Fri-Yay Funday: All my bags are Packed

All my bags are packed
I’m ready to go
leaving all my baggage behind
Good where I been, good where I’m going to
I’m taking it in stride
Entering the golden years, I’m not gonna lie
Life has good to me or I to it and in the next chapter, I’ll take what I find
Good bad or indifferent, through the ups and downs, always be kind
First to yourself and then to others, that’s what wins the prize
Life is what you make it no matter what it throws you and there are times
I really didn’t think I’d make it out alive
Today I leap into the now, filled with anticipation celebrating my 16 year old self
with 49 years of experience with love and joy in my heart, it’s been quite a ride.

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

This was a song I loved and sang when I was about 17 and leaving for college. My brother would play the piano and I would sing which is a fond memory. Mind you, I was only going 40 minutes from my house but would be living in the dorms. I was leaving my high school sweetheart who is my husband now.

Today I’m going to visit my best and only friend I stayed in touch with from college at San Jose State Unniversity. So wildly ironic because we are heading to Carmel Valley and Montery, California. As close as we are to the area, we haven’t been in years.

Leaving on a jet plane was written by John Denver who wrote this song because he was traveling so much which was the one thing he didn’t like about touring. He ended up dying in a plane crash.

The anguish of being on the road inspired a 24-year-old Denver to write “Babe, I Hate to Go” (later renamed “Leaving on a Jet Plane“) in 1966 during a layover at Washington airport. … In fact, he took the name “Denver” to honor Colorado — and because the name Deutschendorf was not likely to fit on many marquees.

There never was and there probably never will be a star quite like John Denver, who diedon October 12, 1997 when his experimental amateur aircraft crashed into Monterey Bay on the California coast. …

Peter, Paul and Mary Sang Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Happy Fun Friday to you and have a great weekend!
I will miss you over the weekend but going to do my best to stay off of all of my devices.
See you Monday and stay blessed, inspired and find joy!


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Awestruck and Awards

Photo and Protea arrangement I put together

Magical flowers home grown in Hawaiian prehistoric roots, come in clusters.  
Out of this world, Star War flowers with tiny spikes that pierce your heart and take your breath away. 
Awestruck, mesmerizing…… 
Pink ice and red pincushion protea, giver of life with radio active antennas, infuses our cells multiplying and restoring eternal life.
Let the beauty recharge your soul where pain once seeped through your skin and fill the crevices with the sweetness of honey where sorrow once lived, oozing through your pours pulsating radiant light. 
This golden nectar merging with pink and red turns from ice to orange where creativity, emotional balance harmony, freedom, sexuality, intuition and passion are born.

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

This poem is dedicated to 2 of our blogging friends in our community Lisa at Micro of The Macro and EC from choices in errorEach bring us their essence to the page in their writing.  Both of them unique and yet different from the other in the same way that each of us are, in sharing our posts, pictures, stories, poem etc.  

Both kindly nominated me for an award at the beginning of the year and I thanked both of them profusely but had to say thanks but no thanks.  I am always honored but due to lack of time and purpose I don’t have the bandwidth.  Besides last year I got buried  in putting them off and I couldn’t get to them.  I’m truly sorry about that which is why I’m pretty much an award free post. So please know as much as I would love to accept awards and am deeply touched, don’t take it personally when I most likely say “thanks but no thanks”. But as you can see, I never forget the kind gesture and I am truly humbled. It is a wonderful acknowledgement of bloggers and growing your followers for those of you interested, and please accept one or both awards if you are called to do so.

The poem I wrote above reminded reminded me of both of them in different ways.

Lisa nominated me for The Outstanding Blogger Award recently and is an amazing blogger and kindred spirit who brings her incredible photography of nature front and center that explores themes that can help balance the Micro with the Macro and reconnect us with Nature and each other . You’ll see data from new health studies, nature photos, travel essays, vegan recipes, philosophy, poetry, quotes and other reverent musings. Lisa and I share similiar metaphysical backgrounds and love of nature and are meeting at Starbucks for coffee in Arizona or California soon. Enjoy her site.

This is the beautiful quote that greets you when you go to her about page:

Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. -Chief Seattle, 1854 Treaty Oration

Here are my answers to 5 of Lisa’s Questions:

  1. Do you have a pet?  If so, what was the last funny thing he/she did
    2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 grandcats and 3 coyotes recently. Funniest? Everyday is new entertainment.
  2. What music are you listening to right now?
    Whatever you fellow bloggers upload from YouTube and my friends special musicians we hear on Sunday night which is an awesome treat. They have been hiring musicans from all over the world to support them durning the pandemic. They are so grateful to have work and we are the lucky recipients.
  3. What book(s) are you currently reading?
    Let’s just say I have a stack of books sittng on my table, most likely one of yours that beackons me. But when I’m done working, writing and reading my follower’s blogs, I seriously open and close them. They do adorn my shelves and charm my home, making me look and feel smart and dumb all at once, when I think of how much you all read.
  4. What was the last meal you prepared at home?
    I cook every night and it’s too boring to mention…. chicken again. 🤣 If I can get 3 meals out of leftovers, I’m a happy camper. The more appropriate question would be, when is a time you remember NOT eating at home. Actually, I did get some wonderful take out lately.
  5. What travel destination does the pandemic have you longing for?
    Anywhere but here…nay, because we all know, wherever you go there you are. I actually love my life at home but a break from all the animals would be awesome. Hawaii is a favorite. I love the aloha spirit and beauty of the tropical breeze, sand and surf in Hawaii.  The fragrance of the plumerias, gardenias and tuba rose are permeated in the air and the rich colors and phallic shape of the protea, anthurium, Heliconia, bird of paradise.  It’s been a long time since we have visited but every time we do, I send flowers from the island to greet us upon our arrival home to welcome us to transition back into our everyday life. Sedona, Palm Desert, Calif, Thailand are also places I’d like to revisit but honestly I’m not itching to go anywhere that requires any effort, people or packing anytime soon. I am escaping this weekend though for 2 nights which is about my speed right now.

EC is as beautiful as her picture depicts and writes in poetic metaphores that are edgy and instead of oozing honey (well sometime’s they do) drips blood of emotions tucked inside the hem of her skirt or skin of her lover leaving you spellbound. She is a gifted poet with a great sense of humor and we have fun on the page together in suportive commentary. She nomintated me for the Outstanding Blogger award.

Her home page says it best when she says “I write to lift my spirits, share my innermost vulnerabilities and make an effort at communicating a complexity that might just be futile at best. Ah well, this girl will always be this girl. Until she’s not”.

I looked for EC’s post for 2 hours and went through 200 comments and her site to try to find the award she nominated me for. It was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack and I got pricked a few times. I had to dig deep through bones and blood and got a few gashes, eyes weary and flesh weak; (I can’t do justice to her writing, but trying). 🤣 You have to read for yourself. I was giving up and then low and behold I got a serindipitous comment from her about something else. By then I thought I may have dreampt it but she sent it back immediately, thankfully. I was so grateful I wasn’t having an early onset of dementia.

My Questions from EC:

What three things do you think of the most each day? 
Serving my highest good to everyone I am in contact with, moving and writing.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Soaking in my new tub while I write and have meetings; coming sooner than later. Exploring the world, moving, writing, seeing clients and singing and playing music. Honestly, not much different than I live right now.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be and why? 
A unicorn: Making magic, flying and being free.

What is your biggest fear? 
That I am powerful beyond measure.

Is your glass half full or half empty? 
It will depend on when that tub comes but Half full is how I see life! I am so blessed and grateful.
Other than that, it depends oh what’s served and who’s pouring.

What is your proudest accomplishment? 
Living in the unknown and rolling with the punches with 4 amazing, beautiful independent children, an amazing husband, animals, supportive family and friends.

Thank you both for these lovely awards and please do take time to visit them if you haven’t already.

My winners are any of you who want to participate in one or both awards. I marvel at how many of you are such amazing writers and I could never do justice to picking. Never let winning an award determine who you are as a writer. We each have our gifts that are to be honored.

Thanks so much for visiting and your today please remember to like (if you do of course), comment and or share.

Have a blessed day,



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Don’t Go Chasin Coyotes

Don’t go chasin coyotes cuz you definitely won’t win

In my mind and leap years I’m 16, but if I do the math I grin

Narly teeth and snarls, you might shoo them away

But get an achy back with scrapes and scratches so I best not play

In the end you’ll only end up with a few bruises and lacerations

So best to keep my day job, less gray hair, and take a staycation

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Well, don’t don’t chasin coyotes unless your John Coyote aka Johnathan Caswell his reblogging site 🤣
He is a master story teller, poet, rebloger supporting all of our work.

The weekend didn’t let up with another coyote at our window and one at our hot tub withing 5 feet of us. Hunter was with us on a leash and we quickly brought him in and went after it to scare it away. It seems there is not much to do about them on your property, other than keep them in and your dog on a leash which doesn’t sit well with me. I personally don’t want to have to encounter them, let alone my animals. Animal control says they can’t do anything unless you have been bit. I am all about being proactive and taking the precautions necessary before the inevitable happens. I have warned all the neighbors, ordered all sorts of lights, lion urine, horns etc and am meeting with someone today to figure out our best plan of attach.
End rant….. well almost! 🤣

And with that, my bags are packed and I’m off for a celebration of my own this weekend and I can’t wait! With or without the animals remains the question.
A female coyote that has been tagged and collared walks through a vehicle pullout where wildlife biologists have been conducting a study of coyotes that populate the area of the Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area near Sausalito, Calif., on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

California Fish and Wildlife officials on Wednesday confirmed that the coyote that bit a 3-year-old girl this week is the same animal that bit three other individuals last year in the East Bay.

“The coyote’s DNA profile is a match to the coyote responsible for the three other attacks that occurred all in the same vicinity between July and December 2020,” Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy told The Chronicle Wednesday in an email.

Thanks always for your support. My back is getting better, thanks for your kind messages.
Have a great day!

Until next time!



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Fun Fri-Yay: I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar my Dog Haikus

Happy Fri-Yay Funday Ya’ll!

I seriously thought I would bring you some amazing history from Filoi House and Garden’s where I entered my Haiku contest today but as I was posting my Wednesday Cat Haiku post, I almost had a heart attack. I was just sitting down to post and my husband ran into the house with guttural shrieks screaming “Hunter, (our Huskey Sheppard) is in a fight with a coyote and ran off after it”.

Hunter, who you might know if you’ve read any of my posts, is as sweet and demure as you see in the pictures I take of him with our cats. It wasn’t always like that but with a lot of training and clear bounderies, he came around and accepted them as part of our pack. He’s 7 and sits around most days and will hike on a cool day but on a hot one, will stop cold in his tracks like a mule. He has a job to do and walking isn’t one of them.

We met Hunter when we were visiting a winery and a dog came out ferociously barking and then wagged it’s tail when we got closer. The next minute she was rolling over for pets and licking our hands. She had 11 puppies and Hunter, who was Nate at the time, was one of them. A puppy wasn’t on our radar but he choose us and we him because he looked just like his mom and we hoped he would follow in his mother’s footsteps. He didn’t disappoint so this wine puppy came home with us and the kids named him Hunter because they knew he had a job to do which was to protect our small 4 legged furry kids.

Our vet said he would get to be 40 lbs give or take but I said “oh no, he needs to be 60 lbs cuz he has a job to do”. I fed that boy prime food and sure enough he is 60 lbs. He is the sweetest dog but don’t cross him or he’ll take you down. We live on just under 4 acres and one day he saw a deer and chased it all the way down to the corner of our property. We were so happy because after our Moluccan Cockatoo, Cinnabar, got eaten by a coyotee on our property, we were sick to death and didn’t want anything to happen to our 2 beloved King Charles spaniels, one of whom is Harry. But when he wouldn’t come on command, we ran down after him and we heard the crying of the deer and saw Hunter’s teeth clenched around his neck and he wouldn’t let up. We literally had to pry his jaw off this poor deer’s neck, who escaped without much damage, thank the lord! It really worried us but our vet assured us he wouldn’t hurt other dogs and he was just faster than most. It happened another time and I’m happy to report the deer have been pretty much non existent. About 8 months ago, 3 coyotes showed up at the top of our driveway and tried to lure him off but he didn’t take the bait. Thank God because if you know anyting about coyotes, then you know they will send a pack after the dog and lure them into their den for dinner.

 As soon as I heard my husband screaming, I tore off my robe, threw on my shoes and ran down the trails with a crow bar and a bell in hand, screaming his name with tears running down my eyes. My friend wondered what the blood curdling screaming was all about when I ran past her house next to the creek. My husband went in the other direction, my son ran after me and I couldn’t hear a word.  My heart was in my throat, adrenaline pumping and I near had a cardiac arrest. The visions in my head were catosrophic and my thoughts kept racing to the stories of people lifting cars off their loved ones simply by their will. But my legs were rubber as much as I tried to defy my human limitations and I even fell a few times. By the time I got back to the house, I was drenched with sweat and tears dripping down my face, scared shitless. I opened our family room door and there he was rolling on the the rug wagging his tail to greet me unscathed without as much a a scratch on him. Thank God! 
The sheriff was there too who had gotten a call from one of the neighbors no doubt and cuffed me for indecent exposure. Honey, let me tell you this wasn’t a pretty sight!  🤣 Ok, kidding there but I need a good to laugh.

I finally sat down to a cuppa published my post had a zoom with a client and then thought I’d research some things on the web. I accidentally pressed a link and a big warning came on my screen saying, call Apple Support right away or your computer will be locked and comprimised. Panicked, as if I hadn’t had enough drama for one day, I called the number who started to take me down the path of no return, just like the one I had just come from. I immediately called my husband who said “hang up immediately”. I didn’t but I should have (sorry hon, you were right) but I did put this guy on hold. He looked up Apple Support which was not the number I had called. I got them on the phone and they confirmed I was getting hacked by this scammer and said “hang up now” which I did. I spent the rest of the day doing damage control, changing passwords etc.  This is all to warn to to NEVER call back a number that poses as Apple Support on your computer. They DON’T leave these messages nor do the call you. Well, duhhhhh….. I knew that or so I thought, but my brain was scrambled from my morning nightmare. And YES, listen to your husband when he says “hang up”!!! Did I say, you were right??!!!! Ok, I’ll say it again. YOU WERE RIGHT! See, I do say it sometimes. I just went brain dead for a minute.
Luckily, I ended my day teaching yoga and coming to my mat, never felt so good.

Today I’m moving pretty slow and my back is pretty wracked. I alerted all the neighbors and got a text from one closest to us that the coyote was at his pool and heading to my house. I thought “sitting at your pool, did you invite him for a swim?” Sure enough he was there when I got to the top of my drive with my crow bar as I screamecd and waved and shooed him away. I ordered a sign which I’ll post as soon as it comes.

I hope he reads cuz I don’t have time for a 3rd job and I’d for sure get arrested if I shot him. Besides, I don’t have a gun, so there’s that.

A Star On The Forehead said “The Cat Haikus are great, but I need some Dog Haikus 🙂”. What a great idea after Wed. so thanks so much for the idea. If you haven’t visited her, do. She has honest uplitfing posts with wonderful quotes and humor. So here you go:

My Dog Haikus

crazy lady runs
after dog and coyote
cat woman roars scram

run scared with crowbar
stop dog and coyote fight
dog fine woman hurts spine

The boys made This up after taking Harry to the office:

lame dog poops in hall
pees on shirt back at office
time to put him down

And a special thanks to Curt who responded to my last post “And you could be Cat Woman Cindy, which made me think of this song. Thanks Curt! Do visit him if you haven’t as he crafts a story incredibly well that always leaves me laughing and wanting more.

Clear sailing looks good for me as I start Friday and head into a well needed weekend. We’ll celebrating my FIL’s 95th Birthday Saturday night who is amazingly vibrant, cognizant and still drives better than most. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks so much for visiting and your amazing comments which always lead to something to add to my post. Thanks tons for that.




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Not much Sitting in Kitty Sitting; Cat Haikus

I told my kids when they were 18 wait until you’re 30 to get married, you have plenty of time”. They said, “what, no you’re ruining my life. We will be married with kids long before that”. That is, the girls said that but NOT my son.

They’re all soon to be 30, 32, 33 and 36;  none of them are married nor with any plans in sight. I say not a worry, some people choose never to marry and have kids and our planet is much better off for it but if you think you want me to babysit, then you better hurry up.  

I really don’t care or I do, I’m not really sure.  I hear once it happens it’s a bond and love you could never imagine;  but I don’t pine over things I don’t know about or might not ever happen, which has always served me well.  

A Quick Guide on How to Say Grandma & Grandpa in Other Languages

French: Grand-mere & Grand-pere
Italian: Nonna & Nonno
German: Oma & Opa
Spanish: Abuela & Abuelo
Polish: Babcia & Dziadek
Greek: Giagia & Pappous
Portuguese: Avo & Vovo
Irish: Miamo & Senaathair
Hungarian: Nagymama & Nagypapa
Swahali: Bibi & Babu
India: Nani, Dadi or Nana or Dadu
Danish: Mormor & Bedstefar
Japanese: O baachan & O jiichan
Russian: Babushka & Dedushka
Hawaiian: Kuku wahine or tutu
Korean: Halmeoni & Hal-abeoji
Yiddish: Buhbeh or Bubbee & Zahdeh or Zaydee

Nowadays, people make up their own names and the crazier or more endearing the better. Others wait to see what the child ends up calling them or what they can pronounce. A cousin chose to be called Babe. Everyone has a choice but I don’t want my grandkids calling me “Hey Babe” at 70 years old or however old I’ll be if I have any.

I called my one of my gramdmothers Gigi and the other Grandma. My kids call my mom Grams, Granny Goose or Goose Eggs. What am I missing?  What are you called?

And in my little world here with out any grandkids and my oldest daughter on vacation,

I am a Cat Grandma sitter.  

It’s a scratchy job I’m gonna tell you but somebody’s gotta do it. Besides, I’m known as the Cat and Dog Whisperer. I’m making progress.   

Here are my Cat Haikus:

cat bullies kitten
first born bites sibs when playing
Karma’s sweet revenge

a hiss and a spat 
all bets are off on friendship
the alpha cat wins

scratch, bite, hiss watch out
fur flies, friend or foe who knows
duke it out be done

Thanks so much for visiting today and have a great day. I hear it’s easier having cats than grandkids but I can’t attest to that, not yet anyway. My lip has healed from my first go around of things a couple months ago. See you Friday for Fri-Yay Funday. I’m not sure what’s on the horizon but it’s bound to entertain.

Meow, Woof, Ciaogotta get back to my training. Thank goodness she comes home tonight.



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Haiku Contest

The Garden at Filoli

With a little prodding from David, support from Chuck and Kumar, expertise from Goff, and all of my family, I entered a local haiku contest at Filoli. Mind you I am not a Haiku writer nor do I consider myself a poet although poetry, I write.

I saw the contest in an email and then with prodding from who other than my mom (my biggest cheerleader), I thought “why not”. I had zero expectations since I wasn’t even sure I knew what I was doing but that was part of the fun and took any expectation or pressure off. It was really cute because I had my family memebers vote on them and 3 even made up one of their own. Thank you all for the support.

Winter at Filoli is a time of quiet and reflection in the Garden. Submit a haiku inspired by Filoli’s winter garden to our Haiku Poetry Competition for your chance to win a Household Plus Membership and a beautiful gift basket of Filoli approved goodies. Please submit 3 haikus.

“short and dense hedgesfaded red, perfectly trimmedrun around the path”
Eli Schlanger, under 18 winner from Filoli’s 2020 Haiku Competition
Last Years Winner

My Enteries:

stroll the gifts of peace 
hearts heal strolling sacred grounds 
blooms burst hope and Joy 

respite found strolling 
pristine grounds open up hearts 
blooms burst joy and peace 

amid troubled time
gifts of peace on winter grounds
flowers burst, joy found

Enjoy moments of peace and beauty around the winter Garden while you listen to haikus from our finalists. Do you have a favorite? A winner is yet to be selected! Join our Instagram Live on the 14th to hear the announcement. Could one be me? Doubtful but now I thought “well, why not”.

Did you hear mine? Neither did I 🤣 because I didn’t win. I noticed that it wasn’t the traditional Haiku that I tried to follow in the
5, 7, 5 syllable format that I expected and this is a very formal garden. I emailed wondering about the guidelines and she said they decided to break suit from their usual traditional format. It’s ironic because I write much more free flowing as you might know if you read my work. The funny part that caught me by surprise was that I was a little bit disappointed. I knew this was a long shot and I didn’t think twice about it until I didn’t come up even placing.

I remembered back to all of the things I have ever entered and I only did so when I was so polished and every move was rehearsed in my mind and body until I knew I would win. It’s as though I dreampt it into fruition and there was no chance for failure whether it was cheerleading, pom pom girl, Miss Daly City, a job, being a dancer on broadway etc.

I did have one time I decided I didn’t want to win when I tried out for Miss San Mateo, and I didn’t win. I really did all of this for my mother and I’d had enough. My mother’s words were “it was rigged”. 🤣 Oh for a mothers love of her child. My mom asked if I won this contest and I said I did not and she said and I quote:

“Well that sucks probably the winners are long time members with clout. I thought your entry was worthy of winning” 😍

Oh for a mother’s love! Any disappointment I felt left because I won in my mothers eyes. Naive as she was, it is the heart of a mother that loves so deep and see’s her children in all of her glory (or should) and all of their disappointment, no matter what the world sees, loves you anyway and that is unconditional, skewed love.

I realized I had never let myself do anything without perfecting it, and it is ok just to try, without the pressure of having to win. That was the gift of entering this contest. I didn’t win and it was ok. The blessing of a mother’s love no matter if you win or loose, is a gift. In her eyes, I am always a winner and if I do one thing right in this world, if I can pass that down to my kids and the people I love, then I am a winner in the true sense of the word. “May all of your losses be wins of your heart”.

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

Thank you once again to all of you who helped me in one way or another, reading and being a constant source of support in my life! I will be doing a Fri-Yay Funday here sometime in the near future and sharing it with you because it has so much rich history and is a beautiful place to write.




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Can’t Live With Them 💖 Can’t Live Without

Happy Fri-Yay Funday and almost Valentines Day from me and Jay (an amazing poet and writer). This organic song originated out of a silly fun. See our post exchange below.

Lyrics to ‘Can’t Live with Them but Can’t Live Without’

Men and woman                                 
light years apart                                    
can’t live with them                                
but can’t live without                              

Reflecting each other                     
Neither right or wrong                             
Spring Moon and Stars                          
near yet so far                                       

Can’t live with them                        
But can’t live without                              
Can’t live with them                                
But can’t live without                                            

Raising each other                                      
To new heights                                                   
Made for one another                                             
Space bound lovers                                              

Can’t live with them                                     
But can’t live without                                             
Can’t live with them                                                
But can’t live without                                             

We give ourselves away                                  
As we move through the night                              
Hiding in the shadow light                                         
Come on let’s not fight                                                    

Can’t live with them                                         
But can’t live without                                                 
Can’t live with them                                                   
But can’t live without                                                  

No more playing games babe                        
Don’t run away                                                        
From our intertwined fates                                       
We can jam the night away                                        

Can’t live with them                                            
But can’t live without                                                   
Can’t live with them                                                    
But can’t live without                                                  

Through the planet venus and mars
For the ultimate high                                          
We laugh and love                                       
Where we always get by                              

Can’t live with them                                           
But can’t live without                                                     
Can’t live with them                                                       
But can’t live without                                                      

Whisper sweet nothings                                         
And come dance with me                                              
Stop this crazy igniting                                                  
There’s No time for fighting                           

Can’t live with them                                             
But can’t live without                                                       
Can’t live with them                                                        
But can’t live without 

copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 
   © M. Jay Dixit, September heart-to-hearts, 2021                                

How this collaboration came about? (A True Story)

Um, in one accident!

So, this is what happened—

Rewinding back to a month ago, I posted a poem/song set to the music from “Oh Love” song by Green Day, and Cindy said,

It’s so uplifting and love the stars shinning so bright with the music Jay!!!!!! I think you should sing it and post it!

To that I said,

Well I never thought of that! also I don’t have a very good singing voice. hehe I’m glad you liked it Cindy! Many thanks

Fast forward to exactly a week ago, I posted a rough draft of me singing a poem of mine: ‘Lyrics to Waterfall‘ and in it I mentioned Lillian, a poet-blogger friend, as one of the inspirations behind me recording it because she suggested earlier that she’d love to see ‘Lyrics to Waterfall’ put to song. To that Cindy said,

YAY Jay!!!! I love it!!! I told you it would be awesome for you to sing and it is awesome!!!!
Wait how did Lilian get the credit.. lol!!! Good job! Bravo

Then, I said,

Oh Cindy, you encouraged me too! that’s true! when I’ll record ‘Oh Night’ which I plan to do in near future I’ll surely mention you ❤
Thanks very much!

Then, she said,

Oh I’m teasing you!
No Need seriously… !!!
I’m just happy you did it!!! ♥️

Then, I said,

Ah well, I do often confuse being teased in real life! Never happened during blogging though haha you’re awesome!

And she said,

Well we will have some fun together like we often do:-)♥️

Around that time, I had a little romantic poem up on my blog, Cindy liked it and said

so beautiful….. that’s what makes the world go round.
There’s men and woman
sometimes light years apart
can’t live with them
but can’t live without.. … and there in lies my valentine rhyme … 

And so the fun began, I said,

Thank you Cindy ❤ “can’t live with them can’t live without” reminded me of a song by U2, you probably know which one I’m talking about *wink*
 And I’m eager to hear your full valentine poem!

Then, she said,

you’re so welcome Jay!!!
Oh I probs do.. but can’t think of it right now.
Well, I just might have to make one… lol. or you could add on and we can go from there..

Then, I said,

How’s this? I am liking it.. ❤
 There’s men and women
 Light Years apart
 Can’t live with them
 And can’t live without
 like the Spring Moon and Stars
 So near yet so far

Then, she said,

reflecting each color
neither wrong nor right.
your turn…

Then, I said,

Made for one another
Space bound lovers
Raising each other

Then, she said,

to new heights through the planets mars for the ultimate high

Then, I said,

THANKS cindy! It’s you who are leading this piece, you’re amazing too! ❤

Then, she said,

lol.. thanks Jay.. just bee boppin along with you is fun stuff.  ❤

yeah…LOVE THAT U2 SONG!!! thanks for sending!

And we give ourselves away
yes we give ourselves away
We move throught the night
hiding in shadows and light
Come on baby let’s not fight
Your turn…
Oh and then we’ll sing it together and you’ll play the guitar.
How fun is this?!!!

Then, I said,

Ah I can’t play guitar that well, Cindy! Still in the learning phase.. I play only A and D well.. mostly I play leads of the songs I love.

Lets not play any more games babe
Lets stop running away
From our interwined fates

Your turn.. 🙂

Then, she said,

and jam the night away in each others arms
no time for fussing and fighting and playing that game

So, that was the story of Cindy and me writing up a Valentine song in the comment section of a post! The process after that was really fun and exciting for me!! I’ll let Cindy continue this tale!

I had a blast with Jay since our post turned song organically transpired which came as a complete surprise for both of us. As writers we all know the deep satisfying experience when we create something out of nothing. This was truly one of my highlights and collaborating with him was so much fun. Thanks Jay for turning an ordinary week into a treasured memory.

Shout Out

A special thanks to my dear friend Rhonda for her help with her lyrical expertise of rhyming (which Jay has by the way) and amazing help with the tune and guitar. I tried to transfer to the Uke but only clashed so we substited with a tambourine and bell. If any of you know what cords we need in Ukelele to work with the song, it would be greatly appreciated.

Rhonda is a brilliant poet, song writer and musician and has won awards for some of her songs.
I will be releasing a hit of hers on Vetran’s Day that she wrote in honor of those that serve our country and her son, our family friend, a Navy Seal. We are sooooo grateful!!! 💖

NOTE: If anyone wants to pick us up for a hit single that has a great recording studio, we’re available. 🤣

Pua’s Update:

Our prayers and love is working for Pua and the family thanks us! Pua achieved some major milestones today. She started with some occupational therapy, sitting on her bed and following simple commands.
The Occupational Therapist said she is doing more than great at this stage and they’re very optimistic about Pua’s future. She’s improving at a fast rate.

Thank you so much for visting and have a great Friday and wonderful Valentine’s Day! If you’re single this song might make you glad you are! Lol! 🤣
Thank you so much Jay for the silly fun! It truly was a highlight of my week to play with you!!!!

Life without love and laughter makes for loooooog days.


Cindy and Jay


Passion Ignited

Antelope Canyon with Watermark 3-27-20
Jason Gotlib Photography

Dancing color of mystical enamored love 
Morphing together,
Hearts beating as one. 
Burning desire of passion in ebb and flow
Rhythms melding, heat flowing, psychedelic euphoria
Over and over again
Electric Fusion succumb

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved 

This picture evoked such a beautiful image of love and connection expressed in union. I hope you have a beautiful Valentines Day whether you are celebrating alone and your own hearts desires or if you are with your special sweetheart. I’m sending love and cupid to those of you who have had to endure a time in our lives where you can’t get out and meet people and hope that you can resume some sense of normalacy in the dating world. Keep the faith and trust our days ahead will be brighter and you will soon be back in the world of being in the world and dating.

A special thanks to Jason for again the gift of his incredible photography.

Keep the Faith and love all around to all of you, especially my sweetheart, devoted husband, best friend and lover,



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Let Go and Feel the Love

Hey Valentines,

I know it’s the love week but before we can let love in, we have to make space inside to receive it.  I have been having more and more profound experiences of letting go and wanted to share my insights with you. This is longer than a lot of my posts to give you forewarning so feel free to skim and take what suits you; but if letting go is an issue for you, read on until the end. 

“When you walk away from something or someone, you walk towards yourself”

Letting to go is easier said than done
I see the imprints of my nails dug into my hands
As I say the words;  Let Go
Give it up, release it, surrender, move on
Any of those words have the same response on my nervous system”.

Ever notice as soon as you say the words let go, you dig in a little more and even your toenails curl under.
Shoulders tighten jaw clenches, muscles move into spasm.
Or maybe you say the words “I’ve let go” but deep down you know you’ve done nothing of the sort.
So why bother to try to let go at all? The real question is how do you do it truly, instead of just uttering the words.

It’s a lot like saying “don’t think of the elephant in the room”.  What’s the first thing you think of?
The elephant, of course and we all know this to be true.

So, how do you actually do it? 

There are so many self help books written on the subject and they’re all really good. It takes lots of practice and practice makes perfect as we know.  But friends, I’ll be the first to tell you;  it ain’t easy and if it was, there wouldn’t be so many books on the subject.

Here’s the list you’ll always see in books to conquer letting go:

  1. Visualize yourself letting go in your minds eye and releasing it up in a balloon out to sea etc
  2. Meditate by taking some deep breaths and stay in the present moment focusing on a candle or a mantra.
  3. Say your affirmations over and over in your mind
  4. Burn what you want to let go of
  5. Throw rocks in a pond 
  6. Do Yoga or exercise
  7. Write in your journal 
  8. Breath-work 
  9. Listen to music it changes your brain
  10. Go to therapy or see a life coach to find the underlying cause
  11. Go on vacation
  12. Move: Ever notice, wherever you go, there you are?  There’s even a book on this.
  13. Color or draw or splatter paint.
  14. Accept yourself right where you are and let go of self loathing.

Take a few minutes to add to the list so you can make it your own.

Home Games:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 of these and start practicing one of these modalities every day for 5 minutes and do it 2 or 3 times if you can.  Do this for a month and see this issue resolved.  Of course it truly depends on the incident in your life that you are trying to let go of.  There are obviously some that have a much greater pull on your heartstrings.  

2. The other thing is to just accept that you aren’t there yet!  We know Rome wasn’t built in a day but
we are so impatient.

Be gentle with yourself while you practice this new skill of letting go. Start letting go of little things first and say “as I let go, I free up space to be more of who I am now.  I am safe, secure and happy”.   Write that somewhere where you can see it everyday and make it your mantra. 

I promise you the more you practice the better you get, until you can walk away from the drama and upset of others you no longer need or want in your life. This is so freeing and a breath of fresh air.  We do our best to be loving and kind but we can’t please everyone.  Remember, people are processing their own internal issues and most often it has nothing to do with you. We are each mirrors for one another to reflect back what internal work we need to do on ourselves. People often can’t see the part they play and it’s easier to place blame and become victims, rather than take responsibility for our own shortcomings..

“When you walk towards yourself you might feel afraid.  Heart racing, temperature elevating, clammy palms or hands, throat gripping and that’s ok.  A part of you wants to flee, but can you just be with yourself like a mother holds her baby in a colic fit with no judgement;  just love? Love will set you free”.

Notice the sensations and just be with them and take a deep breath.  Become a silent observer of your mind, body, spirit and actions and hold yourself lovingly and kindly. It will pass but you have to face and accept your feelings as they are in the moment.  That is when true acceptance and change takes place. It will become second nature at some point but it starts with a simple shift of thought and  action.  

Start now, practice and celebrate your small wins.

Many of you know the heartache I’ve been going through with seeing our geriatric dog Harry, through his final days. Some of you might be thinking, “Gosh, we’re so tired of hearing about it, why doesn’t she put him down already”. Or others might be feeling the same thing about something in your life, so you empathize with what I’m going through. We only see through our own lens cap and know our own suffering.  

We had an emergency scare the other night when his legs involuntarily started flailing everywhere and we thought  he might be having a seizure and started panicking.  I called all of our vets including our emergency vet with no luck. We were beside ourselves and I suddenly remembered someone in the family’s ex husband was a vet.  In our desperation I picked up the phone and called his daughter to get his number.  In seconds I got a text from her mother saying “this made all of us uncomfortable; next time call me”.  I apologized profusely and explained we were reaching out because we were desperately trying to help Harry in case we had to put him down.  As you most likely know in Covid, they won’t let you go in with your pet and we couldn’t imagine not being with Harry during his last breath.  Her next text was “You made my daughter very uncomfortable, plenty of vets in the area” (her daughter is an adult mind you). My first reaction was anger and I quickly let it go.  Emergencies do that for us and in a split second I moved on to Harry’s needs.  I gave him some CBD and that did the trick and he slept soundly through the night. 

I dropped the anger instantaneously and only felt sad that she was still hanging on to such upset.  There was no question of me walking towards this drama and I simply didn’t respond back and walked away in love and kindness.  It was over for me and there was no pull to clear it up etc. I could just walk away and take care of me and Harry and know I had the highest intentions for my dog with no malintent to her family.   

In the old days, I may have tried to go back and clean up a mess that wasn’t mine to begin with, which could have made more entanglement and after all I did apologize.  If you are an empath, or you had to get approval from your parents so they would finally see you, you tend to think everything is your fault. We know when we hold anger and resentment, we only hurt ourselves and moving forward without casting stones is always the right answer and I felt good about that. 

“And when love sets you free, you can truly let go and you feel it in your bones, your psyche, your tissues and your spirit.  Something more beautiful will enter your life.  It always does. Let Go and Feel the Love”. 

Congratulate yourself for honoring your truth without creating more drama and upset that was never yours to begin with. There is something very powerful in sharing your truth in love and letting go. We never know how the other person processes things, nor is it our job to “fix others”. By caring for our needs deeply we give everyone around us a chance to resolve their own issues and heal whatever it is that they need to heal when and if they are ready.

As for Harry, I found out the next day that the vet will let 2 of us go with him to say farewell when the unfortunate day comes to send him to the rainbow bridge, but he’s not ready yet..this moment anyway.

Keep walking towards yourself in freedom and love! 

“When you walk away from something or someone, you walk towards yourself”.
When you walk towards yourself you might feel afraid.  Heart racing, temperature elevating, clammy palms or hands, throat gripping and that’s ok.  A part of you wants to flee, but can you just be with yourself like a mother holds her baby in a colic fit with no judgement;  just love? Love will set you free.
And when love sets you free, you can truly let go and you feel it in your bones, your psyche, your tissues and your spirit.  Something more beautiful will enter your life.  It always does, let go and feel the love”. 

Copyright © Cindy Georgakas All Rights Reserved 

Thanks so much for visiting today and reading. I do hope there was some useful information for you while you are getting ready to do some housecleaning so you can let go and let love in. You deserve it!
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Feel the love that you are and let your heart shine. If not now when?

Blessings of Love,



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Billowing Branches on Fri-Yay Funday!

Billowing Branches
Heavy eyes
Snowflakes dancing
Turn warm

When they hit my head

Warm slumberland
Starry nights 
Softly kissing my checks
Lying in the powder sinking

Eyes fluttering 

Billowing Branches
Images floating

Warm but shivering
Real or fantasy

Body suspended on a magic carpet ride.

Over valleys and hill tops, my heart skips a beat
Flying so high, I may never come down
Peace beacons

light shines
everything is right

Billowing branches
Do I stay or go back home?
And before I can decide

My eyes pop open inside my cozy bed

 I look around
And close my eyes to finish the story but
Billowing branches kiss my forehead

Saying it’s time to get up from slumberland
I see my daughter playing with Frosty the snowman

We have had sunny beautiful days with a little bit of much needed rain. I wrote this poem about a week ago and I got the above pictures a few days ago of my daughter who is living in New York. I did change he last line when I saw her with Frosty. They got 16 inches of snow in their backyard in Manhattan. We all thought she was crazy when she paid for a bigger place in N.Y. for her 2 cats so they could have a yard, but it turns out that it was worth it’s weight in gold during the pandemic. It’s been a Godsend as she works from home and barely leaves her apartment. I’m curious how the cats like it now.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping in! Stay blessed and make sure you get out and move a little, play some and chillax!

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