Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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Say goodbye to yesterday
To make way for what’s to come
Clean out the closet of our mind 
So we can dwell in possibility. 

Say goodbye to yesterday
The heartache and the loss
We’ve made it through the craziness
No matter what the cost. 

Say goodbye to yesterday 
And thank it for the lessons
We don’t have far to look
They’re right in front of our noses.

Say goodbye to yesterday
So we can move forward in faith
And birth our soul’s yearnings
While nourishing new beginnings.

Say goodbye to yesterday 
The toxic people in our lives
The leaders that took us down a garden path
To the graves of those we’ve lost.

Say good by to yesterday 
And make room for moments of today
We think we know so much but if we’ve learned anything,
It’s that life happens while we’re making other plans.  

Say goodbye to yesterday 
And make your blessings count 
It’s in the moments you create 
Remember gratitude is attitude. 

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas


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219 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To Yesterday

  1. Nice one, ,Cindy. We should not get into past as it has enormous energy to kill our enthusiasm on something. The only solution for this to forget the past and look for a new day, new year. Very good reminder. Love this very much.❤👌

    1. I’m glad you liked it Murali! Yes, you’re so right! It’s a daily job so we can continue to grow and stay present. I’m so happy you connected with it. Thanks for visiting.
      Hope to see you tomorrow 😘🥰

    1. You are soooo right Rona!!!! Fresh starts are always good!!!! So glad you liked and so much appreciate your sharing and wise comment!
      Thanks for the kind appreciate. You are most welcome! ❤️

  2. Loved it. Looking-forward theme is expressed well. A few typo mistakes like – mater(instead of ‘matter’), souls(instead of souls’), far too(instead of ‘to’) look… slightly tend to trip the reader. Keep penning 👌

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