’s really disconcerting to me that we have the availability to see our Followers in reader or so they say but I could be missing them. Call write another one to add to our pet peeve if anyone out there is listening!🙏🙏🙏

    3. Here is the second part:

      Dear Cindy,

      Whilst I don’t quite believe that this is the last post from you for 2020, I do think that this post is a great effort from you to acknowledge certain bloggers and to advise us according to the insights that you have gained from being an avid blogger yourself. Well done!

      As I always value your input and feedback, I look forward to your belated comment on my said post that you liked at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/

      Happy Holidays to both you and Eromonsele!

      1. And you guessed right sound Eagle!!! I had a glitch and couldn’t get my yoga video up and posted it this morning. Funny to have a blogging g glitch when writing a writing piece.
        I went on your site but couldn’t find your love you post. I’ll try to see it here when I get to my big screen.

      2. Dear Cindy,

        Yes, blogging glitches can be very frustrating at times.

        Regarding accessing my said post that you liked at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/ , I have mentioned before that you might need to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my website, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

        Those who want to read and/or produce really serious, sophisticated and/or complicated work on blogs usually choose to use their desktop or laptop computers, which tend to afford them the greatest amount of power, freedom and features to achieve what they wish to accomplish in their posts or articles, and to view other people’s posts or articles in their best light and configuration afforded by the large screen of a desktop or laptop computer.

      3. Thanks SoundEgale🦅 !
        I only use my computer to post and respond to posts. I can and at times use my phone for reply’s in my comments is all.

        These are old posts you have that you are referring to
        That you want me to see correct?

      4. Dear Cindy,

        You are of course very welcome to read and comment on my older posts that you have not yet visited.

        Currently, I am referring to my most recent post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/12/19/misquotation-pandemic-and-disinformation-polemic-mind-pollution-by-viral-falsity/

        You liked the post, but contrary to your own practice of both liking and commenting on my posts, you have not submitted a comment there. This is all the more surprising considering the great importance and universal relevance of this particular post.

        Yet, I do know and love you well enough to know and love that you will definitely divulge your thoughts and produce one of your most substantial insights and most profound comments there to such an extent that SoundEagle will remember this comment for years to come! <3

  2. Hahaha – there’s so much in this post to love!
    And omg that ‘sorry I was gone’ petpeeve. I soooo agree. Horrible!

    Ps. Kinda flabbergasted at the ‘comment rotating’. Sounds way too ungenuine. Rather have people not-comment than just copy pasting generics tbh.

    1. How did i know you would like this one Zoe! 🤣🤣🤣 I tamed it down even from where I started … 😝
      You are NOT one of those… at least I’m only seeing one a day.. Look at your following… I would’t be worrying an iota about that! 👏and you’re not on my pet peeve list. 😜

      I agree with you. You ended up in spam btw.. grrrrr 😡

  3. Some very good ideas you have shared with your experience Cindy, beautiful and thoughtful wrap up 😍💕🤗❤️ Your pet peeve is so relatable 😁
    Enjoy your holidays, Merry Christmas to you and your family dear😊🎄🎅🎁🎂🤗💕
    Stay safe, happy and blessed.
    Lots of love and hugs always 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thanks so
      Much Samreen…
      I was a little sharp tongued but curtained it a little 😂.
      Glad you could relate.
      Darn video didn’t come through-:(
      Hey it makes my poi t relatable… can’t even get the pet peeves right on this post. 😝😝😝
      I will Samreen and you too!!! Will be looking for you soon. You too dearest! ♥️❤️🌲

      1. Always my pleasure dearest one, that only made the post so fun to read actually 😀 oh Yes, I was looking for the yoga video at the bottom. It’s good to see that someone learnt 😜
        Thank you dear so much ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

      2. Hahahaahah so glad you liked that..
        Right?!!!! 😝❤️
        I’ll get tht up and running I hope tomorrow morning and hopefully you can enjoy it.. Great minds..
        lol ❤️❤️❤️ xoooxoxoxoxo

  4. love the words and your wisdom…I also enjoy WP blogging it’s slower and some say stodgy but I love it as I can read and revisit…today I did have a giggle with your words “Listing your whole post in someone’s comments. Hello? What is that about? “…right…I’ve also had that it is curious but well…who knows not me…anyways Cindy I wish you and your loved ones all the best over the holiday season…be well be happy and have lots of fun! hugs hedy ☺️🤗❣️

    1. laughing and glad you enjoyed it. It is slower,. I just couldn’t help share my bias in a tongue sharper than usual.. but it is my truth. lol. I had fun with it. I wish you all the best as well and enjoy every mintute. Funny thing is there’s a glitch and my Yoga Blessing Video didn’t come through. Go figure when I’m posting about blogging .. the cosmic joke. I think i’ll send it out separate. ❤️❤️ xo

  5. This is super motivating post Cindy. Everything you shared here is the vital points that any blogger must know. I so agree with you in whatever you said. 👍 Thanks for this wonderful post for us before you take a break. 😊😊

    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021. ❤️❤️ Have loads of fun and come back safe. Sending you love.. 🤗🥰

    1. so glad you liked it Preethes.. I just had to say it all, for better or worse. You’re welcome. My video of Yoga didn’t come up so I’ll post it tomorrow and then break for sure. Thanks and you do the same!❤️

  6. Kindness celebrated, joy felt and humanity’s love❤ These are all contained in your blogs content and I always look forward to reading it! I know I will feel the soul shivers and see the divinity in you and your journey. So much love to you always Cindy❤ This year we have much to hold sacred, most of which is the love inside each of us that’s just waiting to be shared ❤ We bloggers know this well which is why we do😉

    1. Thanks fir your heartfelt words Maria. I’m glad that comes through in my posts! I appreciate the love and back at you! Here’s to a new Year, more love and many blessings! 💕❤️

    1. Glad you think so Cheryl.. I was a little out of my nice norm but I couldn’t help myself. lol.
      You too Cheryl. DON’T WRITE cuz you’re on vacation. LOL 🤣 TODAY was my last post for a while but I’ll be checking in too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Valuable tips, Cindy! Apologizing for being gone used to be a big thing for me, but slowing weening off of that and just jumping right into the content. Enjoy your break, and have a wonderful rest of your holiday season!

    1. I’m so glad!~!!! Yay! I think people are just happy to see you back. I mean unless there is something that’s important to share for you .. IMHO which wan’t wasn’t so humble for me this time.. lol. Thanks and you too!! ❤️

  8. Merry Christmas dear 💞🤗🤡🎅🤶💐🌷💐. Such an outstanding post my dear Cindy. I am so glad you are going to be a tech person. You have covered somebof the nice points in this post. I really appreciate all your points and tips.
    Thanks dear for your encouragement and referencing me. XOXO 🤗💞

    1. Hey Rising Star…. how right on point to find you in spam on my pet peeves post. LOL! That about sums it up. I mean seriously, why would you of all people be in spam. I’m so glad you liked this one and appreciated the points and tips I made. You are so welcome… happy to reference for those like you that do it so well! I think I’ll leave the tech stuff to you but gladly leave my input. Hope you are enjoyig the holiday and off to a good start of the New Year! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🌈❤️ Cindy

      1. That’s nice dear Cindy. Yeah, I am doing good and enjoying the holidays. BTW It is one of my favorite season of the year. Kind wishes dear💞🤗💖

  9. Those were some wonderful tips….I guess I need to seriously consider editing my content before I publish….I always have these grammar and stupid mistakes and typos ….but I really barely get the time to do that….maybe someday…..
    I totally agree on that point it’s so annoying when people post their entire article as a reply on your post…especially if it has nothing to do with your post and contains language that is rude and impolite or abusive….happened to me several times and I finally had to confront the offender…..phew….😅😖😜

    1. You’re all good!!!! If it was a book we’d be in trouble but a blog is not as crucial. Me too!!!😂😂😂😂right?!?!?!!!! I remember that well and you were who I was referring to! I loved how you stood your ground!!! It was amaaaaaazing!!! I was like: “ you go girl”. Why can’t we search our followers in a search bar too… there are soo many others I can’t remember.❤️

      1. Hahaaa…..I hope so😅🤣😅
        Really? You remember that incident….hahahaha…..WP, make notes….are you listening?😉😉😉
        Lovely article Cindy …..you covered so much….I didn’t think of so much

      2. Oh you kicked his Arse..
        I was right with you!!
        It was like seriously, who are you?!
        Yes please listen.. the list keeps growing 😂
        Glad you liked it!!

      3. Yes indeed you were….I just didn’t think you would 😜🤣😅😅😅😅😜….
        I’m going to get my notepad next time🤩🤩🤩😊🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  10. Those were some wonderful tips….I guess I need to seriously consider editing my content before I publish….I always have these grammar and stupid mistakes and typos ….but I really barely get the time to do that….maybe someday…..
    I totally agree on that point it’s so annoying when people post their entire article as a reply on your post…especially if it has nothing to do with your post and contains language that is rude and impolite or abusive….happened to me several times and I finally had to confront the offender…..phew….😅😖😜

  11. I had the same problem with my pictures when others viewed them, turned out to be a setting. Under appearance, then customize, choose the wider (looks like a desktop) picture at the bottom of the options. I was also told (by WP support team) that some themes offer consistent viewing between mobile phones and laptops/desktops while other themes do not. Hope this helps.

  12. Thank you so much for the mention and those were some really accurate points you listed! You definitely need to check your spam regularly because for some reason WP can’t tell the difference between real spam and regular comments. I hate when someone posts really negative comments on someone’s post. Like you said there are thousands of posts out there and I’m sure you can find one you agree with. It’s okay to disagree but don’t be mean for no reason.

    1. You are sooo welcome Pooja and so good to see you here. You have been a great support for so many and I do know you know intimately all of the glitches. Yes, it’s soooo odd how that happens. I know right… move along to find who you like not argue about song choices right? I rembeber someone on your blog doing that which was sooooo annoying. ❤️

      1. You’re very welcome- I love your blog and I’m more than happy to support it! Yes I always get a weird amount of hate on my posts about music. I’ve gotten hate comment son ever single post I have done about music so far lol!

      2. You are the best which is why you have grown so much. That is just the strangest thing ever. Some people Never cease to amaze me. 🤣🤗❤️

      3. Aww you’re too sweet 😊

        Haha humans can be extremely amusing! I have two music posts coming up soon and I look forward to reading the weird comments I am sure I will receive lol 😂

      4. ain’t it the truth!.. Oh I can’t wait to see them… We shall see …. maybe it will be a first of some nomalacy.. 👍🙏🙏 or we’ll just laugh!🤣

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