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Happy Friday Everyone,

Hope you have some moments of joy today and your weekend coming up! We were fortunate enough to get 3 out of 4 of our kids for dinner last night for my middle daughter’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Blair!

Checking out her new fancy mask
complete with a chain to hold it when you take it off.

home grown flowers bloom
one more year to celebrate
the day one was born

It was fun to make this arrangement in anticipation of celebrating the gifts of my daughters beauty, talent and simplicity and dabble with floral creativity. She wanted fondue which was a tall order with the pandemic but we managed to borrow fondue pots from friends so everyone could have their own pot for dipping their veggies, fruit, chicken and bread into the delectable cheese.

On a side note: I’m entering a local Haiku contest for the fun of it. I am inspired by everyone in our community. My mother (my biggest fan) sent me the guidelines and said “you should do this”, so I thought “why not”. The funnest part was I made up 10 different ones and asked the family and a few friends to pick their 3 favorites and 3 of them actually made their own. That is the biggest inspiration to me of all. Once of my daughter’s sent me some beautiful poetry she just wrote as well. There is no better feeling than inspiring others to explore their gifts of creativity and light. I’m going to submit them later today. Win or loose, it’s fun to try. I’ll send them to you after the contest.

A special thanks to some of you for your support and encouragement in helping me understand the basic guidelines. I truly am appreciatve.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

Stay Blessed, Be Bright and Be You!




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